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More Real-Life Spanking Stories

I've put together another volume of Real-Life Spanking stories (RLS: Volume 3). These are 20 brand-new stories focusing (mainly) on schoolgirl spankings. There's a wide variety of material here, from school paddlings, club initiations, spanking games, blackmail schemes, foreign exchange student spankings, first loves, and of course, tales of traditional parental discipline.

The included stories are: A Mean Thing; Blackmailed; Caned by Boy Cousin; Cat; Dared to Take Spankings; Family Spankings; First Love; Foreign Exchange; The Good Girl; Got a Girl Paddled; How I Became a Spanko; I Prefer the Paddle; Initiation; Overheard; Paddled at Christian School; Quiz Show; Saw Girlfriend Paddled; Spanked at FriendŐs House; Visitor Witness; Worst Spanking.

Basically if you like reading about childhood spankings, you should find these exciting. Enjoy!

RLS: Volume 3

New Free Stories

This fall's new TV season inspired a couple of new stories. I'm slow getting them up here, but hopefully you'll agree they're worth the wait. Pan Am re-imagines how the airline deals with stewardess discipline, while Terra Nova: The Missing Scene elaborates the much-needed spanking of Skye for leaving camp without permission. Enjoy!

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