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'Community' Switching

Are you a fan of NBC's comedy Community? It's definitely one of my favorites. Set in a community college with a wonderful mishmash of characters, it's got a sense of humor that's both edgy and hip and yet low-key (few "yuck-yuck" one-liners and more subtle relationship humor). Since the pilot I've been imagining the lead blonde, Britta, getting a well-deserved spanking. (She's one of those annoyingly smug know-it-all-but-doesn't-know-anything types.) Thus the other night my adrenaline went into overdrive when there was a reference to Britta getting a switching.


The episode is called 'Special Guest' and involves family members of the various main characters visiting the college for some sort of family day. Troy, the young black man, mentions that his horrible Grandma is coming, and Britta, know-it-all that she is, can't resist criticizing him for putting down his Grandma. She tells him he needs to cherish his Grandma as she "won't be around forever." He says, "You don't know my Grandma."

In the next scene, Britta meets his Grandma, a fierce elderly woman in a wheelchair. Britta tries to flatter her by saying she's a "heartbreaker" and the bitter woman reacts with an accusing, "Are you trying to find out how many men I have lain with? Get me a switch!" Britta has no clue what the woman means by this, but Troy explains it's a "stick to whip you with." Britta has a fascinating pasted-on smile at this, nodding politely, and I'm thinking that's the end of this tempting storyline.


In the next scene, Britta and Troy are wandering the campus looking for a switch. Britta finds one and asks Troy if it's a good one. Troy is baffled, muttering, "Yeah, that looks like it will hurt a lot."

Britta presents the switch to the grandmother, who decides it's fit for the task. Britta holds out her hand and playfully says, "Okay. Let me have it." The old woman glares at her and says, "I ain't no nun. Drop your pants and get over my lap!"

Troy leans into Britta's ear and whispers, "All you have to do is walk away!" but she suddenly sticks her nose up in the air, takes off her jacket, and starts to undo her pants. She's going through with it!

Then we see her in classic over-the-knee position. The camera angle is straight on her face, unfortunately, so we don't get to actually see her bottom or the switch connecting. But the performance is brilliant. Britta says:

"See Troy? Did you think I was a hypocrite? That I wouldn't really... [Whack! Whack!] Okay! That really [Whack!] Oooh, okay [Whack!] Ow! [Whack!] OWWW!"

The whacks of the switch continue (the sound effects are flawless) as Britta goes into non-stop screaming mode. Troy stands nearby trying not to look and saying, "I don't understand you, Britta. I don't understand you at all!" The classroom door opens and in comes Jeff and the girl he's making out with. The camera cuts to them while we hear Britta's screams intensify as the switching continues. Jeff says its the wrong room and they exit, while Britta's switching continues and Troy pleads that she's "had enough." (I counted something like 28 cracks of the switch, so this was indeed a good whipping, though they didn't show the ending so perhaps it lasted even longer.)

Later there's a final scene where a sore and chastened Britta confronts the grandmother at the evening gathering of all the visitors. The woman overhears Britta telling Troy that he was right, that the woman is a monster. The grandma says, "What did you say?" Britta, her ideals shattered, now defiantly tells the woman, "I said you're a monster, ma'am!" But the old woman says, "And you said, 'Troy was right.'" She looks at Troy. "Get me a switch!"

What Makes This So Good

It is exceedingly rare that we get a good spanking scene in modern mainstream media. There are occasional jokey references on sitcoms and perhaps an S&M scene in a cop drama, but even the latter is toned down or exaggerated for effect with nothing really shown (maybe an off-screen whip crack is heard). When I was a kid there were shows like "Little House on the Prairie" that regularly had whipping references and even showed some (to an extent). It wasn't considered that unusual. In these politically correct times it's highly unlikely you'd get a scene with a child shown (unless it's an abuse movie) and except for comedy, hardly ever get an adult woman shown.

Thus what the Community writers did here was brilliant. This plot actually fits in perfectly with the personalities of the characters. It plays on the strict black grandmother stereotype, so the switching is appropriate. Most important, we actually feel like Britta -- who is totally concerned with what others think of her -- would really go through with this. So she's proud of her opinions that she's willing to take a spanking to prove her point!

Of course she hadn't realized what she was getting into, and that's the next part of this that I found so amazing. I've watched the scene dozens of times (it will never be deleted off my DVR, I can assure you of that) and I have yet to find a flaw. Britta starts out calm and amused. At the first crack of the switch her voice breaks slightly as she's saying the word "really" for the first time. Then her dialog and reactions are perfect as starts to realize how much this hurts. Then as the pain becomes intensely severe, she's quickly screaming non-stop. (It's actually almost hard to watch because it's so clear it really hurts, though the timing of the interruption by the Jeff and his girl does add some great comic relief to the intensity of the scene.)

But it's critical to note that she never makes any attempt to get up off the old woman's lap. I found that fascinating and yet well in line with her character. She's definitely got spunk. (Her character often gets herself into situations that were more than she bargained for, so this is typical.)

For me, it's this flawless characterization, dialog, and acting that makes this scene far more erotic than most spanking movies that feature nudity and real spanking. It feels real. It's believable. Though I would have loved some shots of actual switch contact (even over clothed bottom), I'd take a scene like this over most badly done spanking movies. I found this mesmerizing.

What did you think of this?

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