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(***, M/f, Severe, non-consensual strapping)

Indecent exposure earns a girl a whipping. (Approximately 1,758 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

Kathy was a junior in high school, and looked it all the way. She was slender and graceful, had nice breasts, and an attractively shaped rear end.

On the morning of that fateful during summer vacation, Kathy woke up as she had the other two mornings and put on her swimsuit. It was a one-piece affair, black with no V, and no shoulder straps. It cut very short on the bottom, and almost but not quite succeeded in showing the sides of her buttocks. It suited Kathy well.

When Kathy hit the beach, she found another girl there, a girl named Amanda. Amanda and Kathy became fast friends, both being the same age, and having similar tastes in guys. But Amanda was brought up differently than Kathy was by her strict father.

Amanda soon showed Kathy a section of beach far down the way, where girls ran around in one-piece bikinis, and some with nothing on at all. There were also a lot guys on the beach, and not one of them had anything on. And they were all handsome hunks!

Kathy lay on her extra towel, and nervously adjusted the other around her waist. Beside her, in her bag, lay her swimsuit. Amanda lay next door, similarly clad... except for the towel around the waist. Kathy had been reluctant at first, but had finally been persuaded to try just the top since this was her first time.

Besides, Kathy thought nervously, no one is going to find out, and it is a good way to get a suntan... and guys, she added, as a hunk came her way.

"Why the towel?"

Kathy stared at the awesome man, her eyes pulled to his extended private part. Then she whipped off the towel and stood up, gloriously nude.

"That's better," said the man, nodding approvingly.

He had just tried a kiss when fifteen policemen in the van pulled up. "Everyone in van," shouted an officer. "You are all under arrest for indecent exposure!"

Kathy felt her world fall apart as she realized the gravity of her situation. She ached for her father to be there, and to remove her from further embarrassment, even though she knew what he would do. And he would find out now anyway.

When Kathy saw her father come into the police station, Kathy almost wished he hadn't come. He politely asked for her at the desk, and they directed him to her.

He came over to Kathy and she could tell her was furious with her, and knew that he had a right to be. She was tired, hungry, scared, embarrassed, and ashamed. She knew she was in for a whipping, but for once she didn't regret it. She just wanted to go home. Seventeen-year-old Kathy felt like seven-year-old Kathy.

An hour and a half later, she wasn't so sure. They were in the beach house they had rented for their two-week vacation. They were all alone, the rest of the family wisely away.

Her father broke the silence. "Since you like being naked so much, take off your clothes."

Kathy stared at him. Take off her clothes? What was he going to do? But she saw the look in his eye, and she knew he was on the brink of hitting the roof. She meekly began to strip.

As soon as she was naked, he father commanded her to step over by a chair and had her bend over the back. This was about table height, and Kathy bent over as her father instructed, until her feet had left the ground, and her bottom was at the crest of the chair back.

Then it began. At first Kathy almost enjoyed it. She hadn't liked the embarrassing questions at the police station, or all of the other discomforts offered to her. And since she knew she deserved it, she was able to take the first few lashes almost relishing the pain, chastising her for her wrong-doing. But after that things got worse.

Her father was using his thick leather belt. It was real leather, almost a centimeter thick, but only three centimeters wide. He had begun to whip Kathy, stinging her with the end of the belt, leaving deep, thin, red stripes.

Soon her entire bare bottom was red and swollen, including the fatly tissue on the side of the buttocks. Then he began to fail the tender thighs, and then the muscular calves. Then he stopped.

Very slowly Kathy stood up, her hair and face wet with tears. The chair seat was also covered with water. But Kathy hadn't made a sound. Then she straightened her back and gingerly touched her backside with her hand. It burned and pain shot through her.


Kathy sat. She sat on the same tear-soaked chair she had been whipped on, and the salty tears brutally attacked her sore buttocks. The chair felt harder than stone, and she might as well have been sitting on thistles, as on wood.

