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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(**, Priest/F, Intense, sex, cropping)

A young lady confesses to her priest and must do penance. (Approximately 1,110 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

The woman cautiously glanced around as she entered the church. She was very nervous, though she knew it was silly. Who knew what she was doing? Anyone watching thought she was simply going to confession just like anyone else.

The approached the box slowly, her pretty face sharp with tension. She bit her lower lip in a delightfully feminine fashion that would have aroused any man watching, but there was no one inside the church. The pretty girl tapped on the door and waited.

She was twenty years old, a newly-wed. It had been slightly over a month since her first fuck, for she had been a virgin at marriage.

"Enter," said a voice and she obeyed, opening the door and seating herself on the narrow wooden bench, the darkness both comforting and frightening. "What may I do for you, child?"

"I have been a bad girl, Father. I wish to confess my sins."

"Certainly. When was your last confession?"

"One week ago, Father."

"Ah, yes, I remember. You have already sinned again? Shame on you, young lady!"

"Yes, Father. I am ashamed. My sin is this: though I am but recently married, at school this week I lusted after a man."


"Yes," continued the pretty girl, her face flushing despite the darkness that cloaked her. "A professor, in fact."

"This is not good, my child."

"Even worse, Father, he is married."

"Definitely forbidden!"

"I know, Father, but I cannot help it. When I am in his class all I can do is imagine us together, his arms around me, his lips kissing me, his hand touching my--"

"Enough, child! Do you want to commit yet another sin?"

"No, Father."

"Is this all you have done? Just _think_ about committing a sin?"

"Yes, Father. But I need to serve penance to remind myself to be good."

There was a long pause from the disembodied voice on the other side of the thin panel. Then the man spoke. "Are you sure, girl? Your sin is quite severe, I'm afraid. Lust and a potential extra-marital affair require substantial punishment."

"Yes, Father. Whatever you think is appropriate."

"All right, my child. Please go to the back of the church to my office and wait for me. Here in the key." A tiny doorway opened between the cubicals and the girl took the key offered. She was trembling as she left the confessional, but whether from excitement or fear she did not know. She went to the back of the church and found the priest's office and the key worked correctly. Inside the office she sat on a chair and waited.

Soon the door opened and a young man in a priest's outfit entered. Without saying a word he nodded to the girl and went to a cabinet fastened against the wall. Using a small key he opened it, revealing an elaborate selection of leather crops and whips. He chose one and closed the cabinet.

"Get in position, my child," he whispered, and the girl obeyed quickly, rising and bending across his desk, her hands folded behind her back, legs straight. The priest calmly flipped up the girl's short dress revealing a skimpy pair of pink panties attempting to cover the soft, rounded globes of a rather generous rump.

Carefully, almost tenderly, the man pulled the girl's underpants down the girl's legs until they rested near her knees. Her naked buttocks and even her naked sex was all visible to him, her buttocks round and sleek. The priest adjusted her panties slightly and was shocked to discover that the crotch of the panties was very wet. The priest clucked his tongue at this and scolded the girl.

Lifting his crop, a long thick piece of braided leather with a heavy flap at the end. "I think six for lusting and six for a potential extra-marital affair should be suficient," said the priest, and the girl nodded slowly.

"But of course we must add an extra three because you are so recently married--you are far too lusty, young lady!"

The poor girl looked shocked at this and opened her mouth to protest when the young priest swung his first blow right across both cheeks of her bottom. The girl gasped and tears sprang to her eyes. She desperately churned her bottom as she struggled to stay in position.

Thwack! came another stinging cut. Again and again the crop flashed down, each blow very solid and very painful. The rhythm was uneven, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, with a long pause between each stroke. By six the girl was crying profusely; by ten she was weeping. At twelve she was almost out of control, so the priest patiently waited for her to calm down. He amused himself idly by thrusting the crop between the thighs of the young girl and scratching her mound with the tip.

When the girl was calm and beginning to respond sexually to the crop, he took it away from her crotch and smacked it hard across her ass. She moaned loudly and tried unsucessfully to blink back the tears. Again it caught her, a sharp blow right at the base of her buttocks where the flesh is the thickest. The last blow was extra-hard, a diagonal blow across both cheeks, the vivid crop mark tracing a cruel path across previous strokes.

It was over. The girl slowly stood and pulled her panties up, wincing as the silk touched her lashed bottom. The priest went and put the crop back into the cabinet, and stepped over to the girl. Taking her head in his arms he kissed her passionately, the girl moaning deeply and unhesitantingly thrusting a hand between her legs.

"Thank you, Honey," whispered the girl. "That was marvelous! Though I must say you certainly did not hold back anything!" She rubbed her raw bottom through her skirt and wrinkled her nose. "Ooouch! I'm really sore!"

"That's what makes me love you," said the priest, kissing the girl. "You love it hard even when you can't ask for it."

"Silly man! Do you actually think you can understand women?"

"Of course. Isn't that why I married you?"

The girl giggled. "I thought priests couldn't marry?" she said with an "I'm so innocent" look.

"They can't and you know it. Good thing I'm not a real priest," the young man said slowly, removing the priest robes from his body. In a moment he was naked, and like little bunnies in love, the two coupled right there on the floor. The girl was unfortunately on the bottom so her ass bounced off the floor as they fucked wildly.

The End

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