Amy and Isabelle 1

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Amy and Isabelle

(****, M/FF, Severe, slavery, discipline, sex)

Two young female slaves discover that an S&M weekend cane, I mean, can be seriously intense. (Approximately 4,012 words. Originally published 1995-12.)

Chapter One

The two girls were in a major predicament. I smiled as I stood by the window of the cabin and looked outside. The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Even in the cabin I could smell the fresh mountain air. Not a sniff of pollution or people. We were safely secluded and miles from civilization. It was going to be a glorious day.

I turned and studied the girls. They were both naked, lying face down on the carpet. A large piece of duct tape covered each of their mouths. Each girl had her arms folded behind her back and a length of soft white cord bound her arms together, leaving her bare ass completely exposed. The girls' ankles were also securely bound, crisscrossed so their knees could be kept apart, legs flat against the floor.

The girls faced the fireplace, slightly away from me, their eyes frightened and wide. They had lifted their heads and were straining to look in my direction so I could see the whites of their eyes, which made their eyes look even larger and more terrified. As they squirmed in their uncomfortable position I could see the round bulges of their breasts squeezed against the rough carpet. Both were quite helpless and very nervous. I could almost see the questions in their eyes as they watched me.

"Looks like you two are indeed in a predicament," I said with a big smile as I walked behind them. One of them grunted acknowledgment. "Naked, helpless, alone... why, I can pretty much do whatever I want with you two, can't I?"

The girls looked at each other and I saw they were very well aware of their situation. They grew more nervous as I studied them from behind where they couldn't turn to see me.

The dark-haired one is Isabelle. She's twenty-one, tall and slim, with high firm breasts and sleek buttocks. With her high class looks and figure she'd make wonderful evening gown model. She's shy and conservative and rather formal. She finds this sort of thing crude but devastating. She's embarrassed to admit she likes it.

Amy is the blond. Only nineteen, she's small and plump, especially in the hip area, but she's well-proportioned. She's got a wonderful sense of daring coupled with a rather crude sense of humor. Amy is the kind of gal that always says the first thing that comes to her mind. She's always getting herself into trouble at parties, offending someone and having to appologise. It's probably good for her sake that she's gagged.

I knelt behind Isabelle and patted her bottom. Her rump is firm and round and I can feel her body trembling as I touch her. She is quite nervous. Neither of the girls have gone as far as they are going to go this weekend and they both know it.

I caress her buttocks and hips and slip my hand between her legs. She moans slightly. Her sex is damp. I pinch her lightly and she shudders, a spurt of moisture against my hand. I wipe my fingers on her butt and stand up. She's still quivering with desire.

I decide to be merciful and get started quickly. Taking a heavy leather paddle from my case I return to Isabella. Though I really would like to play with her a while longer, I know that she is not ready for that. She needs something harsh to bring her into reality, to get her warmed up and in the mood.

Lifting the paddle I give her rump a good smack. She wimpers and rocks her body slightly. I spank her again and again until her bottom is slightly pink. I can see the cumulative effect of my blows is starting to hurt. After ten I pause and study what I've done, pressing my palm against her bottom to feel the slight warmth.

Smiling, I step over to Amy. My cock suddenly stiffens as I see her frightened face. She knows what is about to happen and she is nervous. I caress her bottom and finger her sex. She, too, is damp. Wet, actually. She's like a faucet.

Her skin is smooth and soft and feels silky. Without further toying I paddle her, quickly and soundly. I give her ten sound spanks and pause, watching her tremble. There are tears in her eyes, and her nose is flared by her desperate breathing, but I can see she is relaxing a little. She thinks I'm done.

My cock grows harder as I take the paddle and spank her some more. Her round bottom bounces under my blows and I watch her face change from shock to terror as she realizing I'm not stopping. This time I give her a good twenty, stopping when her butt is a nice shade of red.

Moving quickly I step over to Isabella and begin to spank her. She begins to cry when I go pass ten. But I don't even stop at twenty. I sense Amy shuddering when I do that. She's learning. She knows whatever I give Isabelle is eventually going to come to her and that knowledge torments her.

Isabelle's buttocks are growing quite red but I don't stop. She's crying and whimpering and beginning to struggle against her bonds. She tries to move her knees together but I slap the insides of her thighs and she shudders and keeps her legs wide. I continue to paddle her until I've reached sixty.

I leave her struggling and shuddering and return to a trembling Amy. I paddle her a good forty times. Her bottom is very red when I'm finished and she is sobbing like a baby. I caress her burning skin and push my finger into her sex. She arches her body and quivers all over.

