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New Books!

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I have just published four new books at the Flogmaster Bookstore! These books are Ultimate Archives 1 through 4. They are collections of pretty much all the stories on this site. There's nothing new in these, per se, except the medium and presentation, though did it edit the stories and eliminate a lot of typos. If you're serious about wanting to read all my stories, buying these books is a great way to do it. Each is 300 to 400 pages and absolutely packed with stories as I wanted to present an economical way for people to purchase my entire collection.

More Books Coming

I'm working on organizing material into book form, such as the RLS (Real Life Spanking) series, SSC, Fantasies, and more. I've got many more books planned for release in 2009. Just publishing my existing works will take over a dozen books, and I've got gobs of brand new material I plan to publish exclusively in book form. Watch for more "Twelve of the Best" volumes and some more novellas collections. I'm definitely interested in your feedback on these books, so if you have suggestions, please email me!

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