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(***, M/F, Mild, semi-consensual spanking)

Inspired by a scene on the TV show _Moonlighting_. (Approximately 1,165 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

"Pull me up! UP!" He pulled legs towards him. Below, a bullet shot through the window right where her head had been seconds before. They stared at each other quietly, and then turned and began to run.

They reached the edge of the roof where they had climbed up, but a group of people stood below, several armed. They ran to the opposite side, but it too was guarded. There was only one other side left. It had better be empty.

Below them was a huge swimming pool, complete with erie underwater lights. "We'll have to jump," he said quietly.

"You're crazy!" She stared at him. "We'd never be able to hit the water from here. We'd miss!"

He just grinned. "Take off your clothes," he ordered. He began to remove his black sweater. She didn't budge. "Come on! You'll want as little on you as possible when we hit that water."

"David! I don't want to die in my underwear!" But she began pulling off her black knit sweater. It got tangled in her hair and took it took her a few seconds to dislodge it. By that time David was standing in his T-shirt and underwear, watching her.

"Having fun yet?" He ducked the dirty glance she gave him. Soon she was ready, wearing only her short underpants and bra. They gripped hands and together leapt off the edge of the building.

Maddie hit first, landing on her bottom, and she gasped at the painful slap of the water. David hit right after her and laughed. His laugh was cut off as the force of their landing plowed them deep under water.

When they came to the surface, David opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by a bullet whizzing by. He pulled Maddie's arm and they swam towards the other side of the pool. He swam a little behind Maddie to draw off some of the fire, and then caught up with her as she was climbing out.

She had lifted herself halfway out of the water, and was bent over with her underwear in David's face when she stopped. David planted a palm over her bottom and pushed, but she didn't move.

"Come on, no need to stop here," he joked, giving her hind end a firm slap. Maddie turned and glared at him, and he saw what the trouble was. Eno, the butler stood at the pool edge pointing a very dangerous-looking pistol right at them. "Oh. Well, on the other hand, we could stay for dinner if he insists."

"I insist," said Eno quietly. "Now come out of the water, slowly."

Maddie quickly pulled herself out, without giving David a chance to "help" her, and "accidentally" knocking him in the jaw with her heel. David climbed out beside her, ruefully rubbing his chin.

"What a pleasant time for a party," David grinned.

"Yeah, it's almost midnight," said Eno. "You two had better enjoy it while you can -- it'll be the last midnight you ever live through."

David watched Eno uneasily. Eno hadn't once taken his eyes off of Maddie, and kept them glued to her chest and legs and face all at once. David reached over to pat Maddie's shoulder. As he did so, he carefully unclipped her bra.

"Oops! Your's strap's broken," he said, and carefully watched Eno's greedy jump forward. Eno reached over and grabbed Maddie's arm, pushing David out of the way.

"I'll help you, honey," Eno said with a grin. His hand reached for her right breast. Maddie backed up, but he had an arm around her waist and she couldn't go anywhere, or even move her arms. She began to arch her back in fear, but that only seemed to please him, as it enhanced the spread of her breasts. Maddie struggled, and then closed her eyes in horror as his hand closed on her breast.

When she opened her eyes Eno was out cold. David was standing above Eno nursing a sore hand. "That's guy's got a tough neck," he complained. Then he grinned. "Sorry I couldn't interfere sooner, but you know how those things go." Maddie glared at him and would have slapped his face, but there was a shout from the house.

"Come on, let's go." David turned to run. Maddie waved and then grabbed Eno's body and pulled it to the pool's edge and dumped him in. As she did so she quietly kicked him between the legs.

"No more than he deserves," she said to the astonished David. "I should do the same to you," she added as they ran towards their car.

"Me? Why me? I just saved you from a sex maniac and you want to kill me?" David shook his head and jumped into the car. "My, my. I'll never understand you women."

"Why you?! You strip me publicly and then ask why I'm upset?"

"There was only us three. I had to do something to distract his attention."

"Well, next time ask me first."

"Besides, you're used to being that way anyway."

Maddie gasped, then she did slap David across the face. Then she broke down and began to cry. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to slap you. It's just that, well, you ... you aggravate me to no end yet I still find myself attracted to you. I don't know what to do!"

"I know what to do," David said quietly, pulling to the side of the road. His arms went around her and they kissed.

"Oh, David. I do love you, I do." David just smiled and they kissed again.

"I love you too. And I really am sorry I did that, but I thought I had too."

"That's okay, David. I understand." Maddie smiled. "It was sweet of you to admit you were wrong, though."

"Admit I was wrong?" David's hand dropped to her waist and he pinched her butt. "That's for saying that!"

Maddie gasped and grabbed David and they kissed, slowly.

"I just hope you don't stop in the middle now like you did before," David said, as he stretched out he pulled her on top of him. He slapped her rump with his right hand, the sound echoing throughout the car. "Come on, move," he added, pushing her butt.

Maddie glared at him. "You're so obnoxious I could... I could just spank you!"

"Now that's an idea," David said. "Bend over my lap and I'll spank you." He pushed her down over his legs and began to pat her bottom. At first Maddie was tense, but then she relaxed. "You know, Maddie, I really can't spank you very well when you got these underpants on, so ... " David pulled down her underwear, jerked them off her legs, and tossed them into the back seat.

"Now this is much better," he said in a satisfied voice, firmly patting her perfectly shaped bottom. Maddie just smiled and laid her head in his lap.

The End