A New Novel... The Plan


A New Novel

I am very pleased to announcing a cool new novel. The Plan is set in the 1950s. Our heroine is teenage Debby Hall who is shattered by her parents' separation and possible divorce. She begins to rebel and discovers that her misbehavior brings her father back to discipline her. She's so overjoyed she comes up with a crazy plan to get her parents back together. But just when she thinks she's got everything under control, her parents ruin her plans by hiring a strict tutor. What will she do?

This novel features severe teenage girl spanking as well as several adult spankings (both male and female).

The Plan

Digital Stories

Don't forget, I'm still selling stories individually via my new Digital Store. Because I'm selling these stories direct, I'm able to keep the price incredible low, so take advantage of my generosity! Once you make your purchase you'll be immediately sent a personal URL where you can download the story in both PDF and EPUB formats (DRM-free), for convenient reading on any electronic device.

Give the Digital Store a try and let me know what you think!

Your purchases encourage me to write more stories and maintain this website.

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