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583 stories totalling 8,090,755 bytes (about 1,331,814 words).

116,838The Billiard LessonTwo young ladies are given sharp lessons in pool sharking.1997-10SeriousMff/ffMChildren
17,501Incident at Fourth and GreshamAn undercover officer goes all the way to do her duty.1995-10SevereM/FGeneral
17,715Fragment 02: The CaveA group of children and their sexy teacher are trapped in a cave and have to use any method they can to escape.1996-02IntenseM/FFragments
19,518SneakingTwo naughty adults discuss the merits of hand spanking during an illicit meeting. Sci/Fi theme.1995-11IntenseM/FGeneral
213,479RLS 14: ExchangeA variation of the old 'I'll show you mine if...' story, with a CP twist.1995-12Intensem/f, f/mRLS
214,549Public PunishmentA young man in the Middle East discovers himself the observed instead of the observer.1995-10SevereM/M, F/fGeneral
215,513Fragment 07: The StudioA girl shows up for a photography session that turns out to be far more than she bargained for.1996-02IntenseMF/FFragments
216,103AmaltheaA prison colony is described.1998-06SevereM/FSlave
217,313Punished NunsLike the title says, nuns are punished.1999-01EdgyF/FFGeneral
219,971Little BitchA young slave girl works painfully hard to please her young, bitchy mistress.1995-11Severefffmm/FChildren
220,251Island of SusansAn incomplete story, this tells of a scientist who creates a private island full of naughty girls that need spankings.1995-11SevereM/fffffChildren
222,710Fragment 06: The PartyThe beginning of a story about a young lady's adventure's as a slave at an S&M party.1996-02EdgyM/FFragments
224,711Fragment 08: White SlaveA young lady wakes up to find herself kidnapped and the prisoner of strict white slave traders.1996-02SevereM/FFragments
229,553Fragment 05: The New MovieThe narrator is witness to the filming of a few hot scenes for new Hollywood movie.1996-03IntenseF/FFFFFragments
23,484Rebecca and the SwordA description of the story goes here.1985-10IntenseM/FLost Stories
23,875Fantasy 011: RobertA marriage counselor has an unusual solution for a couple that won't stop bickering.1996-06IntenseM/MFFantasy
24,065SSC: Osmosis A teacher teaches a lesson via osmosis.2000-06IntenseM/fSSC
24,121SSC: MemoriesA grandfather remembers various spankings. Has the distinction of being the first story the Flogmaster posted on the 'Net.1995-08SeriousF/fSSC
24,213DailyA woman reflects on her master's new method of daily punishment.1995-10IntenseM/FSlave
242,674It's a Dirty Job But . . .A man takes a job at a girl's school as the head disciplinarian.1996-05IntenseM/f72Children
25,086InitiatedA new sophomore gets initiated by the seniors.1985-10Severef/fLost Stories
26,013The GreetingAn Uncle must do his duty and punish his naughty niece.1995-10SeriousM/fChildren
26,674Fantasy 004: SamanthaA woman dreams of her husband dominating her in public, out in their backyard.1996-03SeriousM/FFantasy
26,886Fragment 01: The AgreementA girl remembers how she and her sister were routinely punished by a neighborhood boy.1996-02Intensem/ffFragments
27,516ConfessionA young lady confesses to her priest and must do penance.1995-10IntensePriest/FSlave
27,684TV FamilyAn interview with one of the stars of television's hot new sitcom whose motto is, 'The family that spanks together stays together.'1996-01SeriousM/mChildren
27,799Final CutA girl discovers the price of joining a sorority.1995-11SevereF/FGeneral
28,193Fragment 04: HumilityA woman is publicly punished by order of the king.1996-02IntenseMM/FFragments
28,585The Waiting RoomA naughty young slave is faced with the ultimate discipline--the Waiting Room.1996-01EdgyM/FSlave
