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A New Story Collection

I'm pleased to announce that I've just published a new story collection, Twelve of the Best: Volume 13!

It's available right now in print or PDF.

Volume 13 includes 13 tales of adult female spankings. The following erotic stories are included:

Long, Hard Spankings of Indeterminate Length M/F -- nc spanking A woman experienced with corporal punishment discovers _real_ discipline when her new boyfriend puts her over his knee. (1,439 words.)

Change of Pace
M/F -- semi-cons paddling
A husband is suddenly inspired to spank his wife just before she goes to work each morning. (1,955 words.)

Geek Hero
M/F -- semi-cons paddling, caning
A tech support girl makes an unusual house call. (2,454 words.)

Mommy Spanked
M/F -- nc spanking
A mother's daughter gets to watch her Mommy get spanked. (2,370 words.)

Mommy Spanked Again
M/F -- nc paddling, strapping
A mother's daughter gets to watch her Mommy get paddled. (1,492 words.)

Mommy Spanked Yet Again
M/Ff -- nc caning, paddling
This time mother and daughter are punished together. (1,780 words.)

Never More Than Six
FF/FFf -- semi-cons caning
Two mothers discuss and demonstrate caning techniques. (7,219 words.)

Slow Burner
M/F -- semi-cons paddling
A sweet love story between a woman and a man. (4,364 words.)

Testing the Waters
M/F -- cons paddling, caning
A mother insists she try corporal punishment before enrolling her kids in a strict private school. (5,500 words.)

The Trial
M/F -- nc flogging
In this tender period piece, a woman in a Puritan society is falsely accused of being a witch and is put on trial. (7,555 words.)

The Warning
?/F -- cons caning
A teenage girl receives advice from her grandmother. (4,868 words.)

Tight Trousers
M/F -- semi-cons paddling
A lawyer, in charge of his firm's dress code, uses his position to administer corporal punishment. (2,360 words.)

Undercover Boss
M/FFF -- semi-cons spanking
A boss spanks his naughty employees. (5,531 words.)

Twelve of the Best: Volume 13

The Flogmaster's Interview and Article

In December, I did an interview with the Spanking Library for their new "wellred Weekly" publication. If you'd like to check it out, you can read it here.

I also wrote an article on the Six Spanking Plots for their most recent issue.

The Flogmaster