The Waiting Room

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The Waiting Room

(**, M/F, Edgy, slave discipline, n/c sex)

A naughty young slave is faced with the ultimate discipline--the Waiting Room. (Approximately 1,311 words. Originally published 1996-01.)

The beautiful girl whimpered and fell to her knees. "Please, master," she whispered desperately. But the large man only slapped her face and spat at her.

"Send her to the waiting room. Make sure she learns some humility!" he cried. Weeping, the poor girl was dragged from the room. She was lifted and thrown over the shoulder of a large slave who carried her quickly down through the corridors.

He finally stopped before a massive doorway. At his knock the door opened. "I bring the entertainment," he said quietly, humbly. A tall man in fine clothes smiled and bade him to enter. About a dozen men were inside, all finely dressed and very polite.

The slave quickly deposited his burden and left, pausing at the doorway to say, "Enjoy her, gentlemen, on the house. She is being disciplined for her willful attitude. She is only a small sample of what is available. Soon we will escort you to the others. In the meantime, enjoy this treat."

The men fawned over the girl, touching her breasts and pulling her long dark hair. She cried and tried to turn away but the men were everywhere, touching and pulling. There was no escape.

A tall man with a mustache stepped out of the darkness. "She is beautiful," he said quietly, and the others respectfully retreated. The tall man knelt and looked into the frightened girl's eyes. "Show me your breasts," he said.

The girl stared at him, astonished. Without really thinking she found herself moving to obey. She unbuttoned her blouse and knelt quietly before the man as her top dropped to reveal her luscious breasts. The tall man grabbed her breasts in his hands and squeezed them harshly. The girl gave a sharp cry and arched her back.

The man looked at her face and smiled. "Humble one, show me your buttocks." The girl was terrified, but she obeyed, turning away from him and bending over so low her face almost touched the ground. She lifted up her skirt to expose her naked buttocks.

The man fingered her buttocks, squeezing the flesh and touching her between her legs. The girl was weeping, her body shuddering. The man laughed. "Hold still, little one. You are still too proud."

With that he reached up to take a wide leather strap from a hook on the wall near him and caressing her bottom, he began to whip her. He whipped her quickly and efficiently, smacking the heavy leather across her thighs and buttocks without pause.

The girl whimpered and cried, arching her back even more and thrusting her buttocks higher in the air, wiggling her bottom in a desperate attempt to placate him. But the man ignored her groans.

When her buttocks were a bright pink he finally paused. Setting the belt aside he pulled out his member and thrust himself into her from behind, thrilling at the warmth of her whipped flesh against his thighs. The girl gasped and trembled, but he was aroused and it was over quickly. He pushed her aside and retreated.

Immediately another man stood to take her. This one took up the same belt and thrashed her soundly, until her buttocks were blazing. He took her the same way, and almost immediately finished, and tossed her aside.

Other one pulled her toward him and ordered her to show him her buttocks. She reluctantly obeyed, beginning to weep again when she saw him pick up a large leather paddle.

He spanked her with it, of course, and soon she dancing on the floor before him, waving her buttocks in the air and putting on quite a show. Her face burned with shame but she obeyed his every instruction quickly and without hesitation, though she often wept. As he paddled her he made her take various degrading positions, from crawling to a ridiculous squat where she sat awkwardly, her legs spread wide to reveal her open sex to everyone.

This man took her from the front, but it was over so quickly she could not even begin to be satisfied. She wept in misery as she was passed on to another, this one who roughly threw her across his lap and proceeded to paddle her with a wide wooden paddle.

The wooden paddle was thin and stung tremendously, though not as intensely as the leather paddle. But the force seemed unbearable, and it seemed to shatter her. It slammed into her, an awesome force that knocked all the breath from her body. She thrashed frantically across his lap, desperate for him to stop, to have mercy. Her groans were deep and loud and many of the men were smiling and cheering, urging the man to paddle her even harder.

"Spank that pride right out of her!" shouted one. "Paddle her till she's blistered!" cried another. "Really work that rump! Make her dance on your lap!" And the girl obeyed, helplessly, her buttocks on fire, miserable tears dripping down her face.

Finally the man stood her up and took her from the front, but during the brief intercourse he had two of his friends paddle her mercilessly. So even as she received his passion she writhed in unbearable agony.

The next man tore off her blouse and skirt, leaving her completely naked. Making her crawl on her hands and knees he paddled her about the room, and then he took her from behind, thrusting into her cruelly, with no regard for her lack of satisfaction.

On and on it went, time blending into a haze of pain and sexual teasing. The girl was aroused but unsatisfied, her reward more pain as a leather strap struck her thighs and legs. Her breasts were cruelly whipped and the nipples bitten. Her legs were pulled apart and the leather was used on her sex, the belt bringing screams from her deep inside her throat and yet she hungered for it, the leather making odd swishing sounds as it struck her dripping pussy.

Cocks were thrust into her mouth and she devoured them, sucking until her throat was sore and her lips stained with dried juices from the men. Fingers and wooden sticks were pushed into her anus, and soon big thick cocks despite her cries and begging.

Soon she was covered with men, men in her ass, her mouth, her sex, men squeezing her breasts and coming in her hands. Belts and paddles smacked her skin constantly, and while she was pinned and being raped in at least three places at once she felt a cane striking the soles of her feet.

The terror was too great for emotion; she could not react, could not focus her mind. Instead she just endured, her body soaking in feeling from all areas and her mind quietly ignoring it all. She could not handle the thought of what was happening to her. These men did not care for her, did not care about her pleasure or even her pain. They cared only for themselves and their relief, and they abused her and used her and laughed at her fears and tears.

Then it was over, and she was alone, the men gone, her body throbbing and aching and dripping from all openings and she felt and sick and miserable and crawled slowly to her felt and wept.

She felt a deep horror inside that her master had subjected her to this, knowing what this would do to her, what she would have to endure. Tears came to her eyes as she thought of his anger, his relentlessness. She longed for his caring touch, his gentle eyes, his sweet breath and heavenly touch that brought her so much pleasure.

She would never displease him again. It was a vow, and she would keep it. She did not want to return to the waiting room again.

The End