28,817School at NightTwo vandals sneak into the school at night.1985-10Intensem/fLost Stories
29,174CurtainsTwo students are publicly caned by a committee of headmasters.1998-09EdgyM/fmChildren
29,810The LakeA young lady picks an unfortunate time to go skinny dipping and pays the price.1994-10IntenseM/fChildren
310,142Jessica Meets Colonel AnsedA nanny makes a sacrifice.1985-10IntenseM/FLost Stories
310,169Foreign Student A foreign exchange student is punished.2004-01IntenseMMF/ffChildren
310,412Not the Normal RoutineAfter a car wreck, a wife awaits her husband's punishment.2020-05IntenseM/FGeneral
310,419The DecisionA woman is faced with an impossible choice: judical caning or years prison.2010-01IntenseM/FFFFGeneral
310,552KathyIndecent exposure earns a girl a whipping.1985-10SevereM/fLost Stories
310,731Rebecca Sneaks OverRebecca gets caught at the boy's school.1985-10SevereMm25/fLost Stories
310,907ChristmasAn eager young lady discovers an unusual gift in her Christmas stocking...1995-12IntenseM/FGeneral
311,113Escapee A prisoner attempts to escape and is whipped.2004-01SevereM/FGeneral
311,169RSP and PainA couple enjoy a spanking game of Rock, Scissors, Paper.1996-07SevereM/F, F/MGeneral
311,237Date NightTeri's night does not go as planned.1985-10SevereM/fLost Stories
311,581Couple SpankingA couple with marital problems meets their solution.2016-05SevereF/MFGeneral
311,933The Slow Build-UpA Headmistress writes about a school's unique discipline system.2010-01IntenseF/fffChildren
312,384RLS 09: PoliceA successful businessman discovers himself on the wrong side of the law.1995-11IntenseF/MRLS
312,397The CroppingA young lady is severely punished by her master.1995-10SevereM/FSlave
312,542RLS 01: Neighbor WatchingA man watches his neighbor's daughter being punished.1995-10IntenseM/fRLS
313,256Letter of the LawA legal loophole is used to punish a girl excessively.2004-01SevereM/fChildren
313,560Fragment 03: The EstateThe Countess returns from a journey and examines and punishes her many slaves.1996-02SevereF/FFragments
314,012Edna #1: 4-11-94Part one in a series of letters by a conservative, traditional woman to her sister detailing incidents of corporal punishment.1995-10SevereM/ffChildren
314,523The LunchbreakA teenage girl takes an erotic lunchbreak and must pay the price in front of her classmates.1995-10SevereF/fChildren
315,551RLS 21: CampingA woman tells about her strange obsession with camping--and her arousal at being flogged outdoors.1995-10SevereM/FRLS
315,870OverboardTwo girls attempt to outwit their parents and outwit themselves instead.1998-01Intensef/fChildren
315,887Memory LessonsA woman goes on a camping trip with her strict husband and learns the meaning of obedience.1998-11IntenseM/FGeneral
316,013BetrayalA suspicious husband trails his wife to her secret rendezvous.1997-09SevereM/FGeneral
316,644RLS 04: African CustomsA transplanted African tells about the discipline customs in his own country, particularly those involving his sister.1995-10Intensem/fRLS
316,656LauraWritten for Laura Werner, this is more about love than spanking.1998-02SeriousF/fChildren
316,721The DirectorA Hollywood movie director has the opportunity to show his beautiful young star the meaning behind the story.1995-10IntenseM/fChildren
316,885A Case for Corporal Punishment in SchoolsA person advocates corporal punishment in schools.2006-01Serious?/fmChildren
316,900The Models' New ClothesA young model tells about an unusual modeling show where she and the other model's costumes are a little, er, transparent.1996-02SeriousM/FGeneral
