Mother and Daughter

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Mother and Daughter

(*****, MFf, Edgy, SEVERE EVERYTHING!)

An extremely severe evening of sex and s/m between several individuals. Not for the squeamish. (Approximately 7,518 words. Originally published 1996-02.)

There was a message from Amy waiting for me after my American Literature class. I called her immediately. She was home, her mom at work. I chatted briefly, and she asked me if I could come over. I agreed enthusiastically.

I as I drove to her house I reflected on our conversation. Her voice had appeared a little tense. At first I had thought it strange, but I decided she must simply be concerned about our affair. She was always worried her mom would discover us.

But I was pretty confident. Mary was nurse and her schedule was quite complicated, one reason our relationship was going nowhere. It wasn't that I didn't find Mary attractive. On the contrary, she was a beautiful woman, lush and fit, with full breasts and seductive hips, long dark hair, and a wonderful personality. But we weren't destined for each other.

Amy and I, on the other hand, were made for each other. Except for the technical fact that she was a minor, that is. She certainly didn't look like one. She had the body of a coed, complete with miniature versions of her mother's large breasts. Her face was that of an angel, her clear skin and luminous blue eyes framed by short curls of dark hair. But she spoiled the illusion of perfection by adopting a saucy grin, delicious enough to devour whole, and a devastating flounce that showed off her pert bottom. She was a terrible flirt, sliding up to me with her gum popping and leaning back against the counter, thrusting her remarkable breasts outward, or bending over in an exaggerated manner so I couldn't miss her marvelous bottom, the whole time making outrageous comments about sex or politics that shocked her mother. When her mother wasn't looking she would pat my butt.

We'd been sleeping together for a month now. I was still seeing her mom, but that was mostly a pretense so I could have a good excuse to see Amy. Today, for instance, I would see Amy this afternoon and when Mary came hope at seven o'clock I would be casually waiting for her, having arrived "a few minutes early."

I parked on the street in front of the house and hurried to the front door. No one answered when I rang the bell, which was strange, but as the door was unlocked I figured Amy might be taking a shower or something. It would be just like her, I thought. I loved watching her bathe, her young body so firm and ripe, her skin slick with wetness and soap.

Just thinking about, I was hard by the time I reached the top of the stairs, but Amy wasn't in the bathroom. I searched her room and then the house, my concern growing. Amy wasn't anywhere. I finally decided to check the basement, noticing the door was ajar. I descended the stairs and froze in astonishment at the bottom.

"Hmmmmmm," said Amy loudly and rather pitifully. I couldn't stop staring. To say I was shocked was putting things mildly. To begin with she was completely naked, though that did not surprise me. The fact that she was blindfolded and gagged and tied to a piece of exercise equipment did surprise me, however.

She moaned again and struggled in her bonds as I entered. I approached her cautiously. I realized now she wasn't really tied to the equipment, just tangled. She was stretched between two parallel poles that protruded from the machine, her arms behind her back. The lower pole passed under her hips, the higher one between her arched back and her arms. She was well off the floor, her legs dangling freely behind her.

Her breasts were thrust out delightfully, her large pink nipples hard when I touched them. She moaned again, a strip of leather between her teeth preventing her from speaking. She kicked her legs and wiggled her body, vainly struggling to free herself. The red cloth that covered her eyes made her seem all the more helpless and vulnerable. It also kept me from seeing what she was feeling. Was she aroused? Frightened?

"Amy," I said quietly. "How did you get yourself into this situation?" I walked behind her to admire her rear and discovered a piece of paper taped to her bottom reading "Spank me." Then I noticed a leather strap on the floor next to her, and next to it a wooden paddle.

Scarcely daring to believe my good fortune I picked up the strap and tore the paper off Amy's buttocks. Her luscious rump was exposed to me, pale flesh smooth and silky. I kneaded and plumped her buttocks, and gave her a gentle smack with my hand, enjoying her increased struggles immensely.

Taking the strap in my hand I swung it lightly against my palm. It was a wide belt made of thick leather, and I could tell it would sting remarkably. My cock was already so hard it hurt, and I decided to follow the instructions of the note without further delay.

