School at Night

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School at Night

(**, m/f, Intense, semi-consensual spanking play)

Two vandals sneak into the school at night. (Approximately 1,460 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

They had snuck into the school together. He had cut the wire that held down the grill and they had climbed through the small window. They had closed the grill behind them and had entered the empty halls when they began to laugh.

They laughed loud and long, hysterical, manic laughter, pent up from their silent entry. The laughter rang through the deserted halls, and they ran and banged on lockers, ransacked files, and covered the floor with papers.

They made their way through the school, stopping at different classrooms to wreck and destroy. At first she was shy, but then the girl became reckless, too. She raced around the science laboratory letting animals lose and putting birds with rabbits. She began to scream and shout, and pushing over file cabinets. She grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed foam everywhere, and they both laughed.

Then they were back roaming the halls. Suddenly she disappeared. He looked around for her when suddenly he was hit on the shoulder by a large styrofoam bat. She was holding the other end.

In a rage he charged after her. They enter the gym, where he grabbed a bat for himself. He paused and whipped off his jacket and shirt. She glanced at him, and then pulled off her shirt. Only her white bra remained. They both grinned. They attacked.

He feinted, then struck her back, but she caught his leg with a heavy blow. He struck back harder, but her bat landed on his back, leaving him in a fiery rage and a heavy red welt on his bare back.

This time he waited carefully, even letting her have a few choice shots, and then he dove while she was off guard. His bat swung around hard, catching her full on the ass. He watched as she gasped and actually flew through the air for a few feet. She dropped her bat, and he was there, beating her butt and legs with his bat. She tried to stand up, but he hit her again and again, knocking her down. Suddenly her hand grabbed his right foot and pulled just as he swung. Off balance, he fell on top of her.

There she swung herself on top of him, her breasts pressed against his bare chest. He stopped, spellbound. Was she ready? His hands let go of the bat and found their way to her back. But suddenly she had his bat in her hands and struck him a blow to his side. Then she leapt up and ran away.

"Hey! That's not fair," he shouted, but she was gone. Angry, he ran after her.

He darted into the swimming pool area after her. Froze. There she was, staring at him half-defiantly. He smiled. Then he reached down and took off his shoes. She smiled, and took off her shoes. He pulled off his socks. She pulled of hers.

He looked at her carefully. How far would she go? He carefully began to unbutton his jeans, watching her the whole time. Her eyes didn't blink. His jeans slid off. Her turn.

Now she paused. Then with a What-the-Hell grin, she undid her jeans. Slowly she pulled them down to her ankles, and then she slipped them off. She looked over at him. He was perspiring.

Then in flash he whipped off his underwear, and stood staring at her, daring her, taunting her. Slowly she turned her back on him. Then her hands went to her waist and she slipped her underwear down over her butt, down her legs, and finally, completely off.

She stood there with her back to him, her beautiful bottom completely bare. She butt was smooth and nicely shaped, with just the right amount of flesh and firmness combined to give shape and style to a girl's backside.

Then as she began to rotate, he saw the profile of her rear. Her back sunk in deep, and her ass curved way out, and then turned sharply back into her thighs. And at the base of her butt, the round flesh was so tempting he couldn't stand it. He stepped forward.

She dove in the water. It was a fluid, single movement. Split-second. Yet it seemed to him she dove in slow-motion, and he watched her curved butt split the water, and almost instinctively, he found himself diving in after her.

But she was an excellent swimmer. Within seconds she was already at the other side of the pool, and by the time he reached there, she had already disposed of his clothes in a locker and closed the door. She was busy putting on her underpants when he made it out of the water and approached her.

She would have seen him, but her underpants were sticking to her wet legs. Suddenly a loud slap! filled the air, as his hand landed on her half-covered bottom. She gasped and tried to turn, but his hand stayed glued to her ass. His fingers pinched it firmly as he snatched her clothes out of her hands and threw them into a locker. Then he kicked the door shut. She just looked at him.

"We don't have the key," she finally said, as she arched her back in an effort to free her butt from his grasp.

"So? We leave here nude. It was your idea."

Then he took her in his arms, still keeping the one hand firmly clamped to her rear. Then he kissed her. She pulled him over to the water, and they slipped in.

His hand quickly pulled off her underwear and threw the wet thing onto the nearby wall. Then his hands unclasped her bra and tossed it away. Then he began to massage her body. Her body was his, his was hers. Her bottom was putty, and he molded it with his hands, rolling the flesh between his fingers. Her hands found his stimulus, and proceeded to stimulate it.

His hands traveled all over her, smoothing out her breasts, rubbing her bottom, massaging her legs. They played chase in the water, the winner getting one breath to visually explore the other's body underwater. And he saw the roundness of her ass, and it was good. And she saw his body, and it was good.

He felt her butt was made for his hand, as it fit perfectly across it. Their bodies matched together exactly. Later, out of the water, as she lay on her stomach, he lay with his head on her butt. It was heavenly comfortable.

Then he turned over, with his chin on her ass. It was then he noticed her bottom was reddish. She said it was because of the bats. So they both got up and headed for the gym. There they found the bats, and began to play again, this time totally naked.

Whenever he hit her bottom, he would watch her groan in ecstasy. And it was the same with him. Finally they grew tired, and paused to rest. After a few moments they suddenly heard a sound. The janitor!

They dived behind some weight-lifting equipement. He headed far back, behind weights. She was about to follow when the gym lights went on full. She crouched down behind a wire-snapper, and waited.

There was silence for a moment as the janitor looked around. He was about to leave when he noticed the weights. He stepped over to one and tried to lift it. It wouldn't move. He tried another with the same result. Finally he stepped over to the wire-snapper.

He grabbed the top of the thin wire and pulled down. The wire grew stiffer and stiffer the further down it went. He made it over halfway, when it was too much. It slipped from his fingers and snapped forward. Part of it slapped the wood behind the snapper, but the tip bent down father. The tip cracked across her bare bottom, leaving a red stripe and tears pouring down her face. But she was silent.

The janitor was having fun, though. He snapped the wire several more times, each harder than the last. And she lay bent up behind the machine, her bare ass stuck up in the air, and unable to pull it down for fear of being detected. But finally the janitor left.

She was sobbing and the boy comforted her. He was forced to wipe some blood off her butt and he had to get water and a cloth. Then he carefully cleaned her bottom, enjoying it all the while.

Later, they found an empty room and made out. The next day the school was chaos, but only those two knew who had let the mice and the rats out of their cages.

The End