316,916The BreakoutA spy rescues his ex from bad guys.1985-10MildM/FLost Stories
317,066An Odd ArrangementTwo cousins grow up spanking each other.2020-05Severem/f, f/mChildren
317,226Jump StreetA young cop gets more than she bargained for when she goes undercover at a private school.1996-05IntenseM/FffChildren
317,311Fragment 09: The MachineA young man builds the perfect device for obtaining revenge against the popular, pretty girl who won't go out with him.1996-02IntenseM/FFragments
317,380DecisionsA headmaster explains his punishment techniques.1999-02SevereM/fffffChildren
317,933The Y2K BluesA girl learns that postponement has a penalty.1999-12SevereM/fChildren
318,488RebeccaA girl sneaks out for a date and pays for it. This is the first spanking story the Flogmaster ever wrote, way back as a teenager in high school.1985-10SevereMm/fLost Stories
319,183The JanitorA schoolgirl is selected to be one of the creepy janitor's nightly victims of discipline.1997-08SevereM/f13Children
319,856The Twenty Dollar BillA number of teenage children face regular fatherly discipline until a missing twenty dollar bill is found.1995-12SevereM/mmfffChildren
320,528It's NaturalA young lady makes a fateful decision to spy on her nude neighbors and pays the price in a rather public manner.1995-11IntenseMF/fChildren
320,913The LoverA young man meets his dream girl.1996-05EdgyM/FGeneral
323,704The ContestA young couple competes at beach games where there are literally sore losers.1995-10SevereMF/MFGeneral
325,377Fragment 10: The SlavemasterThe story of Icarus, King Cyris' harem Slavemaster, responsible for obtaining and training all of the King's female sex slaves.1996-02SevereM/FFragments
325,695The New BossA club owner canes his girls.2003-12SevereM/Fx11General
327,448Uncle CharlieA woman tells about her unusual relationship with a very special uncle.1995-10IntenseM/FChildren
328,465The Social WorkerA woman confronts a man who has been reported for 'abusing' his teenage daughter and discovers she needs some of the same 'abuse.'1996-01IntenseM/FfChildren
33,417Competitive AssetsA script for a jeans TV commerical.1998-05Seriousm/ffChildren
33,418SSC: TransformationA headmaster reminisces.2006-01IntenseM/fSSC
33,567ToughA script for a jeans TV commerical.1998-05IntenseM/mfChildren
33,617SSC: Oops 04A young girl is spanked for someone else's mistake... or is she?1998-06IntenseF/fSSC
33,658Fantasy 001: WilliamA man imagines being dominated by a roomful of women.1996-03SevereF/MFantasy
33,689A Routine SpankingDescription of a typical spanking.2016-05Severe?/?General
33,707Mrs. ForecastleMorning showers at a girls' school.2009-10SevereF/fx32SSC
33,712SSC: The GambleThe narrator lives on the edge: gambling for punishment.1997-07IntenseM/?SSC
33,868SSC: The RoseA submissive gets punished with the Rose.1998-06IntenseM/FSSC
33,874SSC: The Babysitter A boy gets his revenge on his babysitter.2000-06Intensef/m, m/fSSC
33,911The Therapist: Discipline Through Time (idea for a screenplay)The Flogmaster's idea for a screenplay for Rosaleen Young.2003-12IntenseM/FGeneral
33,970SSC: Buns Afire Sorority sisters paddle a pledge.2000-06IntenseF/FSSC
33,982SSC: Phone CallA mother accidently discovers a terrific way to keep her daughter quiet and respectful during her spankings.1997-08IntenseF/fSSC
33,984SSC: ThreadbareA father paddles his daughter's pants off.2006-06IntenseM/fSSC
33,999SSC: TwinsTwin girls make an exchange.1998-06IntenseM/fSSC
338,980The Dominant BitchThe female narrator entertains herself with a young man but soon becomes the entertainment herself.1996-02IntenseMF/MFSlave
