Date Night

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Date Night

(***, M/f, Severe, non-consensual caning, nudity)

Teri's night does not go as planned. (Approximately 1,876 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

"All right, we're leaving now." Teri's parents stood by the door, her mother staring anxiously.

"See ya, Mom. I'll be fine." The door closed quietly behind them. Teri sat stretched across the couch, her slender legs propped up on the armrest at the end. She muted the TV and listened intently, heard the car start and roll cut of the driveway, but still waited. Her mother was the type who almost always returned home at the last minute to get something she forgot.

This time it appeared Teri was lucky. Maybe it was bad luck, but they didn't return. Teri quickly leaped up and checked the clock. Two hours. In two hours she would be out with Ted. She couldn't wait.

She ran into her bedroom, tore off her tee-shirt and threw it in the corner. Then she carefully peeled off her tight blue jeans. They followed the shirt. In the bathroom she turned on the shower and made sure the water was the right temperature. Then she started to set out her clothes.

A half hour later she had decided on the new dress she had picked just for this occasion. Her shoes and the rest of her garments were carefully laid out across the bed. Now to shower and get ready.

On the way to the bathroom she stopped off by the basement and took off her bra and underwear and left them in the dirty clothes pile. Then she headed for the bathroom. She felt slightly self-conscious running about the house naked, but since no one was home, it wasn't so bad. And they lived so far from town it wasn't like there were neighbors to see her.

In the shower she carefully soaped up and began to wash her body. At nineteen her body was in prime condition. Her breasts were small, but in proportion to her tiny body, they were just right. Her figure was smashing. Her waist was almost too narrow, and yet her hips just curved outward from it so gracefully that it would take your breath away. Her bottom was so round and pronounced that it seemed to have a life of it own. Even now, as Teri stood running her soapy hands along it, it seemed to belong to someone else.

Teri looked so gorgeous then, standing with the shower spraying across her legs, her arms behind her back and her hands on her bottom, her chest heaved forward slightly, and long dark hair trailing down her back. Trails of soap were gently finding paths between her breasts, down her back, across the impossible arc of her buttocks, some in front tangling with pubic hair, and then rinsing quickly down her sleek legs.

But all good things must end. Immersed in her thoughts about Ted, Teri didn't even realize it when suddenly the water stopped. Just cut off and died. She was still soaping, when she looked and no more water was coming. Angry and annoyed, she tested the faucets, but there was no water.

She climbed out of the tub and stood dripping. She had forgotten to get a towel. She reluctantly headed back for the basement, trying not to drip everywhere. She was still soapy, and some white bubbles were trickling off her bottom as she headed down the stairs to the main floor.

In the basement she found a towel large enough to cover her petite figure. She wrapped it around her chest, the towel's hem just even with the lowest curve of her bottom.

So equipped, she headed for the kitchen. The water was stopped there, too. "Must be the pump," she whispered to herself. She checked the clock. A little over an hoir left -- she had better hurry. She headed for the back door of the house, quietly closing it behind her. Unfortunately she was too preoccupied to hear the click.

She made her way to the tool shed behind the house. Inside, she found the water pump. Sure enough, the thing had shut off. Some idiot water conservation gadget her father had rigged up. She had left the shower on too long before getting in, so the thing had shut itself off. She flipped the switch and the pump began to surge.

Now she went back to the house. She ran up the steps to the back door, but it was locked. She hurried to the front door, almost losing her towel in the process, but the front door also was locked. She began to check windows. All locked. The she realized the was one window open. The attic.

She got the ladder from the shed and began to climb onto the roof. Unfortunately, as she climbed up the ladder, she dropped the towel. Stark naked on a roof might have seemed ridiculous at another time, or from another person's point of view, but Teri was too concerned about missing her forbidden date to care. She also put too much confidence in the idea that no one was around. She shrugged and continued on up.

On the roof itself, she realized she could see for miles around, most of the trees being smaller than the three story house. She was still looking about when she noticed a car coming up the driveway... it was Ted! She looked at her watch, but of course she wasn't wearing it. He must be early.

She suddenly realized her nudity. She crouched onto the roof. Ted parked his car and knocked on the front door. After a few minutes, he called out Teri's name. For once Teri wished he'd go away.

