The Cropping

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Cropping

(***, M/F, Severe, cropping (duh!))

A young lady is severely punished by her master. (Approximately 2,015 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

"Please, no," begged the naked girl.

Dave stared at his slave. He needed to punish her soundly for her insolence. But a licking was just what she wanted. She liked harsh punishment. He needed some way to really make her feel the strokes. Slowly a smile came to his face.

"I've got it," he said pleasantly, as though he'd just solved a tricky crossword puzzle. "To the couch," he ordered the naked girl. "Stretch out on your stomach."

The girl licked her lips nervously and crawled on her hands and knees to the couch. She could almost feel the strap slapping her ass already. It made her crinch but it also stirred the juices of her sex. She could feel the moisture dripping onto the couch from her crotch. Proping herself on her elbows she waited for the dreaded punishment.

But nothing happened. She turned and looked back at her lover, fearful that he was just toying with her. To her surprise she discovered that she was alone. Dave had left the room. This made her nervous. What did he have in mind?

She didn't have long to wait. In a few minutes he was back, and he was carrying a long riding crop. It was made of leather and it was very thick and heavy. Her face went white when she thought of that striking her bare bum. A shiver went down her back.

"Now I'm going to crop you," said Dave in that same normal voice. "I'm going to give you ten strokes." The girl cringed when he said that. Her heart pounded wildly and she wondered how she was going to bear that much pain.

But Dave wasn't finished yet. "But to make this more interesting, you are going to beg me to crop you. In fact, you are going to lift your buttocks six inches off the couch and ask me to strike you as hard as I can. And I will comply. After the stroke you will count it out loud and wag your ass and thank me for the whipping. You will stay off the couch during the stroke and thank you until I give you the okay to relax. I will give you thirty seconds to rest and then we will do the next stroke the same way. Ten strokes. If you fail to count, if you move or cry out during the stroke, or if you relax before I give you permission, I will take you across my knee and give you ten of the best with the wooden paddle. Do you understand, miserable slave?"

The girl's eyes stung with tears. She felt so ashamed, the way he spoke to her, as though she was nothing more than a disobedient child or an animal. Her throat felt dry with fear. She nodded frantically in response to his question, however, and waited for the punishment to begin. She knew this was going to hurt and she already was regretting her disobedience.

Dave glared at the girl. "Since you did not answer me out loud, and to demonstrate what your disobedience will cause you, I'm going to give you a paddling before we begin the cropping.

Without another word Dave slipped beside her on the couch and pulled her legs across his lap. He lifted the large wooden paddle and brought it heavily across the girl's naked buttocks. She grunted and he smacked her again and again. Her could hear her breathing increase and he saw her body tense as he paddled her. The flesh of her ass during pink with each blow, and he could feel his cock hardening. At ten he reluctantly stopped, her bottom just beginning to take on the shades of a good licking.

"Lift yourself up," he commanded as he rose and stood beside the girl. Crying a little, the young girl lifted her hips off the couch and into the air, her body supported by her knees and elbows. Her bottom was thrust up into the air, so soft and vulnerable that it terrified her. "Don't use your knees," he whispered softly, and the girl struggled to lift herself with her toes and elbows. She managed it, and tenuonously held position.

Dave stood next to her, holding the crop. Her round rump looked gorgeous as she lay trembling, the cheeks smooth and soft. He laid the crop carefully across her pink buttocks and looked at her expectantly. "Where would you like it?" he whispered. "Higher? Lower? Dead center?"

The girl groaned and opened her mouth for the first time since she had disobeyed him. "Please, right there, whip me hard right there." She was crying already, but she had obeyed. Dave smiled, pleased. He lifted the crop high and bent it in his hands, testing it. It was stiff but flexible. It would really sting. It was too thick to cut the flesh, at least with only ten strokes, but its weight would make it especially painful.

THWACK! The sound echoed eriely around the room and the girl choked back a scream. A blazing quarter-inch strip of fire stretched across her ass and her whole body quivered mindlessly. All she could think about was holding in position, not screaming, not moving. She couldn't even remember why not.

"Thank you, Master," she breathed. "T-That was number one. Thank you!"

"Good. You may rest now." Dave started his stopwatch and sat down on the coffee table as he watched the girl. She collapsed onto the couch, tears pouring down her cheeks. Her body still trembled, and he could see her trying desperately to wiggle her hips and thrust her sex against the seat cushions of the sofa. A vivid blood-red welt stretched across the top of the twin bulges of her buttocks.

"Ok," he said stopping his watch. "Time for another one." The girl took a deep breath and lifted herself "Please whip me hard, Master, right across the center of my ass. Whip me hard for refusing you."

THWACK! It was all the girl could do not to scream. It seemed like a full minute before she could breath again, and the first thing she did was thank Dave for whipping her so hard, even as she wept. "That's two," she breathed. "Thank you Master!"