339,450Fragment 11: The Castle of CorrectionA young woman is kidnapped and sentenced to two years in a private prison for naughty ladies.1996-02SevereF/FFragments
339,692Corporal Discipline Protective ServicesA mysterious organization teaches families how to spank.2017-12SevereNinja/MMFFF/mmfffffffChildren
34,011Why Jordan Stopped SmokingA girl remembers a childhood lesson.2009-05IntenseF/fSSC
34,054SSC: Cheerleader Init 4Cheerleaders face initiation. One version of several of the same story.2000-06Intensef/mSSC
34,071Paying for PainA girl uses her allowance to pay for her spankings.2009-08IntenseF/fSSC
34,075SSC: The Appointment A man canes a woman.2000-06IntenseM/FSSC
34,081SSC: Proper Instruction 13A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
34,102SSC: Final ExamA dominatrix-in-training has to pass her final exam.1997-07IntenseF/MSSC
34,124SSC: Chamber of HorrorsA sorority initiate undergoes the ultimate test of her will.1997-07SevereFFF/FSSC
34,124SSC: Hell WeekA naughty girl is given the ultimate punishment by by her father: the dreaded 'Hell Week.'1997-07SevereM/fSSC
34,125SSC: ContritionA religious novice undergoes her weekly penace.1997-07SevereF/FSSC
34,127SSC: The JokeOffice workers trick the new girl into accepting spankings from her supposedly 'strict' boss.1997-07IntenseM/FSSC
34,156SSC: Aversion TherapyA woman visits a therapist with an unusual technique for curing bad habits.1997-07IntenseM/FSSC
34,164SSC: The Parlor GameParty-goers play a 'guess the number of strokes' game.2006-08IntenseM/FSSC
34,169SSC: Oops 17Two bratty girls experience true Halloween terror.1998-07IntenseF/fSSC
34,174SSC: Cheerleader Init 3Cheerleaders face initiation. One version of several of the same story.2000-06Intensem/fSSC
34,182SSC: StaffA girl gets a music lesson.2000-09IntenseF/fSSC
34,185SSC: Flirting With Disaster IIA gorgeous schoolgirl is disciplined.2005-07IntenseM/fSSC
34,193SSC: Lingerie A schoolgirl regrets buying thong panties.2000-06IntenseF/fSSC
34,200Buns of SteelA script for a jeans TV commerical.1997-11SeriousM/ffChildren
34,219SSC: The Drum Messenger Communications in the old days.2000-06IntenseM/FSSC
34,267SSC: HistoryA girl learns not to insult the royal family.2006-07IntenseM/fSSC
34,291SSC: Cheerleader Init 2Cheerleaders face initiation. One version of several of the same story.2000-06Intensem/fSSC
34,338SSC: Mad Sisters 1 Two sisters whip a third.2000-06Severeff/fSSC
34,529The PaddlingA girl is paddled.2005-07SevereM/fChildren
34,721SharaA schoolgirl is an exhibitionist.1985-10Mildm/fLost Stories
34,924Jessica's PaddlingA schoolgirl gets paddled.1985-10SevereM/fLost Stories
34,987Rebecca Gets SpankedMaking out with her boyfriend costs a naughty girl.1985-10IntenseM/fLost Stories
340,903There's Nothing New Under the SunsAlone on a distant planet, a new colony discovers an age-old method of discipline still works.1996-02SevereM/fChildren
35,092Fantasy 008: JaneA woman dreams of being a wealthy television star with dozens of lovers but none can match her true love.1996-03IntenseM/FFantasy
35,152Your Next Paddling Is FreeA woman is a frequent visitor at a dom for discipline.2020-05SevereM/FGeneral
35,368Snippet 02: ChurchA father comes up with a plan to keep his daughter from sleeping during the Sunday morning church service.1996-06IntenseM/fSnippets
35,466FeetWhen she doesn't cooperate, a girl gets her feet whipped.2020-05SevereM/fChildren
35,834Rebecca As a BoyStealing apples on a dare results in a sore bum.1985-10IntenseM/fLost Stories
35,892RLS 16: SistersA girl discovers that spanking her sister can earn her some of the same medicine...1995-12IntenseMf/ffRLS
