The Flogmaster Is Back!


The Flogmaster Is Back!

It's, uh, been a while since I've posted. If you'd asked me, I'd have guessed it's been a year or so. Flog me with a stick when I see I haven't been here since 2012! That's almost _four_ years! Can that be right? It doesn't feel like that long at all. I'm baffled!

As to what happened? Well, nothing, really. No drama. I just got busy with real-life stuff. You know, making a living and all that. I had a lot of plans to make my website easier to update, and a ton more books to publish, but all that stuff takes time. I wanted to automate more (especially the book publishing, which is a PITA). I was working on some tools and processes, but only occasionally when I had the time.

Another part of the delay is that I got an offer to publish some of my material with the Library of Spanking Fiction (LSF). Since they do all the work of making the books, I thought that seemed like an easy solution for more sales. I think they've got about ten of my books now, under the name Frank Martinet.

Unfortunately, my stuff tends to be a bit too strict for their more mainstream market, which seems to favor light romantic-style spankings (which bore me). They also publish books via Amazon and other places which frown on material with minors (or extreme scenes such as titty whipping). I don't have that much of the latter (my Flogmaster moniker is meant to be slightly ironic, though it is a good warning that most of my material isn't exactly tame), but most of my stories are /f.

(Sidenote: I don't don't promote or condone sexual interest in children, but adults getting spanked just seems too improbable to me. Besides, most of our spanking kink is developed when we're minors, and I find the exploration of the genesis of that process fascinating.)

The bottom line is that sales from LSF haven't been as high as I'd have liked, which means I need to publish more of my books myself. (I'll still be publishing some material with LSF, since it's a good way to expand my audience.)

Of course, in the meantime, _years_ have gone by!

Writing All the Time

The good news is that I've been writing new stories constantly. That never stops. I don't know why. I guess I'm addicted! I've actually written a lot _more_ in the past few years. The problem is finishing. It's easy for me to get inspired by a new idea and set the old one aside. When I look through my folders of incomplete stories it drives me batty -- I've got many _megabytes_ of unfinished text. Even my "almost done" folder has at least 100 stories in it. A few are novels. So the future is bright if you're a Flogmaster fan. You'll just have to be patient.

In other good news, I have been working hard the past few months on getting some new books ready. There are so many parts: editing, creating the cover artwork, creating the books, publishing the books, and posting everything to my website. It's a shocking amount of work. Seems like it should be easy once the writing's done, but everything else takes _longer_ than the writing.

The best news is that you're about to face an avalanche of new Flogmaster stories.

Lost Stories

While there's a lot of free content here, I really am trying to make a little money from this pasttime, so I've been focusing on selling books. (I prefer that to making this a membership site.)

That said, it's been ages since I've posted new free stories here. I still want to do that, so I've added a few new ones (you can see them in the "Latest" section) and I'll try to post more on a semi-regular basis.

In addition, I recently discovered a treasure trove of my oldest stories that I thought I'd lost. These are stories I wrote in high school when I was first beginning to exploring my kink and knew nothing about anything. I wrote them way back on an ancient computer system and the only record I have of them were dot matrix printouts which I found during a home cleanup. I scanned them in and edited them (wow, I was a bad speller back in high school).

Most of these aren't particularly good, as you can imagine, and some have precious little spanking, but they are interesting and show my development as a writer. I figure my hardcore fans will get a kick out of them. Since they're a little different from my other stories, I've created a new category of "Lost Stories" for them. Note that I purposely didn't fix any writing/story problems or rewrite them; I only fixed typos and grammatical errors. I believe that way they remain true to the original intent.

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