Fantasy 007: Alan

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Fantasy007: Alan

(****, M/f12, Intense, teen paddling)

A father imagines spanking his daughter and all her girlfriends during a slumber party. (Approximately 1,210 words. Originally published 1996-03.)

I shut my eyes but I can still hear the faints sounds of giggling and movement upstairs. Those girls! Exasperated, I rise from my comfortable bed and trot down the hall and run up the stairs to the loft.

The door is shut but the girls are noisy. With vigor I throw the door wide and boldly invade. A dozen squeals greet my sudden entrance and for a moment all I can see is a chaotic blur of curls and bare legs and petite pink panties and flapping nightgowns and eyes stretched wide in alarm. Then all is still and before me are a dozen small forms in sleeping bags.

"Enough, girls!" I growl in my toughest voice. "This is your last warning. Either you go to sleep immediately or the next time I have to come in here each of you will be rubbing a hot and swollen bottom!"

One of the youngest girls gasps. "Oh, Mr. Robertson, you don't mean you'd spank us, do you?"

"Bare bottomed until your rumps are watermelon-red!" I answer gruffly, ignoring her horrified expression. "Now go to sleep."

I'm back in bed now, my wife sleeping near me. She worked late today and is very tired, and she must be up early in the morning. All is quiet for a half-hour or so, and then I hear little footsteps across the ceiling. Then some quiet voices. Slowly the noise grows louder and louder until my wife wakes up, annoyed.

"Are the girls still awake?" she mumbles, looking at the clock. "It's three o'clock. I have to be up in two hours."

"Don't worry," I say. "I'll fix them." I go over to the top drawer of my dresser and pull out the slim ebony paddle. The wood is highly polished and smooth as a tense bottom. I head up the stairs, the racket growing louder.

There is silence when I open the door. Twenty-four eyes look at me, a pajama-clad dad with a grim expression and holding a deadly black paddle in my hands. The girls are frozen in three groups. Four or five are standing in mid-wrestle on the bed, another group is playing Monopoly in a corner, and the rest are scattered about across the expanse of the carpet whispering to each other.

"I warned you girls! You were supposed to be asleep at midnight. Now I must punish you," I snarl. "Samantha, get over here. You should be setting an example for your friends!" Her face pale and then reddening with shame, my daughter extracts herself from the pile-up on the bed and slowly comes toward me. I have no doubt she knows what is about to happen, but she is afraid to disobey.

A pretty girl, with long blond curls and a rapidly developing body, this is her birthday slumber party. I know that this must be most embarrassing for her, but I am angry at her arrogant disobedience.

"Since you're my daughter and most to blame for this, you're getting it twice," I say, propping my left leg on a chair and bending her over it so her toes almost leave the ground. "Once now and again after everyone else! And bare-bottomed, too!"

With those words I flip up her nightgown and hold it up with my left hand, which rests across the small of her back. "No, Daddy, please!" she cries out. With my right hand I carefully pull down her panties. It takes several tugs as I've only got one hand. I pull down a little on the left, then the right side, then left, then right, slowly exposing a pair of round white cheeks a college coed would be proud to own.

Sam begins to cry in embarrassment and I'm sure she can feel all the eyes of her friends on her ass. I pick up the paddle and without any preamble smack her soundly. She gasps and cries out at the sting and I tell her to be quieter. I spank her soundly, a full twenty swats with that little paddle.

Her bottom is fairly red when I release her. Tears stream down her red and swollen face. She looks mortified. "Wait there," I command. "You've got another set coming."

Now I turn to her friends. "All right, who's next?" I'm met with a sea of blank looks. No one moves. I shrug and motion to the girl nearest to me, a petite brunette. She looks absolutely terrified but she steps forward.

I pull her across my leg exactly as I did with my daughter. "All right," I say firmly. "How many do you want? You can have ten bare-bottomed or twenty in your PJs."

"Oh, don't take down my panties!" cries the girl.

"Twenty it is," I say and smack her fanny hard with the paddle. She yelps and begins to cry. I do not pause for a second but quickly spank her hard. In half a minute it is over, and she runs to her sleeping bag, rubbing her bottom.

"Next!" And a tall red-head slowly comes forward. She also takes the twenty, but as she is larger and her bottom plumper, I spank her much harder. Two blond girls follow, both taking twenty on their pert little bottoms.

The next girl is Mary, one of my daughter's closest friends. She smiles a little nervously at me. "I'll take the ten," she whispers, and I wonder about this. On many occasions I have wondered if she had a schoolgirl crush on me. But I oblige her, taking down her panties to reveal a luscious white bottom. I smack her mercilessly, extra hard since it is only ten strokes. She is crying on third, her smile gone. I paint her bottom red, especially right above her thighs where her cheeks are the plumpest.

"Next!" This time it's an older girl, a friend of Sam's I don't know. She isn't sure, but finally decides to take the ten. Her bottom is large and smooth and though she clenches her legs together cannot help but see a glimpse of her nether secrets. I spank her quite hard too, but she does not cry out, though tears pour down her face.

Over and over I go though this procedure, until all twelve girls have been paddled. Most take the twenty, but some realize that panties and a nightgown don't offer much more protection than nothing.

Finally everyone is finished and in bed except for my daughter. Everyone watches with wide eyes as she bends back across my leg and I reveal her naked bottom once again. Her buttocks are still pink with patches of deep red from her previous paddling, but I give her another twenty until her bottom is literally sizzling with stings and she is sobbing uncontrollably.

"All right, girls. Go to sleep now. If I have to come up here again this will seem like hugs and kisses!"

I go back to my room and climb into bed. My wife, half-asleep, turns to me. "What was all that racket, dear? Did you have to spank them?"

"Unfortunately," I say, glad she cannot see the grin on my face. I close my eyes and sleep like a dream.

The End

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