Fresh Schoolgirl Stories


Fresh Schoolgirl Stories

Yes, I'm finally back with a new book!

Sorry I've been quiet lately. Just a lot going on and I haven't had time to publish a new collection. But I finally got all the editing and formatting finished and I'm proud to announce my latest collection of short stories. These are primarily schoolgirl.

There's pure punishment in the elegant A Simple Beating. Schoolgirls' schemes backfire in Getting Away With It and Leather Pants. A girl learns that even a light cane hurts if used Everyday. While a princess and her cousin suffer the cane in A True Princess, in an ancient culture a whipping girl learns her trade in Genetically Designed. A good girl makes a brave decision in IÕll Take the Cane. There's painful tenderness in the somber Happy Family, while there's wicked fun in several stories of manipulation, such as Inga from Denmark (exchange student conned), The Spanking Man (a too-curious little girl), The Trap (a man tricks his son's pretty girlfriend), and The Witness (a woman wants what a daughter gets).

Twelve of the Best: Volume 12

If you'd like to check it out, click on the picture above to download a sample of the book.

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