I walloped her buttocks with the strap, swinging from the side to catch both cheeks with a heavy blow. Amy squealed in pain or excitement--I wasn't sure which--and I struck her again, harder this time. The slap of the belt against her flesh was terrifying in its loudness. Each stroke left a pink imprint across her white flesh, the pinkness somehow more appropriate I thought.

When her bottom was pretty red and her cries were becoming loud I stopped. I went around and kissed her lips and she struggled desperately to kiss me with all her energy, tears leaking from beneath her blindfold. Her tongue entered my mouth and she sucked on my lips as though they contained the source of life.

I pulled away from her sweet lips rather reluctantly, and began to play with her breasts. I love a young girl's breasts. They are so much smoother and firmer than an older woman's, but even better, the girl's have rarely been touched and the girl really feels every look and every touch with something as acute as pain, far from the jaded expression of a well-travelled woman.

Amy was like that. Though not a virgin when I first made love to her, foreplay was not in her vocabulary. Speed had seemed to be the primary skill of her first love, no doubt a pimply-faced brat of eighteen with a fancy car.

As I squeezed Amy's breasts and licked her nipples she began to cry. Her moans were pitiful and I saw her rubbing her legs together in a manner that disgusted me. "Keep your legs apart, you little bitch," I said in what I hoped was a gruff voice. "I'll tan your hide if you don't."

As if to give my threat meaning I slapped her left breast. The sway of the heavy flesh in my hand aroused me so fiercely that I eagerly began to spank her breasts, slapping them back and forth with a cruelty I didn't know I possessed.

Amy whimpered and I saw her struggling to pull her legs apart. When they were parted sufficiently I stopped the punishment and examined her sex more closely. Her sex was dripping down her thighs she was so aroused. I placed two fingers inside her and rubbed her clitoris briefly, just enough to make her panic. I slid my hands around her smooth hips and placed my palms on her buttocks, the slight soreness there grating to her I'm sure. I put my lips near hers and blew softly, and I laughed as her sex desperately yet vainly open and closed like a mouth gasping for air.

I saw she was crying again but I wasn't ready to satisfy her yet. I wanted to prolong her passion, intensify her craving. So I returned to her buttocks, using the paddle this time. It was a thin paddle, the crack loud and the sting ferocious. As I spanked her Amy became more and more agitated, wiggling her hips and kicking her legs wildly. As she kicked she presented her thighs to me so I spanked these too, and her groans became deeper and more agonized.

Her buttocks were becoming quite red by this time, so I exchanged the paddle for the strap, enjoying the way it wrapped around her flesh. I gave her thighs and calves a good strapping, amazed at the hues represented by her flesh. She was really in pain now, so I decided to have some mercy.

I found a small stool nearby and placing it behind her, stood and faced her. I stripped quickly, throwing my clothes on the floor behind me. My cock was huge and hard and I couldn't wait any longer. Grasping her hips I parted her cheeks and plunged myself into her rear. Her opening was so narrow it made my cock feel gigantic, but I forced it inside her. Her buttocks were hot against my hips as I pumped into her.

Her reaction was a delight to me, so innocent and shocked. I could hear her weeping and her entire body was trembling. As I came inside her buttocks I reached forward and grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard. My cock exploded and my thrusts were mindless, and I was astonished to realize that the deep groans I heard were coming from my own throat.

I collapsed afterward, exhausted, and it wasn't until I heard Amy moaning softly that I remembered she had not been satisfied yet. I was still soft so I picked up the strap once again and gave her ass a few dozen sharp cracks which hardened me immediately. Her scarlet bottom aroused me the way each stroke left a white-hot stripe across her rump.

Finished with the whipping I took her blindfold off, her blue eyes watery with tears as she looked at me with such desperate sadness I knew I had to take her quickly. Taking her gag off I lifted her from the machine and set her on the ground, and then pushed her on her back and entered her.

She eagerly pulled me into her, literally pumping herself against me in her desperation for penetration, though the cold hard floor of the basement must have been murder on her sore buttocks. In an orgy of excitement we clung to each other and thrust wildly, rolling across the floor in crazy abandon. I came with a loud moan and she screamed in my ear.

We rolled apart, exhausted, and lay silently for a while. Finally I became aware of her near me, touching my cock with her tongue. She was still hungry, I realized, but I was completely spent. "Hold on a minute, honey," I said. "Give me a few minutes to rest."

