Rebecca and the Camping Trip

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Rebecca and the Camping Trip

(***, mmm/f, Severe, non-consensual spanking, paddling, switching, shot with BBs, torture)

Bad boys blackmail and abuse a girl on a camping trip. (Approximately 1,037 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

Rebecca awoke early in the morning. Where was she? She was in a tent in the middle of the woods on a campout with her brother and two of his friends. Rebecca's father had said that for her brother to go, she had to go along also. So her brother was paying her $25 to go along, even though she didn't want to.

Rebecca got up and slipped of to the creek to wash. It was only 7 a.m. and she was sure the boys wouldn't be up for another hour, so it was safe.

Down at the creek she stripped off her clothes and slipped quietly into the water. The water was freezing! But a girl had to look decent, even in a Godforsaken place such as this (so she thought). Soon she got used to the water and began to swim around. Too bad she hadn't brought her swimsuit -- the water was quite nice after you warmed up.

She was just thinking that she ought to do this every day of the campout, before the boys got up, when she heard a snap of a bush and a muffled laugh. She quickly turned around, but couldn't see anyone.

It is time for me to go back, she thought, and swam to shore. She was swimming along on her stomach, the cool water drifting along her sleek sides, over her smooth rump, and along her slender legs. All of a sudden she heard a slight pop and felt something hit her bare bottom. It stung horribly, and she stopped and treaded water. Craning her neck she could see the tiny red dot where a BB had hit her naked butt. She looked around but still couldn't see anybody.

Really nervous now, she swam hurriedly back to where she had left her clothes. But her clothes weren't there! Then she heard laughter and saw her brother and his friends come out from the woods. They all were carrying binoculars, cameras, and BB guns.

"Give me back my clothes," shouted Rebecca, running back to the water, only to find her way blocked by one of the boys. "Dad is going to get you for this!"

"Fat chance!" laughed her brother. "If you want you clothes back you better promise not to tell him. We've also got some good pictures of you that I don't think you would want going around the school." Rebecca realized she was cornered. She finally promised not to tell.

But then her brother told her that she would have to do whatever they wanted every time they asked her too, or else go through the torture tunnel instead -- nude. Rebecca finally consented to that, too, especially since she was getting cold.

The rest of the week was a real pain in the butt. Literally. Everywhere she went, all the time, she was being tortured. If she even so much as looked like she was going to bend over for any reason what so ever, she was swatted, either with a bare hand or whatever was handy.

Throughout all the hikes (which she was forced to go on), she was always being switched or whacked with sticks, invariably on the butt or the thighs. There were also times they made her take off all of her clothes except her shoes and run naked through the woods. Then they would try to find her. If the did, they would shoot her with their BB guns. Below the waist, of course. One time they used pellets and her butt started to bleed, so her brother made them use BBs only. Small consolation.

They also made Rebecca do all of the dishes and cook the meals. They would make her eat anything that was burnt or tasted bad, so she had to be very careful to cook everything just right. She soon learned to obey them every time, since they were just looking for an excuse to paddle her. She refused to wade nude through the river one time to search for a lost BB, so they stripped her of her clothes and took branches and whipped her butt and legs. Another time they used a heavy frying pan on her already sore bottom when she didn't want to cook.

One time she complained that the fire was too hot and the frying pan was therefore too hot, so they bent her over, pulled down her pants, and pressed the hot skillet against her fat rump. She never complained again throughout the rest of the camp.

At night they made her model for them in front of the campfire. They first had her put on all sorts of clothes and then one by one take them off. When she was totally naked they left her that way. Later they played poker with the winner getting to whip Rebecca the same number of times as he had chips.

Another thing they did was to use her for target practice. They cut a circle out of a huge piece of cardboard and put it on her butt. Then they used toothpaste to trace a target out on her butt. Then they shot her butt. If she jumped when she was shot that was considered an achievement by the shooters and the person who had shot her was allowed one switch on her bare ass with whatever stick he wanted, so long as it wasn't poison ivy or a sticker bush. So one boy got to whip her fourteen times -- with a stinging nettle. Boy, was her butt on fire! She had to go cool it and wash off in the creek.

The boys thought of all sorts of devious things to make her do and to cause her pain. Most of the time they just whipped her and spanked her. Once they "played house" they way they used to as children. Of course, this time Rebecca was the naughty child and always got spanked -- pants down. Except in this case it was clothes off. By the end of the week Rebecca decided that she had probably spent more time with out anything on than dressed. She vowed to never go camping again!

The End