Fragment 07: The Studio

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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This is another of what I'm calling my "Fragment" series--these are incomplete, unfinished stories or scenes that frankly, I probably will never go back and finish. Some of them were written long ago, but they often have some degree of merit, but they can't be judged like a real story.

Anyway, I hope you them. I will be posting them occasionally when my supply of "real" stories runs low. Let me know if it's worth the bother!

(The Flogmaster)

The Studio

(**, MF/F, Intense, nudity, paddling)

A girl shows up for a photography session that turns out to be far more than she bargained for. (Approximately 2,624 words. Originally published 1996-02.)

The blonde girl gasped when she saw the others. There were about a dozen of them, all naked, all young and pretty like herself. They were milling around the set rather aimlessly as the director discussed the shot with the photographer.

Suddenly Amy felt a little overwhelmed. This was for real, for a big shot director and a famous photographer. Was she really ready for this? Nervously she walked over to join the other girls, feeling rather embarrassed by her nudity. No matter how many times she had done nude shots the always made her feel self-conscious. Part of it was that she was naturally shy, but having a large studio full of strange men--strange clothed men-- didn't help.

Amy introduced herself to the other girls. "Hi, I'm Amy. I'm nineteen. I'm going to the University--I just do this to pay the bills. This is my first time with Arneau, though," she bubbled nervously. One of the other girls, a tall athletic-looking brunette stared indifferently at the girl.

"No shit. You're probably a virgin, too!" The other girls laughed and Amy started to open her mouth to protest. "Aw, shut up, girl! Do you ya think we want your fuckin' life story? Who gives a shit!"

Amy snapped her mouth shut and felt her face flush. "Fine," she thought miserably. "Be that way." She shrugged and tried to pretend indifference, but inside she was seething. The few other girls she'd met in this business had been very nice. This bitch was obviously not. "I'll have to watch my back around her," she warned herself.

But the famous French director, Jean Arneau, was issuing instructions. "Ah, gerls, your attenshon, please. We are almost rrready," he said in heavily-accented English. Speaking quickly, he explained the scene. This one involved boarding school girls. Naughty girls waiting to be punished by the harsh headmistress. She, however, had ordered that the girls spank each other, and that is the scene that was about to be photographed.

Amy saw the woman to the right of the scene, a tall blonde wearing an ugly black dress that made her look flat and shapeless. She was holding a large wooden paddle in her hands and Amy felt surprise as her sex stirred at the delightfully naughty thought that swarmed through her brain. For some reason the rude brunette figured prominently in her impromptu fantasy.

Someone pushed Amy and she found herself in a line of girls standing before the woman. All the girls were squirming nervously and trying vainly to cover their nakedness. This was all part of the act Amy realized and joined in. It wasn't hard to fake her embarrassment.

Flashbulbs popped noisily as the photographer began snapping pictures rapidly. He had several cameras set up at different points around the set and he would periodically run to a different camera and shove one of his assistants out of the way and take a shot himself.

The director rubbed his hands together eagerly and made sure the action kept pace. At his signal the "headmistress" stepped into the picture and waved the paddle at the naughty girls. They all looked ashamed and stared at the floor. The headmistress smacked the paddle against her left palm and few times sending shivers of terror through the girls. Then she ordered the first girl forward.

This was a tiny dark-haired girl. Amy knew that all the girls had to be of age to be here but this girl looked like she was no more than sixteen. She was a darling, with a sweet face and even sweeter body. She blushed beautifully as she came forward and prepared to kneel for her punishment. But to her delight the headmistress handed her the paddle and ordered her to spank the next girl.

Her face alight with relief and excitment, the dark-haired girl turned and pointed to the floor with the paddle. The tall red-head waiting looked appropriately terrified but obediently knelt on the floor in front of the chair. She bent forward and placed her elbows on the seat of the chair, her long back stretched out behind her. Her sleek bottom was perfectly exposed and Amy was stunned by how many times the flashes popped as the photographer made sure he got numerous shots of the girl's bare ass.

