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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(***, M/f, Intense, non-consensual slippering)

Headmaster punishes schoolgirl. (Approximately 1,192 words. Originally published 2017-12.)

Headmaster Arnold Burton smiled when he saw it was Jessie Sales outside his door. Oh, how he loved the spunky ones, and Jessie was unquestionably the spunkiest girl in school.

Physically, she was impeccable: well-built with generous breasts and an even more splendid bum, broad and full, yet as solid as a slab of beef. She had long jet-black hair, large dark brown eyes, a strong nose, and thick kissable lips. Her smile, which was near constant, somehow seemed wider than her face. Her skin was tan, and there was a slight exotic quality to her, perhaps some ethnic blood in her gene pool.

But even more striking than just being a pretty girl, it was Jessie's abundant personality that dominated everything about her. She radiated energy and charm. She was a natural leader, captain of the cheer squad, president of business club, and the best dancer the school had ever seen.

In fact, the last time Burton had seen Jessie, it was due to a conflict with Mrs. Davies, the dance instructor. The two frequently butted heads. Jessie wasn't a bad girl, but she was enthusiastic, and she often overstepped her bounds. Tired of being corrected once too many times, Mrs. Davies had slippered the girl, but it had done nothing to quell her energy, and when Jessie had jumped to demonstrate the "correct" way to do a sequence, the teacher had sent the pupil to Burton.

Jessie had arrived straight from dance practice, still wearing her gray tights and an annoyed expression. "I'm sorry, Mr. Burton, I really am, but that Mrs. Davies is loon. She's so old-fashioned and stuck her ways. I could teach the class far better than her!"

"That is irrelevant, Miss Sales. You are to respect your teachers. I ought to give you a thrashing with my cane, but since you're a good student and this is your first visit to my office, I shall merely use the slipper."

"Thank you, sir. I really hate the cane!"

"Headmaster slipperings are done over knickers, so please lower your tights," said Burton as he fetched his number 12 slipper sole. The slipper part had been removed, as had the heel, leaving a stiff piece of rubber as thick as tire tread. The bottom side even had a rough surface for grip.

When Burton turned, he was flabbergasted to see the lovely youngster bent over presenting her large and extremely bare bottom. Her face was slightly darker as she blushed, murmuring, "I'm afraid I don't wear knickers under my tights, sir."

Arnold stiffened and tried to think about cricket scores, ice cubes, and his late mother -- anything except for the attractive sight of a teenage girl's beautifully shaped bare posterior!

"Very well," he said sternly. "If you don't have knickers, then I'll just have to slipper your bare bum!"

As he approached he could see the girl's cheeks were slightly dusky from the recent application of the slipper by Mrs. Davies, but the pinkness was mild. The woman had only given the girl a few strokes. Fortunately the headmaster wasn't so limited: he could give a maximum of twelve, and since the school regulations were vaguely written, he had long ago decided to count each buttock separately, which meant he could deliver two dozen smacks. He'd originally been thinking that six per side might be enough, but now that he saw Jessie's cheeky naked bum, he resolved to give her everything he could.

"It will be twelve," he announced gravely. "Per buttock."

"Yes sir," Jessie said, her voice almost sounding enthusiastic. She wiggled, her round bum shifting from side to side as though encouraging him.

He drew back the slipper and brought it down with an alarming crash against her left cheek. It was a ferocious smack, the wide end of the slipper connecting fully with bared flesh. The rump rippled briefly, the dance-hardened mound springing back into shape resiliently. Jessie gave a little cry.

"Oh! Ow! That really stings, sir!"

"That is the idea," said Burton, landing another in the almost the same location across the crown of the left buttock. Jessie yelped and exclaimed again, commenting on how much it hurt.

This seemed to be her method. Every girl reacted to physically discipline in their own manner, some whining, some shrieking and sobbing, some silent and stoic. Jessie Sales was clearly a talker, babbling enthusiastically about the punishment.

"Ooh, ouch sir. My whole left side is on fire! Are you going to punish the right? It feels so strange to have one cheek all sore and hot."

"Are you learning anything, young lady?"

"Ouch! Yes sir! I shan't talk back to Mrs. Davies again, sir."

After six on the left cheek, Burton moved to the right, spreading the six there from the top of the slope to the curved base. Jessie continued to comment on the pain, even praising the Head's prowess at spanking.

"Oh, that's terribly painful, sir. My bum's on fire. It's like I sat on hot stove!"

"We're only halfway done, you remember."

"Oh, sir! Is that really necessary? My bottom's really sore. You spank much harder than Mrs. Davies."

"Would you rather I finish you with six with the cane?"

"No sir!" Jessie cried, her extensive horror seemingly exaggerated, as most of her expressions were. She leaned further forward, shoving her bum rearward. "No cane, please. I'll take the rest of the slippering, sir!"

Burton took his time, savoring the experience. He'd never had the opportunity to slipper on bare skin before and he enjoyed watching the flesh redden and darken. Jessie's bum was particularly fine, being large and wonderfully shaped, and yet firm from her extensive dance workouts. Combined with her expressive vocalizations, she was a joy to smack. He wished he dared give her even more than the two dozen.

But the number 12 plimsoll was quite a fearsome weapon, especially on bare skin. It did no real damage, of course, but it stung like blazes and after about 10 to each cheek even Jessie's indomitable spirit was flagging. The water in her eyes overflowed and she began to cry, while her bottom took on a brick-colored hue that testified to the severity of the instrument. Burton finished her off with the final few spanks and left her bending over, thrusting her arse out, and forbidden from comforting her blazing flesh.

"Have you learned your lesson, Miss Sales?" he asked after ten minutes of watching her trembling backside.

"Yes sir. I'm sorry, sir," sighed the girl.

"All right. You may get dressed."

Slowly the girl rose. She reached for her gray tights and drew them up cautiously, wincing as they slipped over her sore bottom. When she was dressed again, she prepared to leave, pausing at the door.

She hesitated, then said, "I know I'm... enthusiastic. I get ahead of myself and I can be a real nuisance. I don't mean to be, but I know I need more self-control. Thank you for disciplining me."

"Any time, Sales. Any time," said Burton cheerfully.

She grinned happily at him and bounced away, that spunky butt wiggling down the hall.

The End

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