A Slew of New Books Take Two


New Books

A year later and I'm here again to announce that I've just published... 18 brand new books! Yup. Another onslaught. We're talking over 200 brand new stories (775K words).

In brief, here's the smorgasbord you've got waiting for you:

There's a lot of fantastic material here, stuff I've been writing over the past couple of years. Sorry about releasing it all at once, but that's just how it works out.

There's way too much new stuff to write about in a blog post, but I will point out a few things.

The Twelve of the Best books, as always, alternate between adult and "schoolgirl" stories, so there should be something for everyone.

The novel is called The Professor and the Engineering Major and it's about an older woman who goes back to college and gets disciplined by her professor. If you like women with big bottoms getting really hard paddlings, you'll love this book!

I should also mention that the new Sorority stories book contains all new, never-before-published stories. There are some really severe punishments in there, almost judicial, but it's all in good fun.

In the two books of novellas, there are some great stories. One of my favorites is Mitzi's Honor, a play on the famous movie, except instead of hitmen, it's about contract spankers!

Statute of Limitations is another fav, but it's not for the faint of heart: the main character is a pain freak who loves to be paddled beyond endurance. It's a fantasy and an amazing read.

Fans of the movie The Killer Inside Me might like The Devil Made Me Do It. Though the plots aren't similar, we have a 1950s sheriff abusing his power. It's a little edgy, but trust me, justice gets done in the end and there are some good spankings.

These are just a few highlights. Take a look through the book samples and check out the print or digital versions for purchase on Lulu. Enjoy!

The Flogmaster

P.S. I just posted some new free stories on the website, too! Merry Christmas!