THWACK!! Mmmgggghhhh, the girl moaned, her whole body livid with pain. Her hips jerked spasmodically and she sobbed. "Thank you Master, thank you for that hard stroke! That's number three!"

THWACK! This was right across the center of her ass, right where she had been begging for it. It hurt, oh how it hurt!, but it felt good, too. On Dave's command the girl relaxed and cried into the sofa cushion.

THWACK!!! Ggggrrllllmmmm, the blond grunted, moaning deeply. Her arms were aching as she held herself up, her throat competely dry, heart racing with fear, her sex damp."That's five," she finally managed. "Thank you Master."

THWACK!! The stripe landed diagonally across her bottom, crisscrossing several previous strokes. It was too much. Screaming out loud and collapsing on the couch the pretty girl sobbed. "Please," she begged. "Please--" Her heart almost stopped as she saw the look of anger on Dave's face. "Please paddle me for speaking, Master. Please paddle me hard!" Her heart felt like it was being torn in two as she spoke. It was not what she had intended to say at all, but she felt her spirits lift when she saw Dave was smiling.

But he didn't give her any time to celebrate. In seconds she was across his lap and the wooden paddle was slamming into her sore bottom. She groaned and cried bitter tears and resolved to never--never!--disobey him again. The paddle seemed to cause her buttocks to explode the blows were so loud and fierce. The girl couldn't believe the pain washing through her body. Her buttocks swelled and throbbed and seemed to sting from a thousand secret places. All she could do was weep and wiggle her ass in submission and beg him to spank her harder, hoping that would calm him down.

THWACK! The crop seemed to slice right through her now, her buttocks so enflamed from the paddle. "Six, Master, thank you, Master."

"That was five," he said sternly. "That other one didn't count since you spoke." Groaning, the girl nodded. "Five. Thank you, Master! That was number five."

THWACK!! Ooouuucccch! thought the girl shuddering. The pain was amazing. It was a full thirty seconds before she could catch her breath. "Thank you, Master. That was number six!"

THWACK! The girl was almost in a daze now. The long waits between each blow not only built up her anticipation and fear, but it gave her plenty of time to really feel each blow, to dwell on the pain and her submission.

THWACK!! The girl almost passed out. That one had been right across the lower most portion of her buttocks where the majority of the flesh resided.

THWACK!! That was a little lower, right where her thighs joined her buttocks. "Nine," she whispered. "T-Thank you, M-Master," she sobbed. It was almost over! Just one more and it would be done!

"Okay," said Dave and the girl felt that incredible surge of dread in her chest. It was time. She slowly raised herself and pushed her bottom into the air. The crop gently touched her and tears came to her eyes. She nodded when he had put the crop where he wanted it, another diagonal blow, this one full across the lower portion of her buttocks, where the crop had hurt the most.

"Right there, Master," she cried, "please whip me hard right there. Crop me as hard as you can, Master. Crop me hard."

Dave smiled at her begging. She couldn't believe she was doing this, he knew. It was wonderful for her. She could now see how much she was capable of enduring for him. He knew that in the future he would be sure to give her as much as she could stand.

THWACK!!! The last blow was _not_ anticlimatic. The girl almost choked as she gagged on her screams. Her whole body shuddered and her buttocks churned in the air, her hips thrusting mindlessly. She was lost in the mind-blowing pain, wave after wave of amazing sensations flowing through her buttocks and crotch.

"Ten!" she almost shouted. "Thank you Master! Thank you the most excellent whipping! Thank you for the ten strokes!" She collapsed before she realized what she had done and was furiously pumping her sex against the cushion when she felt and angry hand lifting her legs.

What was this? She was being thrown across Dave's lap and he was lifting the paddle! What had she done? Noooo!! said her mind as she realized she had not waited for him to give her permission to relax. She began to sob. She couldn't take another paddling, her buttocks were _raw_!

"What do you say?" asked Dave sternly?

And like in a dream she heard herself answer. "Please paddle me, Master. Paddle me long and hard. I didn't wait for your permision to relax, Master, please punish me with your paddle. Punish my naughty bottom!"

"And what else?"

For a moment the girl was uncertain, and then she knew what he meant. "Oh, please, Master, don't count that last stroke of the crop. Give me another one to make up for it." But she saw he still wasn't pleased. "Give me two, Master, two strokes to make up for it. Make the hard strokes, Master, two extra-hard strokes!"

With a smile Dave nodded and placed the paddle against the burning welts on the girl's bottom. "I shall, my dear. In fact, since you are so insistant, I will give you three strokes, three of my best. But after I paddle you, not before." And as the girl groaned and wept in misery, Dave began to paddle her. The blows were loud and hurt like hell but all she could think about was enduring three more strokes of that dreaded crop!

The End

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