I closed my eyes and vegetated for a while. She crawled over me, running her hands over my body. I relaxed and let her. At one point she rolled me over on my stomach and I half-awoke to feel her playing with my buttocks, her fingers touching my anus. Then I wasn't conscious for a while.

I awoke with a start, a frightful stinging coming from my rump. I heard a deafening smack and felt warm pain flooding my buttocks. I tried to rise but discovered my wrists were tied with pieces of cloth to the exercise machine in front of me. I soon realized my legs were also tied, my body stretched across the floor.

I rotated my head and saw my dear little Amy kneeling next to me, breasts dangling above my head, larger and more rounded than ever from this angle. She smiled at me, that same flirty smirk that I had grown to love, but this time I was filled with apprehension.

She was holding the paddle in her hands and by her expression I knew she was not finished using it. "Aw, does professor-daddy's little bottom have an oweee?" she said in a disgusting baby voice. She grinned and lifted the paddle. I stared at her over my shoulder and watched in horror as the paddle slammed into me.

The pain was terrific. I had never felt so much feeling. My cock was trapped underneath me, painfully constricted as it suddenly decided to grow. I lifted my bottom to release it and Amy laughed in delight. "You want more?"

And she gave me more, dozens of hard spanks that brought tears to my eyes. I desperately pulled on my bonds but she had tied me securely. There was no way for me to escape. I lay there as she spanked me harder and harder, astonished that such a young girl could have so much strength. I had never known a paddling hurt that much. Was this what Amy had just endured? No wonder her passion had been so desperate and fierce!

I begged her for mercy but she just renewed her efforts, now holding the paddle with both hands and smacking me so hard tears began to drip down my face. I couldn't control it. It was mortifying, and I wept in shame. Here I was, a respected college professor, naked and being soundly spanked by a teenage girl!

To make my pain more acute, she now took her left hand and slipped it under me and grasped my cock, holding it firmly as she gave me a devastating series of blows with the paddle. I was whimpering like a baby, terrified of her punishment. She grabbed my balls and I felt shame overcome me, my face burning. I felt unbelievably helpless.

Suddenly she put down the paddle and picked up the strap. I turned and watched her over my shoulder, my eyes able to dimly see my reddened buttocks. It made me want to cry. As she began to whip me soundly with the strap I was in agony, writhing and groaning in pain, but I could not take my eyes off my own burning buttocks, of seeing the look of pure lust across her innocent face as she brought down the strap heavily across my flesh, her fingers gripping my cock tightly so I couldn't rub it against the floor.

Just when I had convinced myself that I couldn't endure it any more she stopped whipping me. I lay moaning, the floor beneath my face wet with my miserable tears. She grabbed my hair and pulled back my head and kissed my lips, her mouth sucking at me.

"Have you had enough professor-daddy? Will you be a good little boy if I untie you?" I nodded my head frantically.

"You will not try to run away?" she said, touching the side of my face with the strap. "You _promise_? No matter what?" In nodded again and without warning she slammed the strap across my rump causing me to yelp in surprise and beg her forgiveness and mercy. "Answer me with your voice," she said harshly.

"I promise. I will obey you," I breathed, my voice sounding very far away like it belonged to someone else.

She seemed to consider this for a moment, and then I felt her untying me. "Turn over," she commanded, and I silently obeyed. My bottom was burning against the hard floor but at least she couldn't reach it now, I thought. I let her tie my arms above my head again.

Amy spread my legs wide and knelt before my penis. It was monstrous and painfully hard. I think the fierceness of the whipping had actually made it grow harder. It bobbed degradingly in the air as I shuddered, dreading whatever she had in mind. Her lips were close to the tip and I my excitement was uncontrollable, but I feared she was just teasing me. A couple of times I had tried to get her to suck on it but she had always been revolted, and I have never pushed her.

But now Amy was licking it, just touching the tip with her tongue. I wiggled in desperation, offering her my cock, ignoring the way the movement reactivated all the pain in the buttocks. She took the whole thing in her mouth now, cool wetness and the play of her tongue making me come.

As I began to pump into her mouth she pulled out, leaving my stiff cock waving in the air, uncontrollably jettisoning white spray all over myself. My cheeks flushed at this shameful display of passion and I began to cry when I saw the expression of fascination and innocence on her face. "Do it again," she whispered and I cried painfully, "I can't!"