36,051UnfairnessA naughty girl thinks her long spankings are unfair.2007-10IntenseF/ffChildren
36,054Snippet 04: The WoodshopTalk about torment: a girl must exercise her woodshop skills by making a paddle for her upcoming punishment.1997-06IntenseM/fSnippets
36,249She Lives at HomeA man convinces a girl to let him spank her.2020-05IntenseM/FGeneral
36,308Rebecca and the Camping TripBad boys blackmail and abuse a girl on a camping trip.1985-10Severemmm/fLost Stories
36,316Letter to Elizabeth's MotherA teacher's letter to her student's mother.1999-10SeriousF/fChildren
36,437RLS 02: The RecitalA woman remembers her first--and final--piano recital.1995-10IntenseM/fRLS
36,513KidnappedA girl is kidnapped and whipped.1985-10SevereM/FLost Stories
36,548My SchoolA man writes about his fantasy of a girl's school.2006-02EdgyM/fChildren
36,731Fantasy 006: JulieA woman dances for and is whipped by her husband.1996-03IntenseM/FFantasy
36,819Fantasy017: NoelAfter a long absence, a man returns to his favorite dominatri.1998-03SevereFFFFFF/MFantasy
36,843A Hundred Years AgoA woman feels she was born too late.2017-12SevereM/FGeneral
36,917Oops!A teenage girl gets the cane by mistake.1996-03IntenseM/fChildren
37,007The TrickA snotty girl gets others in trouble.1985-10IntenseF/fLost Stories
37,014Fantasy021: DennisThe same story as Fantasy 020, but from the man's perspective.1998-08SevereM/FFantasy
37,044In For It A group of teens are punished by the principal.1999-10IntenseM/fffChildren
37,157Fantasy 009: JoeA man tells of a game of chasing naked young girls around a park at night.1996-03IntenseM6/f12Fantasy
37,213Ms. PatrickA beautiful secretary is punished for every mistake.2020-05MildM/FGeneral
37,228Just Like SchoolA tardy employee asks for paddling instead of pay cuts.2020-05IntenseM/fChildren
37,290MoonlightingInspired by a scene on the TV show _Moonlighting_.1985-10MildM/FLost Stories
37,418Snippet 01: BoredomProof that routine punishments are never boring!1997-06SevereM/fSnippets
37,479Fantasy 002: KarenA woman imagines being bound naked and spanked before an audience which pays for the privilege of watching her.1996-04IntenseM/FFantasy
37,494Rebecca Has Beauty ProblemsA schoolgirl stars in a play where her character gets spanked.1985-10IntenseMm/fLost Stories
37,711Sorority Girl #092A sorority sister remembers paddlings.2004-01IntenseF/FGeneral
37,740RLS 10: Music LessonsA woman recollects her childhood music lessons... and the severe consequences of mistakes.1995-11IntenseM/ffRLS
37,934Fantasy 005: EricA teacher imagines the principal of his school allowing him to paddle a naughty nymph who refuses his advances.1996-03IntenseM/fFantasy
37,934Fantasy 015: MatthewA man visits a spanking clinic.1998-03IntenseF/MFantasy
37,936Hijacked!Hijackers deal with an unruly hostage.1985-10SeriousM/FLost Stories
37,971SpunkyHeadmaster punishes schoolgirl.2017-12IntenseM/fChildren
38,530ConsolingThree sisters discuss their punishments.2020-05SevereMMM/FFFGeneral
38,665Settling the Argument A wife teases her husband that he can't build a spanking machine, and he proves her wrong.2003-12IntenseM/FGeneral
38,951Accidents HappenFighting leads to hot bottoms.2003-12IntenseF/ffChildren
38,956RewardA cruel paddling in a prison.2020-05SevereF/FGeneral
39,035It's More Exciting That WayAn old principal rants about how spanking should be brought back to schools.2020-05IntenseM/fmChildren
39,081The WomanA strange woman mesmerizes a man.1985-10MildM/FLost Stories
39,136Caught in the WebAn elf-girl learns that her mother was right about staying away from the forest after dark.1995-10Serious?/FGeneral
