Rebecca Sneaks Over

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Rebecca Sneaks Over

(***, Mm25/f, Severe, non-consensual paddling, caning)

Rebecca gets caught at the boy's school. (Approximately 1,764 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

Rebecca was going to a posh private school now -- her father's idea. To get her away from guys. The only problem was that right next door to St. Mary's all-girls school was St. Andrew's all-boys school. The main pasttime of the girls at St. Mary's, of course, was to try and sneak over to St. Andrews, and vice versa.

Naturally the security was tight, but there were always a few who could make it -- especially since the punishment was very severe if your didn't: 21 strokes of the cane on your bare bottom.

The guys were usually more successful, but some of the girls were very good. Rebecca was one of these. The rules of the Game were simple. You would sneak over to the opposite school, find the girl or boy you best liked, and tag them. Then they would have to follow you back to your school -- without any clothes on! Back at your school they would have to entertain the others -- if you wished. Otherwise there was always an empty bathroom that functioned well as a make-out booth.

Naturally there were complications. If you were caught by any of the administrators... but I've already told you what happens then. If you were caught by the other students, however, the result was almost the same: through the torture chamber three times, each student using a flat wooden paddle, while you went through each phase: first clothed, then with just underclothing, then nude. You had to return to your school unclothed, of course.

Another problem was that whoever you caught might make a mistake and alert the administration -- but that was rare, as both students caught would get caned, although the one in the correct school would only get ten strokes.

But this is all part of the risk of the Game -- and the rewards were worth it.

One night, Rebecca decided that she would go and get a guy -- she knew who. It was this one handsome guy who was just awesome at sports. Rebecca didn't even know his name, but she had seen him outside playing -- he was the best soccer player she had ever seen.

So Rebecca slipped out after the bed check. She made it to the end of the hall, and slipped over to the door. Then she carefully opened the window on the adjacent wall. Then she picked up several stones from the supply outside the window.

The window only opened partway, so it was hard work, but Rebecca had done it many times. She grabbed a handful of stones and then threw one outside. It hit a tree near the path with a thunk. Rebecca slid the window shut.

Then she watched as the teacher on duty went over to examine the sound. Rebecca quietly opened the door and slipped out. All of the girls had their own ways of escaping, but this was Rebecca's favorite. Some of the smaller girls could actually slip out the window.

Rebecca, being so slim, almost could. She had tried it once, but had gotten stuck. Rebecca's "beauty curse," as she always called it, had stopped her. Rebecca had a nice figure, but an exceptionally curved rear end. Her big bottom was what attracted all the guys, but it stopped Rebecca from slipping through the window. When Rebecca tried to back up, her breasts stopped her. She was soon found. The headmaster just caned her right there -- twenty times. She just slipped off Rebecca's skirt, underwear, shoes and socks, and then caned her. Rebecca was helpless and couldn't do a thing. The headmaster loved it, of course, and was always teasing Rebecca about it. They actually had to unlock the window to get Rebecca out! What a position.

But now Rebecca was out and running over to the boy's school. She climbed over the fence, careful not to rip anything, and dropped to the ground.

"Gotcha!" Two strong hands grabbed Rebecca's waist.

"What?" Rebecca turned. Two boys stood there.

"We're patrolling the area. A new idea we thought up. Any girl comes over, we just nab here and go have some fun. Torture chamber for you, Rebecca."

Rebecca stared at them in amazement. Why hadn't she thought of doing that on the girl's side? Now she was in for it.

They led Rebecca over to their school quietly. They climbed up a tree and over to an attic window. One of the boys quickly picked the lock, and they were in. Soon they were in the basement, and more and more boys came down. Lights were out so they were all free to do as they pleased -- as long as they didn't get caught. If they were caught down here they would all receive a demerit and Rebecca, of course, would be caned.

The boys all lined up with their paddles. They began to chant "Torture chamber, torture chamber, torture chamber." The basement was soundproof, and the teachers never looked down there anyway, since they knew what was going on and it gave the kids something to do. Just as long as they didn't get caught, that's all.

