Rebecca Gets Spanked

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Rebecca Gets Spanked

(***, M/f, Intense, non-consensual paddling)

Making out with her boyfriend costs a naughty girl. (Approximately 744 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

Rebecca lay on her stomach on the couch watching TV. It was early in the morning, and she was still in her nightgown. The flimsy material only came down to within a foot of her knees. Her long, slim, shapely legs lay exposed, and her feet stuck up in the air, as she rested them on the arm of the couch.

Her night gown barely covered her smooth and rounded rump, which stuck precariously into the air. As Rebecca watched her program, she wiggled her buttocks back and forth every now and then, to ease herself into a better position. She didn't realize the things this did to the three boys watching her through the skylight above her living room. The three boys were enjoying themselves immensly. They had been there for a while waiting for Rebecca to get up, but as soon as she had, they realized it was well worth the wait. But it soon got even better.

Rebecca reached down and rubbed her butt, unconciously pulling up the underwear underneath. The skin was easy to see through the thin night gown, and the shape of her buttocks was definite.

Then Rebecca's boyfriend, Tom, came in. Rebecca scooted over, and he sat beside her. She moved her legs off the couch, and Tom was sitting about six inches away from that beautiful butt. But now the night gown had pulled away from her skin, and her rear end was slightly exposed. Tom noticed this, and inched closer to Rebecca's butt. His hand slid down.

Rebecca sat up. Tom's hand was caught. Rebecca was sitting on his hand. She leaned over towards Tom and they began to kiss and make out. Soon Rebecca reached down and slid down her underwear. Tom was feeling her buttocks all over and kissing her at the same time. The three boys up on the roof were having the time of their lives. They had never seen anything like this before, and watched eagerly for more. They hadn't seen anything yet.

After a little while, Tom said he had to go. He stood up and Rebecca lay back down on her stomach, and watched the TV as though nothing had happened. Tom picked up Rebecca's underpants which had fallen to the floor and left, saying good bye.

Rebecca lay on the couch, her night gown all pulled up, and her naked butt lying in plain view. Then Rebecca's father drove up to the house. He saw Tom come out of the house and then climb over the fence to his house next door.

Rebecca's father entered the house somewhat uneasy. When he saw Rebecca lying have naked on the couch, and not even realizing it, he was furious. He grabbed a ping pong paddle off the table in the game room, and headed into the living room.

SMACK! He wacked Rebecca with all his force on her naked butt. She gasped in amazement and astonishment and grabbed her butt. She squeezed it hard. The now-red skin turned white between her fingers. She jumped up. Her father promptly put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her into a bending position. Smack! Again the paddle wacked her butt.

Then she wiggled out of her father's grasp and tried to run away. But he grabbed her night gown, which promtly ripped down the back, exposing her completely. Then her grabbed her and threw her down onto the couch, on her stomach.

Her bare round, shapely rump stuck straight up in the air, as her father stuffed pillows under her thighs to force her to relax. Then he began to really paddle her. Tears poured down her face and she cried out, but it did no good.

The merciless and relentless paddle came on and on. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Meanwhile the three boys on the roof enjoyed the whole show, laughing all the while.

Rebecca lay there and was paddled, her father spanking her extra hard and long because he was using a limited ping pong paddle. Rebecca's butt turned several shades of scarlet, and then settled for a lobster-red, which briefly turned white each time the paddle hit.

Eventually though, it was over. Rebecca searched vainly for her underwear, the ones she thought she had had on. But she didn't find them. I would have hated to be there the next time she met Tom. But you can imagine what happened then.

The End