Fantasy 013: John

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Fantasy013: John

(****, F/f, f/F, Severe, paddling, peeping)

A man spies on his wife and daughter while they spank each other. (Approximately 584 words. Originally published 1996-06.)

I am in my study in our garage, alone. No one knows I am there. There is a small hole through the wall that lets me look into the living room. No one but me knows it is there. I often use it to see what is going on in the house without anyone knowing I am watching.

On this day my wife comes into the living room and she is very angry. She is dragging our teenage daughter with her, and carrying the wooden paddle. I do not have to be Einstein to know what is about to happen. Sherry, my wife, is a petite redhead. Though she's only fourteen, my daughter Sam is almost as tall as her mother. I cannot help but notice that lately she has turned into an adult woman. That is why her mother handles her discipline now.

As I secretly watch, my wife turns Sam across her lap and begins to paddle her. Sam is wearing a pair of skimpy cutoff jeans and her long legs look delightful as she kicks and squirms. She is not cooperating very well. After a couple dozen swats Sherry has Sam stand and take off her jeans and panties. Sam is crying a bit but obeys.

Back over her Mom's lap the spanking really sets in now, Sam's perky bottom getting a royal purpling from that wooden paddle. On and on the paddling lasts, Sam weeping and begging for mercy. Finally it is over. Sam stands up, her bottom facing me. It is purple and dark red, the once-smooth globes welted and blotchy. Sam is wiping off her tears.

But now the real interesting thing happens. My wife stands up and takes off her dress. She only wears panties underneath and these she removes. Still in her thirties, Sherry has retained her figure well. On her petite frame she is voluptuous, with breasts and bottom that appear slightly too big for her.

My wife climbs onto the sofa on her knees and leans over the back, her round bottom facing me. I can just glimpse her secrets peeking between her legs. My daughter Sam picks up the discarded paddle and approaches her Mom. She is still half-naked. I cannot believe this is happening, but Sam begins to paddle her Mom.

She is nowhere near as gentle with her Mom as her Mom was with her. Sam swings the paddle with both hands, every blow sounding like a gunshot. Sherry is moaning and quivering like she's in orgasm, flailing her hair around and occasionally howling.

The paddling is very severe, and it lasts a long time. Perhaps twice as long as what Sam got. Sherry is weeping uncontrollably when it is over. Her ass is a mass of purple blotches and almost black bruises. Undoubtedly she will feel this spanking for weeks.

My wife gets up and hugs my daughter. Wiping tears from their eyes, both women smile and giggle a bit. As they leave the room I hear Sam say to her Mom, "What would Daddy do if he found out?"

I miss most of my wife's reply, but I catch something like "blister our bottoms" and I hear them both laugh.

In my study, I lock the door and put my work aside and settle down for some seriously urgent recreational activity. I know I must not overdo it, because if the past is any indication, my wife's lovemaking tonight will be particularly fierce.

The End