Fragment 04: Humility

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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This is the third of what I'm calling my "Fragment" series--these are incomplete, unfinished stories or scenes that frankly, I probably will never go back and finish. Some of them were written long ago, but they often have some degree of merit, but they can't be judged like a real story.

Anyway, I hope you them. I will be posting them occasionally when my supply of "real" stories runs low. Let me know if it's worth the bother!

(I publish these so you can see how much my writing has improved!)

(The Flogmaster)


(**, MM/F, Intense, n/c public paddling)

A woman is publicly punished by order of the king. (Approximately 1,332 words. Originally published 1996-02.)

The man glared at the woman. He snapped his fingers at one of his assistants. "Have her taken out front and spanked. See to it that she is profoundly humiliated."

The woman stared at the man, speechless. She had never heard of such arrogance. Who did he think he was, a King? She screamed as two large men grabbed and dragged her out the door.

"Let me go, you bastards. I'll sue you, I'll sue every one of you. Let me go!" The men ignored her screaming and took her outside into the street. The woman quieted when she saw the crowds of people passing and staring at her.

The taller man quickly lifted the woman and turned her upside down, holding her by her ankles. She screamed in terror, suddenly realizing what was happening. "Please, let me down. I beg you!" she yelled. "I'll be good, I promise," she whispered to the man, gripping his legs and struggling to free herself. "Please let me go. Please."

The shorter man returned with a large wooden paddle. It was extremely thin and worn from years of use. He held it up to the crowd gathering by the gateway and shouted, "Come watch the wench get her proper reward!" The crowd cheered and people jostled to get a better look at the woman.

She was very pretty, tall with long dark hair and amazing black eyes that flashed with fury at her situation. Her cheeks were flushed with shame as she dangled and cried miserably. The woman's body was young and lithe with a large bosom that gravity was slowly exposing due to her upended position.

Her skirt had fallen down over her body and her legs and buttocks were exposed to the crowd. A thin undergarment was all that protected her bottom. As she struggled, her bottom wiggled suductively to the screaming delight of the people.

The shorter man brought a moment of silence to the crowd as he began the spanking. The thin paddle smacked the poor girl's buttocks with a loud cracking sound that echoed up and down the street and a hush fell over the people.

Again the paddle came down, and then again. At the fourth blow the girl found her breath and screamed in terror and the crowd roared, laughter and excitement everywhere. "Spank her harder!" someone shouted. "Take off her panties!" said another to a chorus of cheers and agreement.

The girl began sobbing and frantically struggling, her face growing even more flushed. The man with the paddle laughted and continued the punishment, teasing the girl and the crowd with light smacks that only served to excite the observers.

The blows were not very hard, but they were solid. The thin paddle made the girl's flesh sting and cause her to panic. She struggled not because of the pain but because of her fear and her humiliation. As the spanking went on she began to tire and slowly her struggling slowed and finally stopped. She dangled and groaned in complaint at each stroke.

When she was really tired the man began to spank her in earnest, giving her a series really hard blows that took her breath away. But she was too exhausted to fight any more and she could only hang there and weep, her hair wet with her tears.

Then there was a pause in the punishment. She held her breath in fear that the pause was only a cruel trick but nothing happened. She realized her bottom was stinging, a gentle throbbing that actually felt warm and good to her.

"That wasn't so bad," she was thinking when she felt a hand touch her buttocks. She gasped and flinched but the hand was pulling at her underwear, slipping the thin garmet off her legs and leaving her bare bottom exposed. She blushed furiously and desperately but futilely tried to cover herself as the crowd cheered.

Now the spanks came again, this time louder and more devastating. She cried miserably but there was no mercy. The chanting of the furious crowd was terrifying to her. She felt numb and filled with dispair. Was there no one to save her, no one who felt her pain and humiliation?

Against her naked flesh the paddle was excruciating, the stings furious and fast. The paddler was an expert, adjusting his timing and force with her moods. When she struggled his spanks would only tease her, but when she relaxed in fatigue he would paddle her extremely hard. It frustrated and exhausted her.

As the spanking went on, she began to wonder how much longer the punishment would last. Her buttocks felt huge and swollen, heavy and welted. She had no tears left and could only groan. The man was varying the blows, now. He would spank just the right buttock for a period, then switch to the left. Sometimes he'd concentrate on the tender upper portion of her bottom, bringing his blows from the side. Other times he'd come down hard against the lower part of her rump, the paddle feeling tremendously heavy with each spank.

Her mind whirled and she felt confused. Her buttocks burned but her sex was wet with desire. She found the awkwardness of her exposed position intriguing. The roar of the crowd was terrifying yet alluring. She could hear the men shouting when she groaned and wiggled her ass after each particularly hard spank and it filled her with pleasure and hot desire. She felt incredibly vulnerable and exposed.

But the pain was a frustration to her. It thrilled her and made her feel alive. She had never felt so many sensations in her entire life--every pore of her flesh was alive with feeling. The spanks were painful but her bottom felt so good and warm after each blow that she longed for the next one just to feel the relief afterwards.

Her breasts felt heavy as they dangled just above her chin and the nipples felt hard and she suddenly realized with horrible shame she was squeezing and kneading her breasts. The crowd was cheering and laughing and she hastily took her hands away, blushing vividly. To her further embarassment one breast fell out of its container and lay exposed and the girl was beside herself with confusion. Should she push it back into her dress or would it be worse to touch herself again?

Suddenly the tall man knelt on the ground and threw her across his knee. He took the paddle from the short man and began to paddle the woman. The new position was a surprise for the girl and rather awkward. Her hands desperately tried to shield her buttocks from the blows but the man angerily forced her hands into position behind her back.

Now the girl was turned to face the crowd, who leered and taunted her. "Enjoying that, miss?" said an old man. "A girl like that ought to be taught manners," said another. "I'd give it to her like this every morning," said a large woman in a blue dress standing quiet close to the girl. "Isn't that what you need, Honey?" she said directly to the girl.

The woman only cried and struggled as hard as she could to keep her hands in place. The spanking was much harder now, the tall man fresher and eager to inflict pain.

The End