New Books, Finally!


While I don't update this site as often as I should (it would be far better to spread out new books every month or so) I am always writing and creating new stories. That's part of the problem, as writing is much more fun than editing, creating cover art, book-making, and publishing!

I have finally gotten my act together and here's another slew of new books. I can't believe how long it's been since I've published new stuff! I've had dozens of books nearly ready for ages, but even with a lot of automation, those final finishing touches just take forever.

(I should point out that I hope you, my readers, appreciate the time good editing takes. I know my books aren't perfect -- I occasionally look back and see a glaring typo I am mortified to have missed -- but from what I've been seeing lately on Amazon, my standards are far higher than 99% of the erotica books out there. Some are truly horrendous, with obvious spelling and grammar errors in almost every sentence. I find such mistakes totally distracting when I'm trying to enjoy a story and I can't believe that some authors don't feel guilty charging for such muck. I'd be embarrassed!)

What's New

Okay, here's what I've got finished so far: 20 new Twelve of the Best books ready (volumes 71-90) (that's 240 stories) and I should point that I take care in assembling my books so they are all about the same length (they average around 180 pages). Some of the stories are longer and some shorter, but the total for each collection is the same.

I also have a new collection of Super-Short Stories (Volume 7) which is an incredible value at 50,000 words (exactly 100 500-word stories). Though they're short, there's real charm in creating erotic scenes in so few words. Many are humorous and a lot of fun.

There are two more entries in the Real-Life Spanking series (Volume 9 and 10).

That's not all, however. I have two new novella collections (Volume 20 and 21) which contain a total seven longer stories.

There are also three new novels:

That's nearly 30 new books! No wonder I am tired.

These are all brand new and for the moment, exclusive to my site. (Eventually they may be published on Amazon and other locations under my Frank Martinet pen name, via the Library of Spanking Fiction.)

Still more to come, hopefully soon. Thanks, and be well.

The Flogmaster