New Book: Volume 7 of 12 of the Best


A New Book

I've just published a new collection of short stories. This one includes 12 new stories and one, The Imp, which has been published on this site but somehow didn't make it into my previous collections. (My plan is that future collections only contain new material.)

The new stories are mostly schoolgirl-focused, though a couple of the stories, "A Very Busy Day" and "A Real Lesson" feature some adult spanking as well. A few, such as "Shared Spankings", in which siblings spank each other, even include some male spankings.

Two stories, "I Love My Job" and "It Never Gets Old", may seem similar on the surface as both have disciplinarians revealing their techniques, but the tone of each is unique, as are the characters.

Other stories have naughty girls getting their just desserts: "Not Quite Eighteen", "Reformed", "Convergence", and "Spanked in Front of Friends", while "Ruppert's Law" includes one of my favorite things: a girl being spanked for no other reason than she's pretty.

There's also the humorous "The General" and "Nanopants", one of my favorites, where I've come up with a new use of high technology.

As always, a high quality PDF preview is linked below, and you can purchase the book in print or PDF on Lulu.


Improving the Site

I'm working on some website improvements. I'm mostly happy with it, so I don't plan anything radical, but if you have any suggestions about what you'd like to see, please drop me an email (my address is on the footer of this page).

Book Feedback

I'm curious what people think of my books. Traffic has picked up since I've started publishing them (but that could be simply that I'm updating the site more often). But I have noticed that most of my sales are for the PDF edition of the books. I had not expected that. I'm assuming that's partly due to cost as the print-on-demand versions are more expensive, but I'm curious about how much a factor that is. I've tried to price my books fairly but if I went digital-only and sold them myself, perhaps I could go with lower prices and sales would increase? If so, what would be a good price? Would you pay $5 for a novel? $6?

What about me selling stories individually? Would you like that? I'm toying with the idea of experimenting, selling a digital story for a dollar or two (depending on length). Theoretically, if price is the obstacle, many would happily pay a dollar for one of my stories.

Please send me your feedback on these issues and let me know what you think!

As always, click here to visit the Flogmaster's Bookstore! Your purchases encourage me to write more stories and work on this website.

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