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(**, f/f, Severe, non-consensual switching, towel snapping)

A new sophomore gets initiated by the seniors. (Approximately 774 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

Des was uncomfortable. She was uncomfortable for three reasons. For one, she was lying on a hard wooden board. For another, she had no covers, the temperature was about 45 degrees, and she didn't have a stitch of clothing on. One last reason was that her whole body was in pain, as she was striped with red switch marks.

Des thought back to how it had all began. She had arrived on Friday. That day she had been shown around the school, the girls all very nice to her, except for the seniors, since she was only a sophomore. The juniors treated her with indifference, and the freshmen girls respected the sophomores, while the sophomores were friendly and most helpful.

She slept well that night, but the next night was different. She was sound asleep when she heard a crack! and something stung her bottom with incredible pain. She leaped out of bed and saw a tall girl with a towel shaped into a rat-tail, obviously a senior. She was being called by the seniors for initiation that night.

She was led down into the basement of the school. There were about fifty seniors in the school, and they were all lined up in two columns facing each other. They were all also holding thin nylon riding switches, like the kind used on horses.

The rules were quickly explained to Des: she had to run between the rows of girls to the end, pick a name out of the bowl at the end, and return with it. And all the time the girls would be whipping her with the switches, so she had better hurry.

Des looked at all of the girls. The more privileged ones stood near the end by the bowl, where they could get good, uninterrupted shots, while Des picked out a name.

Then Des was told to strip off her pajamas. Standing naked before the girls, Des was beautiful. She was prettier than most of the seniors. All of the girls realized this, and became jealous, and resolved to whip her twice as hard.

Des was about five five, small and lithe, slender and supple, and well-formed. She had a pretty face, with long dark hair, nice round breasts -- the kind that didn't need a bra, but support themselves. She had a narrow waist and long sexy legs. But the view of her back was the most splendid. She had a butt that men would kill for. Wide, but not too wide, with round, smooth, fleshy buttocks, and nice pockets on the side when she tightened her gluteal muscles.

Des stood tall and straight, ready to take her punishment. At the signal, she ran straight and fast, leaping over the feet that tried to trip her, and ignoring the lashing pain the switches inflicted on her bare skin. Many whipped her beautiful rump, and soon it was a bright red from several dozen crops.

At the end of the line, Des grabbed the first name she saw and hurried back, her back and buttocks burning. She kept her arms in front of her breasts, as many tried to whip them. A few got through and almost caused Des to stumble because of the incredible pain. Suddenly she was through and it was over. She had made it!

She dropped the name to the floor and examined herself. She was covered with red stripes and her body was one big sting, but the pain was already fading.

Suddenly Des heard another crack! and something stung and sunk itself into her right buttock, and Des was up and running. The girl with the rat-tail began to chase Des around with the towel.

The senior said she was going to get Des five times really good, and Des should stop running, but Des continued. The rat-tail kept cracking, many times searing Des' butt, but she refused to stop running.

But finally she stopped and fell onto the ground. There the girl snapped Des five times with the towel. And Des' butt began to bleed in five places where the skin had been snapped away.

Des groaned and laid on the ground. They carried her up to her room and put her on her bed. She found that now her mattress was gone, along with her blankets and clothes. So Des lay there, cold and naked, and in pain.

And miserably she thought of the girl with the rat-tail. Her name was Stacy and it was her name on the paper Des had drawn. Therefore Stacy was to be Des' master, with Des her slave. Des shuddered at the thought.

The End