Stepping back, I admire what I've done. Both girls look absolutely gorgeous, naked and bound, eyes teary and wide, bottoms red from spanking, bodies tense as drums as they await my next torment. I can see that both are a little more relaxed now. There is still fear, but the fear is more concrete, as they had a fresh reminder of the difference between imagined pain and real pain.

Time to really begin. Taking out my Polaroid, I begin snapping pictures of the girls. I take my time with it, positioning my shots well. I can see the alarm in their faces. What would I be doing with the pictures? Who would I show them to? How would they explain their predicament to friends and family?

I take careful pictures of their faces, close-ups of their red bottoms. I roll the girls onto their backs and take pictures of them from above, standing on a table. Their knees are still apart and they cannot hide their sex from me. Isabelle's face is flushed with shame. Amy is embarrassed but it is obvious she is aroused by what I am doing.

Walking over to my case I take out a leather crop. It is heavy and strong with a thick leather flap on the end. I use the tip on Amy's breasts, slapping them back and forth, tormenting her nipples. She moans and rolls her head, her eyes closed.

When Amy's breasts are pink and the nipples painfully stiff I move to Isabelle, whose eyes are bulging at me she is so frightened. I give her the same treatment, but I am perhaps a little harsher. Her breasts are larger than Amy's and she is so traumatized by what I am doing it turns me on. My cock is rock hard and I know I will have to release it soon.

Next I take the crop to Isabelle's sex, caressing it, and then striking her lightly. She moans loudly, her body tensing. I push her legs back to the ground and strike her again. I just give her a few, each stroke slightly harder than the previous, until her whole body is convulsing with feeling.

Next to her Amy is crying and trembling, her own sex naked and vulnerable. I whip her good, laughing as I see moisture dripping from her sex down the crack of her ass. "It must tickle her like mad," I think.

I stand up and go set up the video camera. I position it near the girls so that I can catch all of their bodies in the frame. I start the unit recording. Using the crop I tickle Isabelle's sex and begin to bring her to orgasm. I can see her flush with humiliation as she begins to come for the camera. She can see the red light and knows it is recording.

Just before Isabelle climaxes I take the crop away and turn her over on her stomach. I treat Amy the same way, tickling her almost to orgasm, her face flushed as she pumps her pelvis shamelessly. When I am finished I roll her over.

Taking Amy by her long blonde hair I pull her up onto her knees, careful to keep her legs apart. She is now kneeling, arms tied behind her back, her breathing frantic. The camera is to her right and slightly behind her, catching her body at an angle. She is beautiful.

I retrieve a thin wooden paddle from my case and begin earnest punishment, paddling her round ass mercilessly, very hard and fast. She is moaning and trying desperately to breathe through her nose but it is difficult. She is becoming frantic, tears pouring down her face, her buttocks pulsing and throbbing from the fierce spanking.

The smooth flesh of her buttocks is becoming welted now, hard little pebbles of pain that are a delight to squeeze between my fingers. I continue the punishment until her buttocks are blazing, and then from the front I slap her breasts with my hands. I push her backwards until she is leaning back over herself, body arched, knees painfully wide, feet trapped under her burning bottom. Her sex is thrust up and out and her breasts are jutting upward.

I leave her in that position. Lifting Isabelle by the hair I go through the same routine with her, but it is anything but routine. Watching her eyes blaze with fear, her buttocks quivering under my hard paddling, I am so hard I can hardly stand it. Her deep moans send shivers down to my groin. I spank her until her bottom could cook eggs and then I push her backward over herself and slap her heavy breasts. Her terrified eyes bore into me and she begs me with her moans.

Her nostrils are flared with deep breathing and I smile and pull the tape off her mouth. She gasps for air but I do not give her much of a chance to breathe. I slip off my shorts and show her my enlarged penis, the tip already moist. Her eyes go even wider.

But I step over her and kneel across her neck, my butt gently touching her breasts. I plunge my cock into her mouth and she swallows me eagerly, sucking at me furiously. I reach one hand behind me and find her sex. With my finger I touch her clitoris, sending tremendous spasms through her body. Suddenly I come, exploding into her mouth, my body jerking wildly out of control. Isabelle's mouth is full and she wants to breathe but I will not let her open her mouth until she has swallowed.

I stand up, my cock dripping come and saliva across Isabelle's breasts and face, and I go over to Amy. She has to work my cock a little, caressing it with her wet tongue, to ready me again. While I am waiting I play idly with her breasts and sex, and slap her thighs or pinch her welted bottom. I can hear Isabelle still gasping for air like she hadn't been able to breathe for a week. Her body is still shuddering.