All of the boys, about 25 of them, lined up in single file and spread out their legs. Rebecca was forced to get on her hands and knees. One boy got down and crawled through in front of her to make sure she didn't move to fast.

As Rebecca went under the first guy, her right knee/leg was forward, so when he whacked her with the paddle it came down mainly on her left buttock. Ouch! she thought. She wiggled her butt to help dissipate the pain, and the boys above her watched approvingly.

Rebecca was at the next guy. This time the blow fell mainly on her right buttock. Then Rebecca got the hang of it and began to use that as an advantage. Every other one she allowed the boy to whack her other buttock. That way she got the equivalent of half the paddling on each buttock, but the total amount of blows was the same. Of course, sometimes she messed up, or the person would paddle her a little sooner or later than she expected, and she received a full SMACK! on both cheeks. Then she hurt. Ouch!

Then came the next stage. Rebecca took everything off except for her underwear. She stood before the boys, her beautiful rounded breasts, smooth and white, her slender and willowy body, her well-shaped thighs, and her sexy legs, all entirely exposed. Most of the kids were looking at her breasts, since they were the kind that look good naked. They didn't need the support of a bra, but stood out, firm and fleshy, smooth and fat.

The leader of the boys came over and grasped Rebecca's left breast in his hand. "Nice, eh?" he muttered, and all of the boys laughed. Rebecca just glared at him. The he put his hand on her shoulder, turned her around, smacked her rump with his hand, and told her to go in.

Rebecca jumped and cried "Ouch!" when he smacked her. The other boys were wondering why. But that hand-smack hurt worse than the other boys knew. Because their leader had a pin in his hand when he smacked her. Rebecca could still feel the sharp point in her butt. Ouch!

Rebecca bent down and began to crawl again. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! SMACK! The smaller boys were best -- they couldn't hit as hard. But they were all up front so that when Rebecca was all sore she faced the big strong guys. They had their torture tunnel down to a science.

When Rebecca was done with that one, she had to take off her underwear. It didn't really make that much difference pain-wise, but psychologically it was a big difference. Hearing that Smack! of hard wood against bare, naked skin made the pain seem twice as bad. Rebecca sure regretted losing her underwear.

She almost enjoyed the oohs and aahs and cries of amazement from the boys when she removed her panties. She noticed that her new friend was especially pleased, and that pleased her.

Rebecca was next forced to turn around and model a little for the guys. She had to do several different things, like do a cheer, some exercises, and jog around the room.

The cheer was okay, but the exercises were going a bit far, she thought. Touching her toes her one thing, even if she had to have her butt face the boys, but having to try and touch her elbows behind her back for five minutes wasn't fun. The boy's leader constantly encouraged her by hitting her with a small horsewhip he had brought along. The stinging thing would slash across her rump and cause her to wince, but she refused to cry out.

That made the boy mad, so he tried even harder. But Rebecca wouldn't give him the pleasure. He whipped her legs and thighs, even slapped her breasts, though she quickly reminded him of the rules and put a stop to that.

But then the final run through the tunnel was to begin. Rebecca was now forced to lie down completely under each boy, with pillows stacked under her thighs to force her rump into the air. Because of the pillows Rebecca couldn't tighten the muscles in her rear end. Her fat rump was all relaxed and ready for the slaughter.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Now even the younger boys' whacks hurt, as her butt was not only naked, but extra sensitive. By the time Rebecca was out she was in tears. That was her downfall.

When they let her go she was still crying. She was silent, but she couldn't stop the tears. The boys let her out into their hallway, and she had no way to get out. They had timed it perfectly with the headmaster coming through the halls. By the time the headmaster checked the boys' rooms they were all in bed. But Rebecca was caught, and had to be delt with.

She was already naked, which made it an extra five, as nudity was not allowed. Then she was caned 26 strokes by the headmaster. Her butt felt like it was in shreds by the time he was through.

It was cruel, but the teachers were strict for a reason. The parents of the students insisted that the children should not mix. So Rebecca waited a month before trying again. That time she made it and secured her revenge, but that is another story.

The End