She glared at me and frowned. "I want you to do it again!" Her voice was high and a little irrational. I wept in misery and struggled to contain my emotions, my heart knowing I would have to obey.

Again she touched me with her tongue and I grew hard, and with her powerful sucking I was soon ready for another volcanic eruption. This time my shame was even greater, knowing what was to happen, but watching myself spew in mindless abandon was impossibly humiliating, especially before this young girl.

She smiled at me now. "You were wonderful," she said and caressed my cheek. Despite my shame I felt pleased that she was pleased, and I smiled weakly. "Now let's try something else," she said thoughtfully. "I've got an idea!"

Taking my ankles she lifted and pushed them toward me, folding me in half. She bent them past my head and hooked my heels under a bar protruding from the machine where my hands were tied. I was now bent double, my head peering up between my spread legs, my cock dangling near my face. My reddened buttocks hung free in the air and I realized with a wave revulsion that I was stretched so tightly that my buttocks were split, revealing every aspect of my anus and scrotum.

I whimpered in fear as she approached and began to play with my cock and touch my buttocks. My flesh was tender and red from the punishment she'd given me, and her fingers sent shockwaves of pain through me. I tensed and trembled at her touch, crying and begging her to let me go. I was acting like a child, begging and whining, but I did not care. My cock was hard again and so close to my face I feared she would make me come again, this time laughing as I sprayed my own face with my seed.

But instead she picked up the strap again, and though I felt a sense of relief that she only meant to whip me, I was so sore that the thought of further punishment terrified me. "Please," I begged, but she slapped my spread buttocks with her hand and scolded me.

"Shame on you! A grown man like you pleading and whining like a baby! I ought to really whip you, really show you how it can hurt. Flog these luscious buttocks of yours until you have no tears left and you are so sore my _breath_ against your buttocks would make you cry!"

As she spoke these words I felt my heart drop and my cock rise. Her words were devastating to me, and as my head spun I felt like nothing was real, nothing mattered. I felt so small and pitiful next to her, those tender pink breasts hovering above me, teasing me, so near yet so far. Her child-like mood swings were panicking me: sudden frowns that filled me with dread just as quickly followed by the flash of a smile that broke my heart with joy.

"Now you be silent, now," she said pinching my buttocks. "I'm going to punish your bottom soundly, but you are not going to speak. You are not going to say anything. But I want you to moan, yes, moan to let me know that you are suffering, that you are enduring this pain for no other reason than I ask you to endure it. And I want you to wiggle your hips for me, wag your bottom up and down."

She grasped my hips and pushed my buttocks higher into the air, the exposure and shame even worse, demonstrating what I was to do. "You had better not fail me, or I shall be very angry with you," she said sternly.

I wept and nodded and wondered where she had learned to behave like this, where she had learned such technique and skill at achieving my utter ruin of spirit. She was far more experienced in such matters than I was, that was certain. Her every command had brought me closer to my complete submission. Everything shamed me and I felt awkward and afraid, like a nerd at the prom.

Amy began to whip me with the strap, the blows solid and fast, without any hesitation. This whipping was far worse than any previous, both because of its duration and intensity, but also because it was so close to me. I could see every blow falling, every mark it left across my flesh. I watched in horror and fascination as my flesh teemed and seemed to beat with a heartbeat of its own, the welts thickening and growing.

My buttocks were spread so wide Amy was able to whip the crack of my ass, the flesh there so tender and soft that I wanted to scream. Instead I wept, and my groans took on a note of panic. And though it was shameful and miserable for me, I eagerly wiggled my bottom and thrust my hips into the air.

My cries were growing hoarse, my fear and trepidation turning into panic. She left my buttocks and whipped at my thighs now, wrapping the leather of the strap around my legs. Each stroke was unbearable, the stinging so fierce that it took all of my desperate strength to hold my position. My thighs were so close to me the sound of the strap sent shivers of terror through me. I wiggled frantically and moaned still deeper and louder.

I was terrified of her anger now. All I could think clearly was that I wanted to please her, to see her smile at me again. In utter abandonment I was lost in the whipping, my body flooded with pain and throbbing, yet I thrust my buttocks towards her strap in submission, my tears letting her know how much I suffered.

