Another New Novel


Another New Novel

One day I started writing a story. The premise was dreadfully simple: a young man returning to the small town of his youth after college graduation runs into various mothers who need a strong arm to help punish their recalcitrant daughters. The man's reputation spreads and soon everyone's asking for his services.

This fantasy deeply appealed to me and I found the story practically wrote itself. Though I had no idea where it was going and certainly never intended it to be a novel, it was so much fun coming up with various spanking scenarios that before I knew it, I had a 50,000 word novel in progress!

For a while I set the novel aside, thinking it too simple of a concept to work as a novel. After all, it literally is little more than a long series of spankings!

But when I reread what I'd written, it was remarkably compelling. None of the spankings are the same: there's an amazing variety, from young girls, sturdy teenagers, college coeds, adult women, and even our male narrator finds himself on the receiving end on a few occasions. Many different weapons are used, from canes to paddles to straps and switches. There's bondage and sex, and tender love as well. Surprised by how well this simple premise held up, I finished the novel and now I'm publishing it. I'm very curious what readers will think of it! (Due let me know.)

Returning Home

If you'd like to check it out, click on the picture above to download a sample of the novel (much of the first chapter).

To purchase the book in print or digital formats, visit the Flogmaster Bookstore on Lulu: (the book should be on the iBookstore soon as well -- just search for "flogmaster").

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