A Slew of New Books


New Books

I'm here to annouce that I've just published... 22 brand new books! You read that correctly. We're talking several hundred stories! Over a million words of brand new stuff!

In brief, here's the smorgasbord you've got waiting for you:

My rough estimate is that just these new books are over a million words of stories. Wow!

There's a lot of fantastic material here, stuff I've been writing over the past few years. I thought about releasing it gradually, a few books a month, but that would require a lot of my time and it's easier to get it done all at once. (And I worried if I got busy it could be months between updates.) This way you'll have plenty of material to keep you entertained for the next year!

There's too much new stuff to write about in a blog post, but I will point out a few things about the new novels. Two of them, Cutipie and Stacy Goes to College were recently published by LSF. My versions are slightly more complete (they made me make a few tiny edits), but they're basically the same novel, so don't buy mine if you already bought the others.

The other new novel is one I hope will prove to be a classic: Spankings All Over Town. In some ways it feels like the ultimate spanking novel. It literally has everything.

The premise is simple: a lonely man in the middle of nowhere is depressed because he thinks there's no spanking in his little town. As the omniscient narrator, we get to wander around the town and spy on all kinds of spankings -- from kids of all ages being disciplined, to adults being spanked for pleasure or money. There's severity, there's fun, there's something for almost everyone. (About the only thing that's not in there is M/M spanking, since I don't write that.)

Besides all the wonderful spankings, the two best things about the novel is that it has wonderful characters, fully described so everyone feels like real people, and there's a real plot, a heart-wrenching love story as our lonely spankophile finds his soulmate. At 62,000 words, it's a full-length novel. I'm really pleased with the book and I'm anxious to hear what everyone things about it, so email me your thoughts. (Sadly, the company that used to host my comments here folded, so there's no commenting system any more.)

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