Ted began to circle the house, looking about. Suddenly Teri realized he would see the ladder at the back of the house. She quickly scrambled onto the left side of the roof, away from Ted, and headed for the ladder. She beat Ted there -- he was busy knocking on windows. She pushed the ladder off the roof.

Now she could get inside. She made her way over to the attic, keeping a careful lookout for Ted and trying her best to keep her posterior from shining all over the place.

At the attic window she discovered that the window was ajar, but it was stuck. Painted shut. And now Teri was stuck on the roof. Unless she braved Ted, she'd have to brave her father, and he'd talk to her with a cane.

She called cut to Ted. "You-hoo. Up here, Ted." It took him a moment to find her. Then he looked up end spotted her, lying on the roof, one arm hanging on, the other covering her chest. She appeared to be topless.

"Teri? Whet are you doing up there? Aren't you ready to go?"

Teri looked ashamed. "It's a long story, Ted. Just toss me my towel and pick up the ladder, please."

Ted set the ladder upright against the roof. Under the eaves, hidden from Teri's sight, he found the towel. He tossed it behind the trash cans and returned to Teri. "I don't see a towel anywhere, Teri. It must have blown away."

Teri tried to see his eyes, but was too far away. If he was lying....

She sighed. "All right, Ted. Just turn around please."

Ted obeyed. Teri began go to the ladder. She reached the ladder safely, without Ted looking. Now she had to turn her back on him. She did so, her beautiful backside glinting in the evening sun. When she was almost to the bottom, and feeling slightly more relaxed, she suddenly felt arms go about her.

"Ted!" Teri turned on him viciously. "You turned around!" She suddenly realized she was standing in front of her boyfriend completely nude, naked, stripped, in her birthday suit, and she clutched her chest. "I'm going to get you for this, Ted."

He smiled. "I know of a great punishment. I'll take off my clothes, too!"

Teri's eyes widened. "Don't you dare!" Then she realized he was kidding, and she smiled slightly. He did seem to appreciate what he saw, but she had really wanted to keep her body secret from him, at least for a while.

Together they tried to get into the house. Ted managed to "find" the towel, so Teri had something on. It wasn't enough though, not around Ted. He now felt he had the upper hand, and he was freely mixing business with pleasure. More than once the towel was jerked off Teri's body, and almost every time she bent over he pinched her butt. When she was simply standing, he would lift up the back of the towel to expose her rear end and would make appreciative comments about her bottom.

Time flew and suddenly they realized it was dark. Ted looked at his watch and saw it was almost ten thirty. Suddenly lights were in the driveway and Teri's parents were returning home. Teri paled and quickly told Ted to leave. He did, but of course Teri's father recognized his car.

"Teri!" her father yelled even as he opened his door. Teri hurried forward, knowing her father's temper only worsened if she delayed. She stepped out from behind the shadows, holding the towel awkwardly in front of her.

"Boy, Dad, am I glad to see you," she breathed. "I was taking a shower when the pump stopped and so I came outside to turn it back on but I locked myself out!" She stopped. Her dad was glaring at her.

"You were going out tonight, weren't you? But I suppose you and Ted decided not to go anywhere, huh? Just hang about the house instead? Nude?" His eyes blazed. "Come with me, young lady!"

Teri flinched. Being called "young lady" meant trouble for sure. Her father yanked her arm and dragged her after him. Inside the tool shed he went to the far side and retrieved a long rattan cane. He pushed her onto a bench while he flexed the three-foot cane.

"All right, Teri. Get ride of the towel." He swung the cane through the air in a test. It swished nicely. Teri stood up shakily, and dropped the towel onto the bench. She stepped over to the work table and placed her hands on it and stretched out her legs. She was lying at about a forty-five degree angle, her bottom firm yet relaxed.

Teri's bottom was so smooth and round, it came pouring off her back, s1id outward in a gentle slope, then in a perfect arc, and curved back inward to connect with her legs. Looking at her butt from directly behind, the rounded sides matched perfectly with the wide curves of her hips.

Now her father stood behind her with the cane. It came down with a crack, striking the lower portion of her butt, sending violent waves of force throughout her bottom. Again the cane came down and again her butt wiggled. Searing pain washed through Teri's mind -- her ass was on fire, burning with impossible pain. She clenched the table in fury.

Again and again the cane cracked across her bottom. It was a long and thorough caning, leaving her striped and sobbing. She went to bed and slept on her belly. It was not the date she'd planned.

The End