With an exaggerated motion the headmistress held her palm outstretched to show five fingers: the girl was to receive five blows. Amy almost choked when she saw the dark-haired girl step forward and give the red-head a tremendous wack with the paddle. She actually hit the girl! Amy couldn't believe it. The girl's butt had a pink blotch on it from the paddle, slight but evident.

The paddle smacked again and Amy was almost positive it sounded even a little _harder_ that time! She watched, stunned, as the girl received five hard spanks from the paddle, grunting and making wonderful faces for the cameras, arching her back and thrusting out her buttocks delightfully.

As the red-head she stood and rubbed her rump in an exaggerated fashion and walked to the end of the line. A slightly chubby girl with a really beautiful face stepped forward next. She knelt and took her spanks in the same way, groaning and wiggling her ass for the cameras. The flashbulbs were popping almost nonstop now.

Amy began to get nervous and the scene continued. Several other girls took their turns, and then the dreadful brunette that had been so rude to Amy took her paddling. Amy enjoyed that immensely. But she was growing quite worried. Soon it would be her turn. She hadn't agreed to be paddled. Were they expecting her to act like these other girls?

Soon there was only one girl in front of her and Amy still hadn't made up her mind what to do. She wanted to ask the director about it, but she felt really nervous. Perhaps they would simply fire her if she made a fuss. She really needed the money. "Besides," she thought, "it's only five wacks. I can take that."

She nervously walked forward and knelt in position. She could feel the tiny hairs on her ass lifting as she waited to be spanked. Her breathing was quite rapid and she could feel a dampness between her legs. This was turning her on!

Suddenly the paddle smacked into her the stinging to sharp she forgot herself and squealed and grabbed her ass with her hands. The dark-haired girl with paddle clucked her teeth and reached out and pulled Amy's hands away from her butt. "Naughty, naughty," she scolded and Amy felt ashamed.

The paddle slammed into her again but this time Amy held still. By the third stroke her resolve was weakening. The spanking hurt! But she held her breath and took the next two spanks silently, and then started to rise. The paddler pushed her back down, however, and gave her another hard spank, and then another. Amy gasped, wondering why she had gotten extra. No one spoke to her, but as she finally was allowed to rise and made her way down to the end of the line, her bottom tingling, she decided it must have been because she had grabbed her ass.

"Boy, they sure are doing this realistic-like for still pictures, she thought. This is almost like a movie." She stood fidgiting in line wondering if she could dare reach back and rub her bottom. But she saw that the line had almost come full circle. The red-head was almost back to the front of the line.

But to Amy's astonishment when the red-head's turn came she was given the paddle and the dark-haired paddler knelt and took the blows. Even more surprising, the next girl in line knelt and was spanked by the red-head. As the line continued to recircle it slowly dawned to Amy what was happening. Each girl would get a chance to paddle all of the others. That meant--she did some quick and frantic counting and came up with a count of fourteen--each girl would get 65 spanks!

Well, this was more than Amy had signed up for. She knew from the light burning of her ass that 65 spanks would have her ass a bright red and _really_ sore. "Probably what they want," she decided. "Nice red bottoms for the camera." But she was resolved to say something when it was her turn.

It went surprisingly quickly. The sounds of the paddle smacking bare flesh was loud and constant and Amy was rather frightened when it was suddenly her turn. She stepped forward and broke character, turning to the director.

"Mr. Arneau," she began, "I didn't sign up for this. No body mentioned actually getting paddled."

The director stopped his pacing and stared at the girl. His gaze softened when he saw how lovely she was. But he was still angry. "Why do you interrrrupt _moi_!" he exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I didn't agree to this."

Mr. Arneau finally seemed to understand the girl. He spoke briefly with an assistant. "Ah, uh, Ahmee," he spoke hesitantly, "je comprehend! Do you read?"

She stared at him, puzzled. "Yes, I can read."

"Ah, mais _le contract_--you signed the contract--it explain this, no? You read it?"

Suddenly Amy flushed. She had barely glanced at it, actually. She had been in a dreadful hurry and had assumed it to be a standard form. Besides she had been so excited to have been accepted. They were paying her a ton more than she normally received. She had a dreadful feeling she knew why, now.

The director was staring at her. Everyone was staring at her. Amy swallowed. "Uh, not really, uh, I-I thought it was a standard contract, I mean, I didn't notice anything about this."

