The Woman

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The Woman

(***, M/F, Mild, non-consensual implied spanking)

A strange woman mesmerizes a man. (Approximately 1,507 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

The first time I saw her, was when she literally walked into my apartment. She came right in and started talking to me. "Hi, Dimitri, sorry I'm late, but I was held up. I was hit by a car, believe it or not. They're trying to kill me. That's right, come on in with the luggage." This last was said to some young men who carried in several boxes of clothing and other assorted junk.

"What? What's going on? Aren't you the secretary?"

"Don't be ridiculous Dimitri," the woman laughed. She reached around and took my wallet from my pocket and pulled out all the money, the several hundred dollars I carry for emergencies. She divided the money between the porters, shoved them out the door, and handed me the empty wallet. I stood dumbfounded, too stunned to move.

"Well, Dimitri, how have things been going?"

"Who's Dimitri?" I asked, following the woman, "and what's your name?"

"Why I'm Rebecca--you know me. And you're Dimitri." I stared at the woman in disbelief . My name has always been John, or so I thought. Where did this woman come from? But she certainly was beautiful. She had sparkling eyes, exploding with twinkling stars and laughter, the perfect shade of tanned skin, soft and white. Her cheek bones where high, but not too strongly accented; just right. She had a straight nose and fine, even white teeth, and lips that smiled even when they frowned. Her body I couldn't see because of the mink coat she was wearing, but I could tell s~e had to be slender.

"Aren't you going to answer?"

"Huh? What?"

"I said, do you want a drink?" I nodded, shaking my head to clear it. Everything was going to fast. I needed something to calm me down. I took a sip of the drink she gave me and almost choked. It was pure Vodka. I took another sip, this time more slowly.

"Who are you and why are you here?" I heard myself ask. The woman shook her head and leaped up.

"No time. No time. We can't talk small talk now, we have to get to the banquet. The Ambassador of Spain will be there -- he's the one who ran me down. We must be there, come on." She dragged me, drink and all towards my bedroom. "Quick, go change."

I opened the door slowly, and then turned back to look at her. I almost choked again. She had thrown off the fur and slipped out of the dress she was wearing, and stood in her underwear and bra in my living room, rumaging through the boxes for another gown. I swallowed hard went in my room and put on my tuxedo, glancing over rny shoulder in case the crazy woman should come bursting in. I half hoped and half believed she would be gone when I went back out, but she was there.

Boy, was she there. She was wearing a long white silk dress, very tight and very sexy. The dress divided in two at her chest and each side covered a breast and traveled up around her neck where the two met and fastened. As I watched she turned and through a fur shawl about her shoulders, but I caught a glimpse of bare back: the dress was cut clear down to her waist, almost as low as it could possibly go. She headed for the door.

We arrived at the banguet, which it turned out, was being held at the Ambassador of Spain's own house, and I was sure we wouldn't be let in. But when the woman, I mean, Rebecca, smiled at the guard and flashed him a piece of paper, he waved us through. Inside, there were people and important administrators everywhere. I felt exceedingly uncomfortable, and wondered what I, a young writer, was doing there. But I was there, so I dicided to make the best of things. Unfortunately, Rebecca was ahead of me.

I caught up to her just as she was introduced to the Ambassador of the Soviet Union. Rebecca smiled enchantingly as the Ambassador kissed her hand. "I am pleased to meet you all," she said, nodding to the Ambassador's body guards. "And I bet I can drink you all under the table." She promptly snatched up several glasses from a passing waiter, and downed them instantly. The Russians laughed and quickly followed suit. In a matter of minutes, the Soviet Ambassador and his men and Rebecca were all sitting under a table singing.

It grew worse from then, as Rebecca somehow managed to get more to drink. She insulted the Ambassador of Spain -- I found him semi-concious in the bathroom, ready to drown himself in a toilet. Apparently he had accidently hit her in his car that morning, and felt horribly guilty. I told him she was drunk and that we were leaving.

I managed to get Rebecca outside, and down the steps, but then she ran off. I ran after her, angry as anything, but to no avail. She ran to the fountain in the center of the deserted driveway and stood on the edge and began to sing offkey.

"Nothing more you do can embarrass me any further," I said, announcing the proverbial Famous Last Words. Rebecca grinned and threw off the fur shawl and tore at her dress, lengthing the slit along the side clear up to her hips. I could actually see her underwear. Then she laughed at my red face and toppled into the pool of water under the fountain.

I found her floating and her back and spitting water. I pulled her up and out and dragged her to the car and threw her inside. I took her horne. Inside my apartment, she stumbled into my bedroom, and stood beside the bed singing nonsense. As she stood there, I noticed the wet dress had slipped slightly and even more of her back was visible now. I could visualize the crack between her buttocks there. Her bottom was so nice and round, as she stood there, the wet dress even clinging to the underside of it.

Then Rebecca fell facedown, flat onto my bed. I was annoyed, since she needed to be up to undress, as I certainly couldn't help her, but at the same time I felt a warmth inside watching her bottom bounce on the bed. The wet silk stuck like glue to her rear end, and I watched it in agony of desire.

"Come on, get up, Rebecca. You've got to get undressed. This dress is sopping wet. Come on." I pulled at her, but she wouldn't move, almost passed out. She giggled and then fell silent. "All right, I'll help you get started, but you've got to do the rest yourself."

I undid the clasp around her neck and let the two pieces of material fall around her face. She reached up and pulled them toward her chest, but that was all. "Come on, Rebecca," I said.

Suddenly, without any prior planning on my part, I found myself patting her wet bottom with my hand. "Anybody horne," I asked, and then in sudden shame, realized my hand was still quietly resting and her round bottom. It was firm, yet soft and supple, and jiggled delightfully when patted it. I could feel the wonderful curves forming to the shape of my hand. I took my hand away quickly.

Rebecca was still silent, however. I took a deep breath and reached down and began to unzip the back of her dress. It started at the small of her back and kept going down, until I could see the top of her underwear. Then Rebecca rolled over and pushed down the top of her dress towards me, and I pulled it farther, just then realizing her breasts were uncovered. They wer-e beautiful, full and solid, yet not so full as to droop.

I pulled the dress completely off and Rebecca rolled over again. I gasped. Her bottom was half-exposed as the underwear had pulled down slightly when I had dragged off the dress. I reached up to pull her underwear back on, when Rebecca suddenly stood up on her knees and pulled the underwear down.

"Take'm off," she said. "I always sleep nude." She rolled over and grinned at me. "Don't you?"

Her fingers touched my face. I pulled the underwear completely off and rolled her- back on her face. Her- bare bottom stared at me. I threw a sheet over it. She threw it off.

"Corne on, Dimitri. Get in. You know I can't sleep until you've spanked me good night!"

I stripped off my clothes quickly, and climbed into bed, my hand glueing to her bare bottom, feeling the curves and smooth skin. We kissed and I patted her- behind and we kissed again. Then she fell asleep. So I went to sleep, one hand on her breast, the other on her beautiful bare ass. Talk about sweet dreams.

The End