My cock is hard again, and I begin to work it in Amy's mouth, pulling it in and out, making her lick my balls and wiping come across her pretty face. She attacks my cock desperately, sucking it as though her life depended upon it, and I soon shoot bursts of come into her mouth, forcing her to swallow before I'll let her breathe.

Standing up I wipe my cock on Amy's breasts and put my shorts back on. Both girls are moaning and breathing heavily, but neither has spoken since I removed the gags. Good. I like obedient slaves.

With the crop I whip their sexes again, still lightly but more times, until I have reduced both to shuddering, moaning vessels of naked genitalia.

After a short break I pull both of the girls back up to their knees and position them right next to each other, their buttocks facing the camera. Isabelle is taller, but it is mostly in the upper body, so the girls' buttocks and thighs are right next to each other. Taking the quirt I whip their bottoms a little, striking both girls at the same time. I don't whip them especially hard, but their buttocks are already so sore that each stroke sends spasms of pain through them.

Their thighs are next. I whip them harder, cropping their legs all the way down to their knees. When they are both an even color, I stop. The girls are shuddering and trembling before me. They are obedient, though, for they did not speak or cry out even though I did not put their gags back on.

I pause the video camera and look at the clock. Two hours have passed. It will soon be time for lunch. But first, I think, we have time for a game.

"How about a game, girls?"

The girls both nod, neither stupid enough to argue with me.

"The rules are simple," I continue. "I am going to let you cane each other. One stroke each, taking turns. The one who makes the other cry out or move will be richly rewarded. The other will be punished. Any questions?" There were none, so I stood the two girls on their feet and unbound their ankles and arms. I switched on the video camera and gave Amy my best cane, a heavy 1.2 meter piece of ratan. "Why don't you start?"

Amy stretched her arms and body briefly to get rid of the stiffness from her bondage. She swung the cane in the air to test it and the swish made Isabelle wince. Amy approached Isabelle and studied her ass. She was standing, legs apart, arms behind her head. At Amy's request she bent over slightly and thrust her buttocks out behind her.

The crack of the cane sounded like a rifle shot in a tunnel. Isabella's face went white and I saw her close her eyes and struggle with all her might to remain in position. Tears dripped down her face. A bright white stripe was evident across Isabelle's bottom. As I watched as it turned red.

"I think five with the cane across the thighs will be a suitable punishment for the loser," I said calmly, watching from the corner. "And the loser can watch me fuck the winner."

But now it was Isabelle's turn. She had Amy stand in the same position, and she pretended to cane the girl, testing the arc of the stroke. She rubbed the cane against Amy's sore buttocks. Then she lifted the cane high and with a deadly swish whipped Amy's bottom.

Now it was Amy holding her breath and trying to maintain control. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily as she slowly raised herself back up and took the cane from Isabelle. The younger girl was smiling triumphantly at Isabelle's abashed look, snickering at her eyes wide with fear.

"Don't think you can take another?" she whispered, cruelly taunting the dark-haired beauty. Instead of speaking Isabelle just thrust her reddened buttocks towards the girl. Amy nodded appreciatively and took her time with the stroke, carefully measuring where she would strike. When she swung the swish sent a shiver down my spine and the awful crack made my heart pound wildly. She was so cruel!

The blow was a diagonal one full across the lower portion of Isabelle's bottom where I had punished her most harshly. Tears poured from Isabelle's dark eyes and she was biting her lip to keep from screaming, but she did not make a sound.

A minute later she had regained her voice and she took the cane from dear little Amy, the blond devil, and stepped back. From her expression I had no doubt that she intended to cut poor Amy's ass in two with her stroke, and I wondered if this game was going too far. I did not want my precious slaves damaged.

I cleared my throat. "Another minor point girls: if someone draws blood they automatically lose. And I think I will let the winner give the loser her strokes--that would be most appropriate, don't you think?"

I could see Isabelle weighing my new instructions. She wanted to really hurt Amy, I could see that. But she could not risk letting the blonde give her five strokes! With such reasoning Isabelle struck Amy a hard blow, a blow precisely across the tender flesh where her thighs joined her buttocks, but not a bloody one.

Wiping away her tears Amy returned the favor, giving Isabelle a stroke on the same tender spot. It hurt admirably, I'm sure, but I could tell that she had not struck as hard as before, most likely because of my warning.

Isabelle gave Amy a stroke, and then Amy gave another to Isabelle. Both girls were weeping openly, but neither seemed inclined to let the other win. As Isabelle lined up for another round, I felt my cock stiffen at the thought that this could go on for hours. "They are both too stubborn," I thought. "This is an excellent way to beat that stubbornness out of them."

