Fantasy019: Harold

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Fantasy019: Harold

(****, M/F, Severe, n/c, sci-fi)

Have ever thought what you could do if you could stop time? (Approximately 1,523 words. Originally published 1998-06.)

I've always wanted one of those time-stopper gadgets. You know, like they have in those science fiction movies? Press a little button and time stops for everyone but yourself. Everyone's just frozen, clocks all stopped, falling objects halted in mid-air. Only I can move around.

God, that'd be fun. I'd do it at the bank, see. There's this gorgeous little teller there. Really cute, blond hair, big china blue eyes, incredible smile. Makes me want to hang out at the bank all day.

The only problem is, she undoes me. When she looks at me and smiles, I lose all ability to think. My mind just vanishes. It's all I can do to smile. I forget whatever I came into the bank for and just mumble something. It's humiliating.

I'd love to freeze everyone, and then slowly go undress her. Strip her carefully, one layer at a time. I could take pictures from all angles, video the thing.

Once she's naked I could play with her. I could pinch her breasts, stick pencils and shit up her ass, kiss those amazing lips. I could slap her bottom until it glowed like a candle. She'd never know what hit her.

The first time I'd dress her back up, but leave off her panties and bra. As far as she's concerned, they'd suddenly vanish. She'd be thinking, "Ohmigod! I've got no underwear on! Didn't I put on panties and bra this morning? I could have sworn..."

Of course I'd be the only one who knew what had happened, so I could stand there all innocent-like and watch her face change expressions. I could even pointedly stare at her nipples, make her really self-conscious. For once she'd be the one stuttering and blushing and trying to make small talk.

The second time I'd spank her. I'd warm her ass real good. I'd probably bring along a wooden ruler or a hairbrush and really go to town. Then see how she reacts when I unfreeze her.

The third time I'd really spank her. Bring my dad's old leather strop and give her some welts to remember. Then I'd do something really evil: I'd take something ordinary off her desk, a pen or maybe one of those mini-staplers, and stick it up her butt. I'd find some of those metal paper clamps and clip her nipples, too. I drool thinking of the expression on her face when she discovers she's at work helping a customer, stark naked underneath her clothes, with painful clamps squeezing her nipples and something sharp up her ass. Would she immediately reach to relieve the pain? Or would she try to preserve some dignity and excuse herself to restroom, walking awkwardly but with impatient urgency?

I've thought it would be fun to shave her pussy one time. See the look on her face when she realizes it. Such delightful confusion. One idea I had was to open a safe deposit box. In fact, I did it. For four minutes I had her undivided attention. We were in the safe deposit box room together for a few seconds. If I could have frozen her, it would have been awesome. I could have stripped her and left her there, naked, and gone out to the front lobby to watch her try to sneak out. Or I could have started to have sex with her and then unfrozen her. She'd "wake up" having sex with me in the safe deposit box room! She'd be totally confused, but assume she'd been a willing partner. She'd probably try to back off, but it'd be a little late at that point. She'd be under a lot of pressure to perform. No matter what it'd be embarrassing for her.

Man, time-stopping power would be incredible. I could walk up to strange girls on the street, freeze them and look through their wallets, find out all about them, and then call them by name and stuff, pretending they were supposed to know me. You know how people are when they think they can't recognize someone. They pretend, all fake smiles, etc. You've got them on edge. You've got power over them. It'd be great.

I could get back at my ex-wife, leaving her naked in the grocery store, for instance. Or arrange things so when she wakes up her hair stylist has a hand up her crotch during the hair washing. Julie's so conservative she'd really freak at that.

Shit, I could freeze time at 2:55 p.m. and visit the girl's college over here. That'd be right at the end of gym. I could wander through those steamy lockers at my leisure, taking photos of babes showering, pinching ass, putting hands into compromising positions! It'd be awesome. I could paddle some ass bright pink and sit back and listen to the hilarious impromptu explanations that arise when the other girls notice.

And what about sorority initiations? I know those paddles are just symbolic these days, but I could fix that. With my time-stopping power I could double the humiliation of those pledges. Imagine the pledge on stage being told to turn around and bare her bottom as part of her ritual. She hestitates, for suddenly there's something big in her ass. It's moving! God, it's a vibrator! Everyone laughs when they see it, knowing what a slut she is. She's an innocent -- never even seen a vibrator before. She has no idea how it got up her ass. But of course no one will believe her!

And what about real life spankings? I could follow teenage girls home. The ones with strict daddies. It would be a snap to set her up for something naughty. She could be caught masterbating in her parent's bed, for instance. Or stealing money from her mom's purse. Either way it'd be the leather belt for her ass.

If her father wasn't the kind to bare her bottom before whipping her, I'd make sure she wasn't wearing panties. That offense would no doubt add to her punishment, and I'm sure the man would be angry enough to paddle her ass bare at that point. I'd can't imagine he'd say, "Honey, go put on some panties so Daddy can strap your bottom." Hell no -- he'd strap away and it'd be her own fault for not wearing underwear.

Of course it'd be difficult for me to watch these in person. I could hide in the closet and peek out, or set up video cameras to record everything. I could freeze things during the spanking and take still photos, and even help out a little, warming the girl's buns myself.

I've even thought of a fun joke: find a dad who uses a big frat paddle and in between of the time when he first swings and makes contact, I'd freeze things. Then I'd spend a good half hour with that girl over my lap, really roasting her rump. When her skin was blistered crimson, I'd put her back in position. She'd receive that initial blow from her father's paddle and be _astonished_ by the pain. Both would be shocked to see the horrendous condition of her ass after just one blow! I can picture the father apologizing in confusion and the girl shrieking in agony. Imagine, a whole spanking taking affect not across thirty minutes, but all at once -- bango! -- you're ass is on fire.

Oh, if I could stop time, there'd be so much fun I could do! Strip _everyone_ at a graduation ceremony, or those at fancy dinner parties. A husband comes home to find his wife naked, bound, and gagged in the corner, a riding crop on the nearby table, with a "whip me" note taped above her bare ass. An embarrassed magician finds every trick finishes with one of his attractive female assistants standing naked on the stage. Ice dancers, gliding out for the final, suddenly discover they're wearing no underwear. Cute gymnasts finds their tight costumes split open during routine jumps. TV news anchorwomen really _aren't_ wearing anything below the waist. Shy housewives mysteriously find themselves in the middle of a sex orgy. Ministers preach to nude congregations. Teachers and public speakers find themselves before audiences without clothing. Cheerleaders cheer wearing only socks and pompoms. Runway models walk on stage wearing butt plugs, handcuffs, and ball gags. The sex ed film at a high school turns out to be a porno flick. A shy college girl, sitting on a toilet in the bathroom, discovers she's really in a classroom, surrounded by students, and she's just shit on the floor. A woman, sucking her husband, discovers the cock in her mouth belongs to a complete stranger. The possibilities are endless!

I guess I'll have to put a bit more thought into this, come up with a few more ideas. That way I can be ready, it case I get one of those devices. It pays to be prepared.

In the meantime, I need to run to the bank. I think I need some deposit slips. Or maybe check out my safe deposit box, see what's inside. Yeah, that's it.

The End