Fantasy 004: Samantha

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About the Fantasy Series

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Fantasy 004: Samantha

(**, M/F, Serious, nudity, light whipping)

A woman dreams of her husband dominating her in public, out in their backyard. (Approximately 1,183 words. Originally published 1996-03.)

I am outside lying face down on a lawn chair. I am almost naked: no bra, only a thong bikini bottom which doesn't cover my ass at all. My hands are stretched out in front of me. A small towel covers my head and shields my eyes from the glaring sun.

I can feel the breeze blowing across me, nice and cool. In the distance I can hear the surf. I am exposed out here. There are no walls, only a line short shrubbery to keep strangers from seeing me. But my eyes are covered. I can see no one.

I hear a splash in the pool behind me and I know it is my husband, Mark. He is underwater a long time. Everything is quiet. Then I hear him climbing out. He approaches me. He is so silent I can hear the water dripping off his body. He stands near me but does not speak. I do not move.

A single cold drop of water lands on my back and trickles toward my bottom. Another drop lands on my left cheek. It does not roll off. One lands on the right, and it rolls off to the right. A second drop lands there and this one rolls inward, into my crack. It tickles as it runs toward my crotch. Though it is difficult, I do not move.

A soft hand touches my bottom and begins to caress it. Soft, loving squeezes and gentle pats. Then there are two hands, both wet. They pull my cheeks apart and squeeze them together. They plump my buttocks and then push them back down. The hands even grip me and slap my rump a few times. Though it is difficult, I do not move.

Then the hands begin to play with my thong. First they pull it tighter into me, tugging it so it rubs against my sex. I am wet down there and I can feel that the thong is wet. You are pulling it away from me, then back against me, and rubbing it along the insides of my thighs. Slowly you begin to roll the thong down across my bottom. I feel air against my pussy as it is exposed. Though it is difficult, I do not move.

Working very deliberately you take down my bikini. My bottom and my sex are free and I want to wiggle but I do not. I lie very still. You pull my bathing suit down to my ankles. Carefully you lift up each leg and slip it off. Now I am completely naked. It is daylight. I know there are people walking along the beach a short distance away. The Mingals, our neighbors to the south, are barbequing today. Occasionally I hear voices from their deck.

My husband takes the bikini bottoms and wets them in the pool. He drips the cool water across my back and bottom. He goes back for more water and does this again. I want desperately to wiggle but I do not. Then he slaps my behind with the wet thong. It stings a little and it surprises me. I am no longer the least bit drowsy. He lashes my butt with the thong a few more times, coming at me from the left and then the right and then the left again, back and forth, back and forth. I lie very still.

The thong isn't very wet any more so my husband goes and wets it again. Now the lashes hurt a little, the wet cloth making little smacking noises. I am worried the Mingals will hear. I cringe and I can feel my face blushing. It is difficult, but I do not move.

Now Mark spreads my legs wider. I do not resist. I just lie there, but inside I am churning. I can feel my sex dripping with juices and I am so hungry for Mark's cock I just want to scream. But I do not. I lie quietly and wait.

I hear the rustling of cloth and a slap as something wet and heavy lands near me. I realize it is my husband's swimming trunks. He has taken them off and tossed them. His hands are rubbing my legs now, coming closer and closer to my starving crotch. I want to wiggle, to thrust my bottom higher and advertise my availability to him, but I do not. I lie quietly.

I feel something soft and moist touch my thigh. It is thick and heavy and covered with a slickness. It is the tip of Mark's cock. He is straddling my chair and touching the back of my legs. Now he touches the other leg, and then he wipes off the moisture on my bottom. I am aroused now, feverishly aroused. I want to cry. It is so close, and I feel taunted. But I know the rules. I do not move even the slightest bit.

I hear sounds from above and behind me. I feel my husband's body close to me, but he does not touch me. I hear movement and I realize he is touching him. His cock brushes against my bottom again and it is all wet with pre-come. Again he takes it away and I hear him panting. Then he wipes it off on the other cheek. Again and again he does this until my bottom glistens with his juices.

My own juices are flooding out between my spread legs. Then I feel him place the rolled up thong there, right in my crotch, to soak up my moisture. I know what he is going to do and It drives me crazy, but I do not move. Sure enough, he squeezes the thong above me, dripping my juice onto my bottom and thighs. I feel like I am covered with moisture now. I can smell the scents of our respective sexes and it makes me horny.

Finally I feel something large pushing at my secret door. Grunting, he shoves all the way it. He is huge and it feels so good, so satisfying, I want to scream. He lies on top of me then, my body impaled my him. I love feeling his weight pressing me down. It makes me feel so helpless. I do not move.

With tremendous force he lifts himself up and begins to thrust into me. I am helpless. I let him fuck me until his cock explodes inside me and then he collapses across my back. I do not move. He is still inside me, though it is not so filling now. I am nowhere near satisfied but I do not complain. This is his turn, mine will come.

Finally he lifts himself from me and we both get up and go into the pool. We wash each other off and splash and swim and kiss. It is nice. But I cannot wait for us to go inside. I drag him towards the door. He comes slowly, pretending reluctance. But I know he wants me. This time it's my turn to tease.

The End