Jessica's Paddling

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Jessica's Paddling

(***, M/f, Severe, non-consensual paddling)

A schoolgirl gets paddled. (Approximately 706 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

Jessica stood before the principal. She was wearing a pair of thin white tight-fitting pants, and a loose white blouse. She stood somewhat deflated and with a heavy heart. She knew what the principal was preparing to do, and she knew what her father would do then, and she feared what her father would do.

She stood up straight with her feet a few inches apart and gripped the back of the chair in front of her tightly, as the principal took a heavy wooden paddle out of a bottom drawer. The vice-principal sat in the corner as a witness.

Jessica looked very pretty standing there, tense and ready. Her long black hair poured down her back, and her pretty face with its perfect complexion, tiny worried lips, and fearful eyes, made a splendid picture. Her small rounded breasts were tight and protruded somewhat obviously as Jessica maintained correct posture. Her slender hips and waist showed an even, smooth, young, hourglass figure, with the long shapely legs and buttocks gracing it.

And the high point of interest, the seat of Jessica's pants, were stretched tightly and attractively over the smooth roundness of her buttocks.

As the principal slipped into position behind Jessica, her buttocks shivered as she tensed. The principal carefully leveled the long oak paddle, and gently touched it against her backside, aiming it into position. Then in a quiet but firmly unshakable voice he said, "Ten."

He pulled back the paddle and stretching out his arms for leverage, brought it down and up with tremendous force against her buttocks. He struck the lower, fatter portion of the buttocks, and the smack echoed around the room.

Jessica's waist was carried forward by the blow, and her palms tightened as the stinging pain shot up from her backside. She had a tremendous desire to grap her rump and squeeze it, and hold it until the peak of the pain went away. But she had no such luxury, being required to keep both hands on the chair. Instead her buttocks wiggled and wriggled and gently rotated up and down as she shifted her feet, and her slender hips gyrated from side to side.

Finally the pain subsided a little. Smack! the paddle struck again, in the same spot. Jessica writhed and wiggled in agony, and ached to be able to grasp her butt.

But even as the pain again died down, and as she wiggled, the paddle whacked her again, its stinging force shooting through her whole rump. This time it struck as she bent her left knee, and the paddle hit mostly on her right buttock. It hit the fatty, shapely side of the right buttock, causing considerable agony, as she wasn't used to being paddled there.

Again and again the paddle struck -- Wham! Wham!! Wham!!! -- with increasing force. Tears poured down Jessica's face, but she uttered no sound.

Finally, the last extra-hard smack still echoing in her ears, she was free to grip her buttocks and dance around the room. She clutched her butt with both hands and squeezed with all her strength, and bent her backside inwards, as though trying to crush out the pain.

Then the principal told her she could go. So Jessica wiped away her tears and left the office, walking gingerly. Not far away a group of her friends stood talking. She approached them, acting normal.

One of her friends, a boy whom she sort of liked, reached over and slapped her rump with a tennis racket. The top metal rim and the inner net caught her tender rear end, and the lower metal rim of the racket smacked against the fat tender thigh just below the buttocks, and she gasped at the pain from her still sensitive butt.

"It was nothing," she said to the boy, who promptly put his arm around her and quietly pinched her butt. Biting her tongue to keep from screaming, she smiled and shrugged.

How her father whipped her that night! She was in pain for a long time after, as guys continually used her for spanking practice, since before her paddling she had been one of the most receptive to that sort of touching. Now she regretted that....

The End