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A New Free Story!

Recently I caught the movie Peter Pan on TV. I hadn't watched it in years, though I remembered I liked it, especially the stunning actress who plays Wendy. There's a scene early in the movie where she gets in trouble at school for doodling, but sadly she isn't caned in the film (completely unrealistic for the era).

I've fixed that with my new story, Peter Pan: The Missing Scene -- check it out and let me know what you think of it!

Who Likes Sorority Stories?

I'm pleased to announce that I've just published a new collection of sorority stories!

This collection includes some existing stories already available on the website, but there are four brand new stories exclusive to this book. That may not seem like much new material, but the new stories actually make up for almost half of the content, so the bulk of this book is brand new.

The Flogmaster's Sorority Collection: Volume 1 is available right now in print or PDF.

The previously published stories in this book are: My Visit to Delta House; The Final Cut; The Final Initiation; The Fratority; Sorority Girl #092; Sorority Plots; and Spank Me, Please!

The brand new stories are:

An Important Lesson: (FF/Fx12, semi-cons paddling)
A shy sorority pledge learns to be bold. (1,913 words.)

Pledge Games: (Fx15/Mx8, Fx6, semi-cons paddling, fellatio)
Sorority and fraternity pledges are paddled in a vicious initation game of sucking cock. (3,527 words.)

Save Our Sorority: (Fx5/Fx5, cons paddling)
Sorority pledges come up with a costly plan to raise money for their troubled sorority. (9,781 words.)

Sorority Dreams: (F/Fx6, F/M, semi-cons paddling)
Six nervous sorority pledges each dream about what Hell Night will be like. (Almost a novella at 16,656 words.)

You can read much of An Important Lesson in the free preview:

Sorority Collection 1

The Flogmaster