Amy took her stroke silently, but not without a good deal of ass wiggling. Isabelle took her next blow in her usual stoic fashion despite the fact that the blow was perhaps a bit harder than usual.

As the cane cracked once again across Amy's rump, her pretty face red with tension, I felt like my cock was going to explode. Watching two beautiful naked women cane each other's tender bottoms was unbelievably arousing. I could see Isabelle standing panting, her body glistening with sweat from her exertions, her breasts still bouncing from her movements. I couldn't take much more of this without release. I hoped someone would break soon. Fortunately, I didn't have long to wait.

Isabelle took her stroke in stride, her spirit seemingly resolved to her fate. Her gentle cow-eyes looked rather sad as she took her stroke, her mouth opening daintily as she silently mouthed an "Ow!" My heart went out to her as I saw how valiantly she struggled. There was none of the false bravado of the younger girl, who simply took her strokes rather mindlessly. On the contrary the older girl really suffered.

Isabelle paused as she prepared to cane Amy, however, and I could see the younger girl was already crying and trembling, her round bottom quivering as she waited. Her buttocks were violently red with angry stripes crisscrossing both cheeks.

I think it was the waiting that did it. As the stroke finally began to descend, I saw Amy relax slightly and appear to lift herself as though to look around to see what was keeping Isabelle. The cane hit at an angle full across the lower portion of her cheeks where the flesh was the fullest.

With a surprised gasp Amy lurched forward and her hands grabbed her ass and she yelped. It wasn't much, but we all knew that she had lost. She began to sob and she looked so heartbroken that I couldn't resist comforting her. I squeezed her breast and kissed her gently, licking away her tears. "I'm so horny I think I'll fuck you too!" I whispered, and I saw a look of hope light up her eyes.

But I couldn't wait any longer. Leaving Amy to her tears I pushed Isabelle to the carpet and threw myself upon her. I fucked her quickly and energetically, my cock so swollen I had to really work to get it inside her. But she was so wet and eager it didn't make much difference. In seconds we were both coming violently, our moans loud. "Oooohhhh--that was in-incredible!" gasped Isabelle.

Minutes later as I lifted myself off the prone girl, I realized I had been pounding her buttocks into the carpet. She must have been in agony during our lovemaking. No wonder she had had such an incredible orgasm!

I turned to Amy. "But now it's time for Amy's punishment," I said boldly. The blonde began to cry. She was obedient and did not say anything, but she looked so sad and delicious I felt my cock harden. Stretching myself out on the floor with my stiff penis sticking upward, I looked at the frightened teenager. "Mount me," I ordered.

Trembling, she climbed onto me. I could see Isabelle was shocked and angry. "Don't worry," I told her. "You will be caning her during her orgasm."

A flash of terror crossed Amy's face but her crotch was already pressed against my leg and I felt the spurt of moisture. She was afraid of the caning, yes, but she was also quite aroused by the concept of being caned during orgasm.

"This will be a devestating experience," I whispered to her, nodding at Isabelle as Amy settled onto my cock. As I began to wiggle against the girl and fondle her gorgeous breasts Isabelle let her have a tremendous crack across the thighs.

Amy gasped and I reached up and pulled her lips to mine. She sucked my tongue into her mouth with a passion that surprised me, my face become wet with her desperate tears. My cock was rock hard now, and I could feel the friction against her cunt building me to orgasm.

Another crack of the cane and Amy pressed harder against me, and I thrust deeper into her. She was moaning now, a deep moan of agonizing pleasure. The cane struck again and the little blond went into a frantic spasm of writhing, lowering her lips to my chest and licking my nipples.

I was the one moaning now as I began to come inside the young girl, pumping wildly into her sex. I heard the tremendous crack of the cane again but I was too lost to notice. Amy had lifted herself slightly away from me so that her breasts dangled just below my face as her whole body trembled violently. She was gasping and moaning and as the final stroke of the cane landed she let out a cry of relief and collapsed upon me, wrapping her tender body around me and whispering, "Ohhh, please hold me tight, stay inside me and hold me tight!"

I didn't move for a while, lying there silently and holding the weeping young blonde. When her breathing had finally settled to an even rythm I glanced over at Isabelle and was surprised to see her sitting awkwardly on the edge of the couch, her legs spread wide, and three fingers of one hand going in and out of her pussy. Her head was titled back and her eyes closed. As I watched she began to come, moaning quietly as she climaxed. I shook my head in disagreement. "Naughty girl," I thought sadly. "She knows she isn't supposed to do that without permission. She'll have to be suitably punished, of course," I thought with a smile. But I couldn't help but admire how pretty she looked doing it to herself like that.

End of Chapter One...

The End

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