A New Domain


A New Domain

You may have noticed that recently this site disappeared for a little while. Apparently my old 110MB host has new owners and they've decided to eliminate all sites with adult content, so I've had to move to a new provider. The good news is that I've done that and obtained my own domain, flogmasterstories.com, which should be where you're reading this now. This should provide me a stable home for the future. However, I do have to pay for this host, so please continue to purchase my stories so I can afford it! :-)

I have hopefully migrated everything over to the new server successfully, but if you notice any broken links or missing pages or files, please let me know ASAP! Thanks.

Digital Stories

In other news, I am experimenting with selling stories individually via my new Digital Store. This is currently a test, to see if the idea works, so I only have a few stories available. If it succeeds, I will add more.

There are several advantages to selling digital stories individually like this. For instance, you can buy just the stories you want instead of a whole collection.

But the main benefit is that by selling directly, I cut out overhead and I can keep prices low. Thus the stories on the Digital Store are just $1, $2, or $3! (The price is based on the story's length. Right now I'm not selling my novels there, but if I do, they'll be priced higher.)

Note that all the stories are delivered in both PDF and EPUB formats (DRM-free), for convenient reading on any electronic device.

Give the Digital Store a try and let me know what you think!

Your purchases encourage me to write more stories and maintain this website.

The Flogmaster