Web Update and New Free Stories


Website Update

I've finally made some improvements to the website. The main thing you'll notice is the bookshelves of books on the Welcome page has been redone. Instead of trying to show all of the 113 books I've published so far, it shows just one shelf of eight books. There are buttons underneath the shelf to select the active shelf. This takes up a lot less room and yet still makes scrolling through the books easy.

Another part of this change should help with those on touch devices. Instead of hovering over a book thumbnail to see information about the book, you now have to touch (or click). I also added clear links for buying or previewing each book.

All this was partially instigated because Lulu (the website that sells my books) recently did a redesign and broke many of my links to their site.

(Rant on. I'm extremely irritated about this. Web design 101 says you *never* change a URL. But their new design has caused tons of other serious problems and is the most incompetent site migration I've ever seen. Sigh. Rant Off.)

At least the good news is that Lulu's screwups motivated me to fix aspects of this site that have been bothering me for years.

If you notice any problems on this site (broken links or other weirdness), please let me know.

New Free Stories

In other good news, I've just added almost 20 new free stories!

In general I've been reserving my new writing for publication so I can make a little money (to encourage me and pay expenses for this site), but these are some shorter stories I decided to make available for free.

One of them, Stuck at Home, is fun story I wrote about spankings during the COVID-19 pandemic (dad and daughter stuck at home), so it's very current. You can see all the new stories via "The Latest" item on the site navigation bar. Let me know what you think!

Finally, I am still working on publishing a few new books soon. Stay tuned and stay safe.

The Flogmaster