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I finally figured out why my posts to SSS haven't been showing up: apparently something changed with my news host and the posts have been blocked as spam. Fortunately, I've found an email alternative, which works fine. We're still working on trying to figure out if there's a fix with the news host, but at least I can post again.

New Book

It's been a while since I've published a new book, but I've got several in the pipeline, including a new novel, so check back for regular updates. For February I'm releasing a new volume of never-before-published short stories, Twelve of the Best: Volume 8.

This book has some of my best work, and for those of you not into schoolgirl punishments, this one is exclusively adult females.

There are are stories of loving couples: like the husband and wife stranded in Snowbound and forced to come up with their own entertainment, Ups and Downs where an old man reveals his secret to happiness, and the wicked Natalie, who gets off on her husband's cruel treatment.

There are love stories: a man Auditions for a wife, a lonely perv finds his dream match in The British Gal, and in the emotional Desperation a wife sacrifices for her family.

For pure cruelty, you'll enjoy Five Lovelies getting a judicial caning and the harshness of Nothing Personal.

There are some really fun stories with a video prank in Boredom Browsing, a rich girl paying back debt in The Bailout, and the hilarious The Hypnotic Professor, who can get anyone to take a spanking.

Lastly, one of the Flogmaster's best stories ever, The Encounter, where a law intern gets to spank a man's beautiful, bratty wife.

Twelve of the Best Volume 8

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