Rebecca Has Beauty Problems

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Rebecca Has Beauty Problems

(***, Mm/f, Intense, non-consensual spanking, paddling, caning)

A schoolgirl stars in a play where her character gets spanked. (Approximately 1,200 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

The day started out nicely enough. But when the day was over, Rebecca was a changed person. It seemed that she was too beautiful that day. She had always been beautiful, she knew that, though she wasn't vain or anything. But that day she was too beautiful.

It was the day they were practicing Act IV in the school play, The Little Dunce, by Alphin Mortiz. She had dreaded Act IV ever since she was chosen for the lead part. She was the little dunce. The entire play was about a little 12-year-old girl who causes problems at school, at home, everywhere she goes. She is spiteful, willful, arrogant, stubborn, and mean.

The play ends with her finally coming to realize what she has been like, and she turns around and changes character. The play was not a normal high school play, and the reason was that Mr. Fuy, the directer, had planned it to show it to a group of invalid children at a nearby hospital. The play was somewhat funny, and the kids would enjoy it... but Rebecca would not enjoy Act IV.

Act IV is where Jessica ("the little dunce") is worse than ever. Her father gets fed up and spanks her. Jessica gets spanked four times. Each time the father uses a different, more painful instrument. The first time it is his hand, the second time it is a hairbrush, the third time it is a big paddle, and the fourth time it is a cane.

Not that the spankings are all acted out with Rebecca really getting spanked; it is just pretend. But the whole problem was that the boy who played Rebecca's father had an awful crush on Rebecca. He thought she was the prettiest thing in the world. And to get the opportunity to spank her! With his hand in the first scene, too!

Rebecca was worried, but she knew there was nothing she could do to change it, other than quit. If she did that her father would paddle her, since he strictly believed that once you start something you needed to finish it. But what about Bert--?

Rebecca climbed onto the stage and waved to some of her friends. Mr. Fuy was already getting everything started. Rebecca was a little late. "Hurry, hurry, hurry." he muttered as she passed by, set down her script, and got into position.

The scene began well. Rebecca reversed all the papers in Mr. Hamilton's outbox with the papers in his inbox, glued his chair to the floor, taped his drawers shut, let the mice and the cat out in science class, got sent to the principal four times, and ended up getting suspended for one week.

Now comes the bad part, thought Rebecca, as she walked off the stage for the second part of scene one. She entered into her room and waited. Then her father entered. He looked stern and cross.

"I am sorry I must do this Rebecca, but I have had it with you and your nonsense. Had it!!!" he screamed at her. Rebecca looked proud and disdainfully at her "father."

"Well, goodie for you! Dada is mad. Dada is mad." Rebecca chanted on and on. Her father got madder and madder until finally he grabbed Rebecca around her waist and threw her onto the bed. Then he sat on the edge of the bed.

"Jessica," he said, "I know I don't believe in corporal punishment, but I see no other alternative." With that he flipped the protesting Rebecca over his lap and lifted his hand.

WHAM! down came the hand. "Ouch!" cried Rebecca. "Not so hard!" she hissed over her shoulder at Bert.

Wham! That one was a little bit softer, but not too much. WHAM! WHAM! Those two hurt!

Rebecca began to struggle, but she didn't cry out or say anything for fear of having to do the scene over again. WHAM!

I didn't know that hands could hurt so much, thought Rebecca. Finally the scene was over. Rebecca pretended to cry, and it was very easy, since she felt like crying anyway. If he was that cruel with his hand, how cruel would he be with the paddle or the cane?

Rebecca soon found out. When it came time for the hairbrush and he spanked her too hard, she cried out. But Mr. Fuy thought she was acting, and encouraged her to cry out more. Bert promptly aided her by making it easier for her to cry out. Rebecca was getting tired of getting spanked by the end of the day. Especially since Bert and a few of the others hadn't known their lines for the last three scenes very well (she suspected they were faking), which meant that they did the scenes several times and were going to be practicing again the next day.

Rebecca's butt was sore by the time she went home. But that wasn't all. Mr. Fuy asked if Bert and her could practice a scene that night at home, since Bert needed help with his lines. Rebecca was forced to agree.

That night at seven Bert came in. Rebecca's parents were out for a special dinner, which suited Bert perfectly. They began to practice their scenes. However, when they reached a spanking scene Rebecca told Bert she wouldn't let him spank her. She did bend over like she would in the real play when he paddled her, in scene four.

Then Bert slipped his hand down the back of Rebecca's jeans as she bent over. When she stood up, her pants tightened and his hand was caught. Not that he minded. He just wiggled his hand all around. Rebecca felt shivers run up and down her spine. She tried to wiggle, to run, to force his arm out, but he wouldn't pull it out. Finally she asked when he would, and he told her when he was allowed to spank her with his hand on her naked butt.

Rebecca struggled some more, but finally decided that since his hand was already all over her butt, what difference did it make. She slipped down her pants and panties, and lifted up her shirt. Then he forced her to lie down on the couch, across his lap. Then he began to spank her. He spanked her for about 15 minutes. By the time he was through Rebecca had tears in her eyes and her naked bottom stood sticking straight up in the air, a bright beet red.

The next day Rebecca quit the play. Her disappointed father paddled her while she was nude. Rebecca laughed all during the paddling, since she had escaped from about 30 spankings, paddlings, and canings when you added up all the practices and repeats. Her father's paddling was nothing to all that, especially the canings. Bert would cane her extra hard because he could get away with it, since the play needed a good, loud, crack! of a cane.

Rebecca had gotten paddled, but after Bert she didn't mind. "Get your dirty hands out of my pants and off my butt!" She remembered saying that when his hand was caught inside her pants.

The End