Then her father told her it wasn't over. "Don't move -- I'll be right back." He disappeared into the kitchen. Before Kathy could think of what he might want there he had returned, carrying a large bread board with a handle. A paddle.

No! thought Kathy, he can't be serious. But he was. He told her to stand and place her feet near the back of the couch. Then he placed her hands on the couch seat. Then he slapped her rump. "Fatten it up, a little -- relax!" She didn't and he slapped her rump again -- this time with the paddle. She relaxed.

"You've got ten," her father said, "and then we'll use the switch, and then my hand." Kathy began to really cry now, though silently, and wondered when this would end. Not soon enough.

He began to paddle her butt. With all of his force, he slammed the heavy wooden breadboard into her wonderful backside. The pain shot through her, and she gasped -- her first sound since the nightmare began. Then it continued. Wham! Wham! Wham! It seemed like it would never end, but the pain reached a peak and just seemed to sit there and agonize.

As soon as her father was done, and had left for the switch, Kathy grabbed her buttocks and rubbed in agony and moaned. It feels good to make a sound, she thought. But she soon had to stop after her father returned.

The switch on her legs and thighs seemed like nothing after the other implements, until Kathy saw her legs. It would be a week before she would be able to go out in a bathing suit again. People wouldn't be able to not guess how those slashes her made. Her father was tricky.

"Now it is time for the hand," he father said sternly, and left into the kitchen. Kathy was really puzzled at that.

But soon he was back and then she found out what he meant. He was carrying a wet washcloth and had her lie out on the couch. Then he carefully washed her. He ran the washcloth ever so gently along both buttocks, along her thighs, and along her calves. It was like heaven, after the other.

"You sure are a pretty girl, Kathy," her father said quietly. Kathy blushed in embarrassment, horror, and a slight fear. Was her father-- She couldn't even finish the thought.

But no such thing was in his mind. "I wouldn't want a pretty girl like you getting hurt at so young an age. I remember when I was young I took a girl our loft one night."

Kathy stared at him in amazement and horror. He smiled.

"We got carried away in the car, and it just seemed natural. Fortunately for us, although we didn't think so at the time, my little brother saw us and asked my father what I was doing with a half-naked girl up in the loft. My father found me and tore me away, sent the girl home with my older brother, who informed her parents of our activities. Then my father took me into the woodshed and did almost what I did to you, except he used a long blacksnake whip instead of a paddle. I was one strip of blood when he finished. But now I thank him for that." He drifted into memories.

"What happened then?" asked Kathy softly.

"I was able to return to school in a few days," he continued, "and Mary and I made up. She had been punished too, but nothing compared to me. She was angry with me at first, but when she saw what Pa had done she just said that she wished her Pa had done that to her, too. She was half at fault you know, since she agreed to come up to the loft with me. We became very close after that."

"Mary," Kathy said at last. "Mother's name is Mary. Did you--?"

"Yes," he answered, "though it wasn't for several years after that. Pa's whipping me did a lot more good than I would have thought at that time -- kept me out of trouble, saved me a pregnant girlfriend, and got me a wonderful wife. Yes, it did me some good."

"Sounds like you had a wonderful Pa," Kathy said, wishing she could have known her grandfather, who was killed in the war before she was born.

Her father turned to her. "You understand? You aren't mad at me? I couldn't stand to have you mad at me."

Kathy shook her head. "I'm not mad -- just sore, and I'll get over that."

Her father smiled, and so did Kathy. It had sure hurt, but perhaps it was worth it.

Then Kathy's father told her one last thing, as he carried her to her bed. He had removed all of her clothes of the room. Kathy would have to remain nude until Friday. Five days, just like his father had done to him.

But Kathy didn't mind. She lay on her stomach, a thin sheet over her naked body, and groaned pleasantly. Absentmindedly she wondered how much worse it would have been if she had been a boy. I'm glad I'm a girl, she thought as she drifted off.

Then, just on the verge of sleep, she lifted an arm behind her back as high as she could, and slapped her rear end as hard as she could. That was for that naughty thought about Dad, she thought, smiling through the pain.

The End