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(***, m/f, Mild, non-consensual spanking)

A schoolgirl is an exhibitionist. (Approximately 730 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

Every day after school I would follow Shara over to the mall where she would wait for her boyfriend. The very first few times I followed, she just waited out in front of The Traveler, the restaurant where James worked.

One day, however, during the third week I had been following her, James was a little late. So Shara just leaned on the second floor railing and looked down onto the first floor. She was wearing a miniskirt as usual, and as she bent over the railing one could just see her rump peeking out from behind the short skirt.

The first time it happened, I realized one of the school's most popularized rumors was true: Shara was not wearing any underwear. Many guys said it was true, but most people thought it was only a joke. It was something that you had to see for yourself to believe it.

When James was finished with his shift he came out looking for Shara. She wasn't over at her usual bench, and it took him a few seconds to spot her. But as soon as he did he made a beeline for her rear end.

Ariving over there, he slipped both hands up Shara's skirt and clamped his fingers hard on her ass. He then began to move his hands around and massage Shara's butt, and in doing so, lifted her skirt up so all the world could see her beautiful bare bottom.

The amazing thing, however, was Shara's reaction. Not once throughout the entire massage did she turn around. She didn't even start when he first touched her ass, but actually bent over a little more so he could get a better grip.

I do not know how she knew it was James. From her reaction, it could just as well have been anybody else and she never would have known it. And that was what gave me the idea.

During the weeks after that, Shara and James continued the same procedure. Every day Shara would wait by the railing and James would run over and slap her butt. And Shara, just like the first day, wouldn't even turn around to look at James until after the massage.

About four weeks after the first ass-slapping episode, I made my move. I followed Shara as usual, and then went over and jammed a bent paper clip into the lock on the back exit to The Traveler. That was to keep James busy for a few extra minutes.

Then I carefully turned and went straight for Shara's backside. I first clamped my hands on the fleshy sides of her ass, and let my hands slide into the molded cups. Then I brought my hands along the back of her butt, and massaged the soft, rounded lower portion of her bottom, and finally I moved up to the top of the skirt and ran my hands along Shara's trim waist and slid them over the curved top of her ass.

Finished, I knew I had little time left, so I quickly smacked Shara's ass as hard as I could with the palm of my right hand, and then proceeded to pinch each buttock with all my fingers and all my strength.

Shara gasped in pain and pleasure, and I gave one parting slap on that marvelous rounded ass, and then ripped off the miniskirt and ran. When I looked back I saw Shara still leaning on the railing, unaware that her skirt was gone. She was wriggling back and forth, and basically waving her bare bottom at everyone in the mall.

I managed to snap a few quick shots of her bare ass with my telephoto lens, and then I saw James staring at Shara and I turned and ran. I was almost to the mall exit, about 50 feet away, when I heard a loud slap.

I turned and looked back and saw Shara accross James' left leg, and James soundly and very angrily spanking her bare butt. Shara was crying and trying to get away and explain at the same time, but James held her tightly and refused to listen.

I quietly took a few more pictures, this time of Shara's red bottom, and then left for home. The pictures developed fine, and I sold copies for $20 bucks apiece. And Shara and James broke up forever.

The End