The belt was softer now, less angry. It was as though she was playing with me, really enjoying my suffering and misery. I wept in complete submission and endured it, simply waited it out, though for all I knew this would last forever.

Now she would pick one welt or tender portion of flesh and concentrate on it for a period, gently licking at it with the strap, my cock so hard and ready to explode over my face I no longer cared. Then she would suddenly smack my thighs or the crack of my buttocks with a fierceness that frightened me, and as I shuddered in painful spasms of desire she would touch me, gently running those tiny fingers across my welts, pinching and kneading the sore flesh.

I desperately wanted to beg her to have mercy, but I could not. My fear of her had grown too great, and I could not endure her anger. She had a power of me, I realized, that I could not explain. It was as though she knew exactly what I wanted, what I needed, perhaps, even though I did not.

She came closer now and took my penis in her hand. With a desperate release I both craved and dreaded I began to come, my organ writhing uncontrollably in her palm, the tip spurting white globules across her breasts. The sight of the white, gooey stuff dribbling down her tender mounds of flesh, so round and shapely, did me in.

My head fell back and my body convulsed without me, my seed spraying everywhere. The release was exhausting, my body pumping wildly without my control. I pulled against the bonds of my wrists and suddenly my right hand came free. Without a thought I scooped up Amy's delectable breasts in my hand and brought it to my gaping mouth. With a huge gasp I pressed my open lips against her breast and began to attempt to swallow it whole, sucking it so fiercely I heard her crying in pain.

She did not pull herself away but leaned into me, and I suckled her breast and gnawed on the nipple, already as hard as a tiny pebble. I licked all my white seed from her breasts, chasing it down in the cavernous valley between her curves, my tongue enjoying the substance's slickness and slightly salty taste. I took her other breasts in my lips and suckled it too, my aching cock hard against her belly.

As she pulled away slightly, the tip of my penis came between her breasts and I ripped my left hand free of my bonds and with both hands squeezed her flesh together, crushing my cock between her breasts. My seed was building again, and suddenly she was leaning her full weight against me, the smooth flesh of her belly against the raw, burning skin of my buttocks.

My hands slipped off her breasts and down her back to her sleek buttocks, her welts exciting me wildly. I squeezed her buttocks in my hands as hard as I could, and when she opened her mouth in a frantic gasp I pulled my legs free from above my head and leaned forward and kissed her, my legs embracing and trapping her. I hugged her to me, my lips sucking at hers and my hands pounding on her bottom.

My desire was so uncontrolled I could not have stopped myself if I'd wanted, and throwing her underneath me I plunged into her, my cock impaling her it was so large and unbreakable. She groaned under me and I thrashed wildly, pumping and thrusting as though I had never been allowed to before. I felt an unsuppressible freedom, a passion so monstrous it would have been foolish to try and stop it.

We both came together with deep groans of pleasure that came from the depths of our souls. Exhausted, we flung ourselves onto the floor and lay panting. Our minds vainly attempted to make sense of all the data our bodies communicated: our flesh tingling with pain, our buttocks and thighs bruised and sore, our sexes aching from the violence of our lovemaking, yet still aroused and passionate.

I don't know how long I lay there, but at some point I fell asleep. I dreamt of Amy and her mother, Mary, and in my dream the two were one. I saw Amy standing before me with the paddle, a delightful look of child-like excitement on her face, but then realized it was her mother, pretty with the same nose and slightly bulkier physique, but her expression was one of sternness and anger.

Then I awoke and found that I was bound again, this time in a standing position, my wrists tied to something firm above my head. Most terrifying, however, was that I could not see: a thick blindfold covered my eyes. It made me nervous and yet excited me. My cock was awake and growing harder as I realized my predicament.

Suddenly I felt hands touching me, strong hands squeezing and feeling my buttocks, fingers toying with my cock, pinching my nipples. I was aroused instantly, but afraid because I couldn't see.

She was kneeling in front of me now, I could feel her there. Her lips were near my cock, and it reached out for her. I thrust myself towards her, and I could feel her breath on my penis. I was frantic for her to take it, but she didn't.

