The Flogmaster Blog


The Flogmaster Blog

If you're familiar with the Flogmaster's website, you can tell I've been making some improvements lately. Recently I added reader comments and story ratings, which are proving popular. I'm enjoying the feedback -- please continue to let me know what you like or don't like.

Today I've added a new visual bookstore on the main page, which is a neat way to quickly see all the books I've published so far. I'm planning on expanding this considerably this year with at least one new book every month.

Also, I'm making the opening page a blog. At this point I'm not exactly sure what I'll say on the blog, but I figure that having a blog is probably the best way for me to communicate with my audience. (You can post me feedback and comments on this blog entry's page, so let me know if there's anything you'd like me to write about. For instance, if you have questions, I could post answers on the blog.)

A New Book

I am pleased to announce that I've just published a new book! It's Twelve of the Best: Volume Four, another collection of my best stories. This one actually has fourteen stories, with one brand new and exclusive to this book.


One interesting thing about me publishing Volume Four of the "Twelve of the Best" series is that it marks the end of me republishing existing material from the website. (Though I am planning some other series, like "SSC," "RLS", and "Fantasy" that will include website material.) But future "Twelve of the Best" books will be entirely new: twelve never-before-published stories!

As always, click here to visit the Flogmaster's Bookstore! Your purchases encourage me to write more stories and work on this website.

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