The Trick

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The Trick

(***, F/f, Intense, non-consensual paddling)

A snotty girl gets others in trouble. (Approximately 1,108 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

"Laura. Meet me in Lower Three at nine," the note said. "Jessica. Meet me at nine in Lower Three," another one stated. Three other notes lay on the table, all basically the same, though the handwriting was slightly different. All were anonymous.

Jessica, Laura, Terry, Andrea, and Shara all looked at each other in silence. Each of them had received a note, but none of them had given the notes out. Who had called the meeting? They needed to know. It was after curfew and dangerous to be out this late.

"In there," said a voice, and the cellar door opened. The slender form of Olivia Tanners stood in the doorway pointing straight at the five girls. "Told you they were here." Olivia smiled her cute smile at the girls.

From behind Olivia moved Mrs. Linter, the headmistress of the York Private School for Girls. "It is nine oh twelve, girls. Curfew is at nine. That is an extra demerit for all of you. Come along to your rooms, now." The headmistress motioned the girls to come, and headed up the stairs to landing. Olivia flounced along behind her.

"That Olivia," hissed Jessica, "we should have known it was her. She has been after us since that history test she failed since we wouldn't help her cheat." The others nodded and moved for the door.

"Well, I don't know about you all," began Shara angrily, "but I'm set to give that Olivia a taste of her own medicine. This is my fifth demerit this week, all because of her. Twice she stole my history homework, and yesterday she put her homework under my pillow and reported me. I got two demerits for that. I tell you I've had enough! If she can play dirty so can we. You all with me?"

The others all looked at each other soberly. Shara was by far the most outspoken in her anger at Olivia, and as a result Olivia treated her worse than any of the others. And as this was her fifth demerit in one week Shara would be paddled. She had a right to be angry, and the other knew it. One by one they all began to nod in agreement.

"What's taking you all so long? Hurry up out of that hole or I'll give you all an extra demerit!" The impatient voice of the headmistress filled the cellar.

"Agreed then. We'll meet before breakfast. Everybody think of plans tonight," Shara whispered quickly, and exited the cellar.

"Shara, you're up to your fifth demerit, so you come with me. You others go to bed. Olivia, I'll mark you down for another plus. You may go to your room also." The headmistress quickly marched toward her office, with Shara reluctantly following. The others all gave Shara the thumbs-up signal and wished her good luck. Olivia just smiled a sweet smile and flounced toward her room.

Jessica and Andrea watched Olivia leave, and then Jessica turned to her friend. "I wouldn't mind her so much if she wasn't so pretty! But she is and she acts like she's Miss America." Andrea nodded and they went to bed.

In Mrs. Linter's office, Shara stood in front of the desk while Mrs. Linter fetched the paddle from the cabinet. Already Shara felt a pit of fear in her stomach, and her backside was itching. She passed a hand over her rear end and felt the fatty tissue, noting how soft and tender her butt felt. She winced at the thought of the paddling to come.

Shara was a very pretty girl. She had lovely dark hair that curled around her face, a tiny upturned nose, and a smile that showed all of her perfect white teeth. Her large eyes were the most attractive, open and inviting. She was small, being only about five feet four, but she had a wonderful figure, with a rear end that would make model jealous.

But now Shara's eyes had tears in them, as Mrs. Linter had finally unlocked the cabinet and was coming toward her desk, carrying the paddle. The paddle was made of oak, and was a foot and a half long, half an inch thick, with a strong six-inch handle.

"You may take the Position," stated Mrs. Linter, stepping behind Shara. Shara quietly and unemotionally took off her nightgown, pulled down her underpants, leaned forward, and put her hands on the desk.

Bent over in such a position ensured that her buttock muscles were relaxed, and the fact that she was naked insured fairness to all the girls, as some might have thicker clothing than others. Mrs. Linter first poked Shara's bottom with the paddle to be sure that it was indeed relaxed, and then, satisfied, she stepped beside Shara and brought the paddle down hard on Shara's backside.

The first few caused Shara's bottom to redden and sting, and though Shara tried as hard as she could to remain perfectly still, she jiggled a bit each time the paddle hit. As the paddling continued, Shara's bottom grew redder and redder, and the pain grew higher and higher. Tears streamed from Shara's eyes and it was all she could do not to reach around and grab her butt with her hands.

After the sixth hit, Mrs. Linter adjusted her position, and instead of paddling the lower, fatter portion of Shara's bottom, moved to the thinner upper part. The pain was excruciating, and Shara's knuckles turned white as she gripped the desk. Two more landed and the pain reached a peak. The last smack landed directly in the center of Shara's bottom, and it was delivered with such terrific force that the front of Shara's legs hit the desk.

Shara stood up straight, tears pouring down her face, and looked at Mrs. Linter. Mrs. Linter just said, "You may go now." Shara turned away. Her whole bottom was on fire, burning, burning, burning. She struggled to pull on her underpants, and they seemed extra tight and made her butt hurt worse. She slipped her nightgown on and then her robe and left the office.

It had been almost a year since she had last been paddled, and now she remembered why she had been so careful. Her butt hurt worse than the time her brother Mike had thrown the dart at it. The dart had pierced her right buttock, and she had almost killed him. Even now she could almost feel the incredible pain. And to top it all off, the doctor had given her three shots in her butt afterwards. As if it hadn't hurt enough before!

The End