Then her hands were behind me, spreading my buttocks and feeling deep into my crack. I shuddered as she touched my anus, circling it with the tip of her finger, then plunging it in. She pulled it out and put in two fingers, then three. Each time I was painfully stretched, weeping at the indignity of it.

Then I felt something cold touch me and I froze, terrified to imagine what she was doing. I must have made a sound because she slapped my bottom hard and pushed it into me, deep. It was thick and hard and it seemed to split and enlarge me.

Though at the time I didn't know what it was, which heightened my anxiety, I later discovered it to be a portion of a wooden broom handle. I could tell from the weight that part of it projected from me in an awkward manner and the picture of myself, this _thing_ sticking out from my butt, tormented me.

I was mortified. My face was flushed and I cried desperately. I could feel her turning the broom handle inside me, pushing it in a little farther, wiggling it to stretch me wider. I felt her lips on my cock, the wetness soothing to my burning organ.

Then I froze and began shaking in terror.

The mouth on my cock and the hands turning the phallus inside me were working _concurrently_! With a chill that defeated me I knew we weren't alone any more.

"Who's there?" I cried. "Who's there?"

But giggles were my only answer as the two sets of hands began to work me. I did have the small comfort that both voices were feminine, which made me think that Amy had invited one of her girlfriends over. The lips in front took care of my cock, licking and caressing it tenderly. Behind me I felt the strap licking me, the hard phallus lifting and controlling me.

This time the lips engaged my whole cock, taking it almost to the root. The sucking was powerful and well timed, and in moments I was coming. The whipping built up in speed with the sucking, and as I came the painful lashes struck across the lower portion of my buttocks, right where the phallus speared me. The whipping was as fast and furious as my thrusts, and when I burst in the girl's mouth, spewing again and again until I was limp, the whipping did not let up at all, but continued walloping me incessantly. I wept miserably but I felt too drained to protest.

"So, are you ready to be punished?" whispered the voice from behind and I felt my heart stop beating from sheer surprise and fear.

"Mary!" I gasped.

"Yes, honey, your one and only."

I was too stunned and confused to speak. She knew! My girlfriend knew I was sleeping with her daughter! Worse yet, she had me bound and at her mercy. This is did not look good for the home team.

"Mary, why?" I begged finally. "How did..."

She laughed. "Calm down, Robert dear. You are so nervous. There's nothing to be nervous about. Amy and I share everything--_everything_."

"She _told_ you?"

"Actually, I told her. I noticed her noticing _you_, and I suggested she go for it. I figured you would enjoy her. I had no idea you'd be making a career out of her though."

"But Mary," I whispered desperately, my feeble mind trying to catch up with events. "That's not the way it was at all. She's just temporary, you're the real thing, what I really want."

I felt a solid crack of the strap across my buttocks. "Shut up! Don't bother saying anything if you are going to speak lies. I told you Amy tells me everything, so I know all about your plans, your weekend in Mexico."

I was quiet as I let this information sink in. She knew everything, then. There was nothing I could do, nothing I could say that would change her mind. Whatever Amy had told her she believed. The question now was what was she going to do?

"What are you going to do?" I whispered quietly, my voice hoarse and cracking.

I could almost hear her smiling. I winced as she patted my bottom. "I think I'll have some fun with you, of course!"

With that began one of the strangest evenings I have ever experienced. In many ways it made what Amy and I had already done seem like children's games. In other ways it seemed an extension of what we'd already started. It was fantastic. It was a nightmare. Maybe someday I'll know which.

She started things by removing the blindfold. It was amazing. She was totally naked, sleek skin and those large breasts bobbing as she tossed the blindfold aside. Amy was still naked, kneeling beside her mother and looking at me with adoring eyes.

It was maddening to see the two of them together, something I had never considered but I now realized had really wanted. Amy, the miniature version of her mom, all innocence and child-like wonder. Her mother, heavier, more experienced, wonderful conversationalist.

As I watched, Mary opened a small plastic bottle of oil and began to rub it over me. She rubbed it into my nipples and all over my cock, the smell and slickness arousing me. Then she went behind me and massaged the oil into my buttocks, her fingers smoothing yet agonizing. She worked it in deep, using plenty of oil. I felt a soothing relief at first, but soon my flesh was brimming with sensation, teeming with warmth. Mary didn't neglect my whipped thighs, either, liberally spreading oil across my legs.