The director spoke with his assistant. Amy heard him curse in French and she felt horrible. He was furious, she knew it. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" she scolded herself. "I should have just taken the licks and pretended everything was okay."

"D'accord," whispered the director. "You may go, then," he said to Amy. "Francois, here, he help you make arrangements for release. You pay for breaking _le contract_."

Amy stared at the man in astonishment. "But, no! That's not what I meant."

The director looked at her in puzzlement. "You do not wish to quit?"

"Well, uh, no." It suddenly dawned on Amy how disastrous it would be too lose this job. She had already spent her advance on back rent and she had no idea what penalties the contract called for her to get out of it. She cursed herself and wished she'd read the damn thing. As she thought about it she also realized it would be extra tough to get work if she got a reputation for breaking contracts. No, she'd have to stick with it. "It's okay. Nevermind what I said. I'll do it."

"Wait! You interupt me and now say 'forget it?' 'I am sorry.' Is that what you do?"

"No! I didn't--I didn't really think. I _am_ sorry, but I just wasn't expecting it. But I need the job. Please."

The French director was ready to spit nails but seeing the pretty America girl, naked and blushing, pleading with him caused him to reconsider. "How can I trust you..." he mused. "Okay. We test you." He walked up onto the stage and sat on the chair. Patting his lap he motioned for Amy to stretch out across it. Her face paled but as though hypnotised she stepped forward.

He spanked her rump hard, the other girls giggling at this scene. Amy couldn't believe this was happening. Her bottom swelled as he spanked her harder and harder. The stinging smacks hurt but worse, far worse, was how ashamed Amy felt, thrown across the director's lap and given a bare bottom spanking like some recalicitrant little girl! She face burned as she thought of how she must look. She suddenly noticed the flashbulbs popping and realized with horror that this too was being photographed. Well, though it was unusual, there certainly wasn't anything she could do about that. She groaned and began to cry large wet tears and concentrated in struggling to keep her hands away from her blazing bottom.

Amy's buttocks were red and burning when the director finally let her up. "Okay. We continue. Give her twenty this time. I want to see if she will stay." He said this to the red-head with such scorn that Amy didn't even try to protest though she felt rather rebellious.

Kneeling at the chair, she gasped as the paddle smacked her. Again and again it spanked her, much harder this time than the first round, as the red-head was much stronger. She couldn't believe how much her bottom hurt under the fierce spanking. It seemed to last forever. She had never felt so much relief as when she heard the red-head say "Twenty!" and tell her to stand. Her bottom felt raw as she trotted to the end of the line, her sore cheeks rubbing against each other.

The director watched her silently. She seemed resolved, he decided. And she certainly was very pretty. Her sharp face and long blond hair had a rather classic American beauty to them, California-style. Her body was certainly attractive, slim with petite but nice breasts, and a gorgeous rump that he enjoyed watching redden under the paddle. "I could spank her all day," he thought pleasantly, remembering how delightful her bottom had been under his palm. "Perhaps I should arrange for her to visit my office at the end of the day...."

The rest of the day was agony for Amy. Again and again she found herself knealing in front of the chair and feeling that wooden paddle smack her bottom. Each time it was different. Sometimes the style of blows was different, depending on who was spanking her. Other times it was the portion of her rump that was spanked that was different. She never knew how much feeling there was down there. She couldn't believe how wet it made her. She also was growing excited because soon it would be her turn to spank the others.

But first Amy got spanked by the brunette. She was especially cruel. Amy saw by her face that she intended to really punish her and she was right. The brunette spanked much harder than any of the others, so hard that Amy once grabbed her ass, her eyes stinging with blinding tears. She got two extra for that, though all she was concerned about was that the director wouldn't use that as an excuse to fire her.

Then it was her turn. Amy couldn't believe it as she took the paddle in her hands, surprised by how light it was. It was large and wide but thin. It stung like hell but didn't really do any permanent damage to the skin. As Amy watched the first red orbs kneel in front of her she felt her sex surge with desire. Eagerly she smacked the exposed rump with paddle, ignoring the other girl's cry of pain.

The End