Rebecca and the Sword

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Rebecca and the Sword

(**, M/F, Intense, non-consensual spanking with sword)

A description of the story goes here. (Approximately 461 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

"Rebecca. Go to the basement immediately," Rebecca's father's deep voice ordered.

"But... Yes, sir," Rebecca sighed. She walked quietly down the steps to the basement. She remembered how she had gotten suspended. That dumb Mr. Metrick! He had sent her to the office for just smarting off a little. I mean really, she had just made a fool of him -- it wasn't that bad. It was easy to make a fool Mr. Metrick. But the fifth referal in one week -- and now she was suspended.

And, of course, her father being the old-fashioned type, was now going to spank her. He seemed more angry than usual, too. Well, it was probably worth it, though -- that new cute boy seemed to really notice her when she burned Mr. Metrick.

Rebecca sat down on the chair in the basement and waited. Soon her father arrived. He walked over to the wall and took down a thin, flat sword.

"Alright Rebecca. You know what you did and you know whay I am doing this." Rebecca nodded. "Okay. Now, I now I don't usually do this, but I am really ashamed and upset about what you did," said Rebecca's father in a cold voice. "Take off your clothes."

"What? But daddy--"

"No buts. Take off everything, now! 1, 2, 3--"

"But daddy..."

"...4, 5. You now have 5 extra. Do you want more?"

Rebecca shook her head and reluctantly began to unbuckle her belt.

"Hurry, up!" The flat of the thin sword struck Rebecca's rump. "Ouch!" Rebecca cried out, and moved away. Never-the-less, she hastend her movements.

She slipped off her jeans in a hurry. Then she took off her shoes and socks. Smack! Her father hit her again, this time she just had her underwear on and it really hurt.

Not needing encouragement, she dropped her underwear, too. Then her shirt and bra. She stood there totally naked, she arms over her breasts, and her legs semi-crossed to help cover her nudity. But her father soon put an end to that.

"Put your hands over on the wall, and bend over." Rebecca did as ordered. Then her father began in earnest.

Rebecca's smooth, round, butt was sticking out as she bent over. Smack! The hard, cold, metal of the thin sword smacked her butt. A red streak lit up on her butt, and a shiver ran through Rebecca.

"Ouch!" she squealed. "That hurt!"

But the spanking was just begining. Smack! Smack! Smack! Thirty-five times the flat of that sword hit Rebecca. And then it was over. Rebecca was there with a red rump. How she hated that sword!

But that wasn't the last time that she was to get spanked with that thin sword... Smack!

The End