"Can you behave?" she asked in a blunt voice.

"What do you mean?"

"If we untie you, will you obey and cooperate? Will you behave?" I nodded desperately, my arms aching from their extended position. Anything to be free.

"We're going to play a game. Do you like games, Robert?"

"Of course, Mary. Whatever you like."

She smiled at me. "Oh, you'll _like_ this game, honey." She untied my hands and ordered me to place them behind my neck, crossing my fingers. Mary pointed across the room at an object. "Do you see that over there?" I nodded, wondering what it was. It looked like a small basket with a wire loop attached to it from above.

Mary explained the rules to me. I was to retrieve the basket for her by catching and lifting it with my hard cock, and bring it to her. Amy would follow with the paddle to provide me with "encouragement." And woe to me should my cock relax and let my cargo slip....

We began immediately, Amy smacking at my buttocks with the paddle. I hurried to the basket and tried to catch the wire with my stiff penis, my buttocks burning from the harsh blows of Amy's paddle. On the third try I succeeded, the basket dangling on my cock. It was mortifying. My face flushed as I waddled over to Mary, the paddle constantly swatting me, the basket precariously balanced. I was terrified it would fall off so I went slowly, but Amy was merciless and I wept.

I set the basket in front of Mary and she led me across the room and ordered me to retrieve the basket for her again. A slow depression came over me as I realized she was going to make me fetch the basket over and over again.

But there was nothing to do but obey. I brought her the basket several more times, each time a little faster, but I was growing tired. My buttocks were swollen and so welted they throbbed even when I wasn't being spanked. Mary must have noticed this and decided I'd had enough, at least for the moment.

"Amy," she said suddenly, "your bottom is barely red! Didn't Robert spank you at all?" Amy blushed and shook her head. "He did spank me, Mother," she whispered. "Though not as hard as you."

Mary glared at me and sighed. "Don't you know how to properly spank someone? Turn around and give me your buttocks," she ordered Amy. I watched in astonishment as the girl quietly obeyed, bending over right in front of me.

Mary took the paddle and began to spank Amy soundly, not furiously or wildly, but solid blows with an even tempo, the devastating kind of paddling that goes on and on and feels like it will never end. Amy's buttocks were close to my face as I stood in position, my own buttocks burning painfully, my cock growing hard as I watched Amy's delicious flesh quivering and reddening. The tip of my cock was so hungry I wanted to stretch it out to touch Amy, but I held back knowing somehow that this would make Mary furious with me.

It was delightful to watch Amy suffering so, her delicate features revealing her raw and exposed soul. Her eyes dripped silent tears and she trembled slightly in her position, the movement jiggling her breasts in an exciting manner. Her buttocks were blazing now but still her mother continued the punishment. It was amazing to me that such a tender girl could endure such fierce pain, yet it aroused and intrigued me. She was clearly not unused to such punishment, yet she still seemed so young and innocent, and her suffering was unrestrained.

Finally her mother paused and bade me to kneel in front of her daughter. She swapped the strap for the paddle and ordered me to lick Amy's sex to satisfy her, and though frightened, I knelt quickly and pushed my face into the wisps of Amy's yellow pubic hair. As I began to lick at her sex, my gentle tongue surely doing more to torment her clitoris than satisfy it, Mary began to whip Amy with the strap.

I was so close to Amy's thighs and buttocks I could feel the heat radiating from them, the strap fantastically loud and brutal. I shuddered above me and I wept with her, understanding her torment. Yet there was little I could do to satisfy her any faster, though I desperately tried, pushing my tongue against her as hard as I could, Amy thrusting herself against me, rubbing her thighs against my head.

The whipping was really going now, Mary swinging the strap wildly and very rapidly, Amy almost dancing in pain and anxiety. She came suddenly, moaning, her sex dripping liquid down her thighs. I licked at it furiously, my heart pounding in fear that this ecstacy might end.

Mary pushed me away from her daughter and had Amy stretch upward to grasp a part of an exercise machine. Amy's legs were spread a little and her body was stretched so tight that every blow from her mother's strap must have stung like the dickens.

I stood aside and watched, amazed at the sight of Mary whipping Amy's writhing body, Mary's naked bottom, so pale and tender my cock began to leak it was so hard. Without even thinking about it I picked up the discarded paddle and stepped forward to Mary. All I knew was that her delicate, unpunished bottom was driving me crazy. I wanted to see it red and raw like Amy's and my own, I wanted to feel the heat radiating from it, and I wanted to watch Mary whimper and beg as she suffered.

Mary was so involved with whipping Amy she did not see me. Her legs were well apart for balance and she stood slightly bent over as she gave Amy's thighs generous smacks with the belt. The round curves of her buttocks were large and inviting, and she concealed nothing between her legs. Holding the paddle with both hands I gave her rump a terrific smack as hard as I could. It almost knocked her over and she gasped and let out a cry of pain that filled me with sudden passion. She forgot her whipping for a moment and stood with her arm in the air in mid-swing, her face a mixture of astonishment, agony, and fierce pleasure.

I thought that's all I would be allowed but when she didn't move I spanked her again, the crack of paddle deafening, and I watched her tremble and try to control her emotions. But to my surprise she did not turn around or speak to me, but began to whip Amy again with such renewed fury that it made me feel almost sorry for the little girl. But I didn't have much time to feel because Mary's buttocks were waiting my attention. I spanked her soundly, tremendous blows that seemed impossible to bear, but she struggled to stand in position and continued to flail at poor Amy.

I don't know how long this ecstacy lasted, but it seemed like a long time. All three of us were weeping and the sounds of the belt and paddle echoing around the small room had us all aroused and frightened. It was like we were all out of control, everyone lost in a whipping or being whipped. Everywhere there was naked flesh being punished and cries and expressions of pain and torment. It was heaven. I thought I had never seen any women more beautiful than Mary, her generous buttocks scarlet under my paddle and heavy breasts bouncing with her exertions, and sweet little Amy, outstretched body like a tiny rosebud about to bloom, shuddering and writhing, her miniature bottom blazing red and her thighs and calves streaked with red and white lash marks.

At some point during this process everything began to go hazy, as though we were all intoxicated, or on drugs. It was like a dream, soft red flesh and delicate breasts and open mouths and wide, weeping eyes. I suddenly realized my cock was up Mary's ass and Amy was whipping me with the strap, and as I came in cruel violent thrusts that brought shrieks from Mary I felt her hot buttocks against my thighs and I somehow became confused and thought that Amy was whipping Mary, and shouted for her to do it harder and faster, and when she complied, the pain fantastic, I pressed myself into Mary and imagined she was the one receiving the terrible lashing, and I laughed a cruel and heartless laugh of delight in another's misery.

The rest of the evening was a blur. I vaguely remember being consecutively raped by the two girls, and raping one of them while the other raped me, and I remember paddling someone across my lap for a long period while she licked at the sex of the other. I remember raping Mary from behind again and making Amy take my filthy cock into her mouth and sucking it clean, Mary whipping both of us the whole time. I think I remember whipping Mary's breasts with the strap while Amy paddled her, both of us laughing as we forced her to fuck the broom stick until she came, and then we only tortured her more and ordered her to do it again.

At one point Mary whipped my penis with the strap until I thought I was going to explode or die, and then she had me take Amy while Amy was doubled, her sex wide and just inches from her innocent face. I vaguely recall various games of sex and torture and degradation, including one where I danced naked and let them paint my body in a vulgar and disgusting manner.

Once I placed Mary and Amy side by side and spanked them together, paddling those gorgeous rumps and loving their tense struggling and panic. For a while I would paddle them together and then I'd alternate, switching from red rump to red rump, the blows to the one almost hurting the other they were so sore. I made them bend over and rotate their bottoms to me as I spanked them. Then I made them kneel and bend so low their breasts dragged on the floor, and in this position I paddled them and chased them about the room, pretending to flip a coin to see who would get the next spanking, my heart thrilling to hear the victim's groans and cries of despair when she was picked.

I have a fond memory of making the two hop like rabbits as I paddled them about the room, their hands locked behind their heads, my hard blows lifting and pushing them forward.

But despite a dozen few clear images, much of the evening was a daze to me, a combination of lust and desire and pure, undiluted pain. It was an night of confusion, the struggle between pleasure and pain on an epic scale, and the resulting emotional reaming and soul-wrenching was heady in its power.

The End

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