39,160Snippet 08: The ChoiceIs it better to be caned over jeans or on the bare? That is the question.1998-02IntenseF/fSnippets
39,206My SecretaryA man canes his secretary.2020-05SevereM/FGeneral
39,218A Trip to the Basement A naughty schoolgirl takes her first trip to the basement where punishments are given.2003-12IntenseF/ffffChildren
39,271Oops IIIA new principal makes a hasty judgement.1999-04IntenseM/ffffChildren
39,274Shameful or PainfulA strict family spanks in public.2020-05SevereMF/fChildren
39,301RLS 03: The Apple OrchardA tomboy gets caught with her pants down.1995-10IntenseM/fRLS
39,343RLS 20: MommyA stern father remembers a time when his law applied to the _whole_ family, not just the children...1995-10IntenseM/FRLS
39,461Behind the Scenes at the Olympics What was really behind the success of the U.S. volleyball team at the Sydney Olympics?2003-12IntenseM/FGeneral
39,698Lakemont IA girl tells of her discipline experiences at a strict girls' school.1997-10SevereF/fChildren
39,781Pass It OnA girl is regularly disciplined by her mother.2020-05SevereF/fChildren
39,832AfterglowA woman goes to work after a strenuous 'session' with her husband and finds it difficult to concentrate.1996-04IntenseM/FGeneral
39,901Playing HookySchoolgirls play hooky and are punished severely.2004-01SevereMMF/ffffChildren
410,039Singing LessonsA girl is bewildered (and excited) by her singing teacher's strange behavior.1998-02IntenseM/fChildren
410,295Paul Bunyan and the Great LakesA strange new twist on the ole yarn about how Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox created the Great Lakes.1996-04SevereM/FfffChildren
410,309A Serious Lesson A schoolgirl who thinks spankings don't hurt learns otherwise.2003-12SevereF/fChildren
410,329The ExampleA college professor disciplines a young lady on the first day of class as an extreme example.1999-10IntenseM/FGeneral
410,330Vague MemoriesAn old man recalls a childhood friend's punishment.2020-05SevereM/fChildren
410,371Fantasy 012: SusanA woman accepts a public paddling from her lover.1996-03SevereM/FFantasy
410,488A Mid-Year TransferA girl's first day at her new school: all her teachers spank her and in the end, she's tricked into being caned!1997-11SevereFM/fChildren
410,690Differing Point Of ViewTwo points of view of the same disciplinary event.2004-01IntenseM/FGeneral
410,745Haunted by the PastAn innocent schoolgirl's naughty history earns her severe punishment.2006-08SevereM/fChildren
410,962RLS 05: HorseA girl loves horseback riding so much she disobeys her father, and must pay the price.1995-10IntenseM/fRLS
4103,122Kids -- Child's PlayA young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men.1996-04IntenseMmf/fmChildren
411,026Fantasy 016: RebeccaA movie star visits an unusual spa.1998-03SevereMF/FFantasy
411,166Fantasy 003: ThomasA man lusts after a gorgeous woman who teases and torments him.1996-04IntenseF/MFantasy
411,419The AssistantAn orphan girl falls in love with her strict teacher.2007-01SevereM/fChildren
411,452The PrincessA woman learns the duty of being married to the prince.2010-04SevereM/FGeneral
412,190The FightTwo schoolgirls are forced to spank each other.1999-10Severeff/ffChildren
412,259Music VideoA hot new female singing group is interviewed on music television during the premiere of their latest video.1996-03IntenseM/FFFGeneral
412,320RLS 27: Gym TeacherA woman remembers a series of vicious punishments from her gym teacher.1998-07EdgyF/fRLS
412,463Agonizing DecisionA female FBI agent chooses punishment over termination.2010-03EdgyM/FGeneral
412,492Too FarA father finally takes his rebellious daughter in hand.2006-05SevereM/fChildren
412,494VentingA wealthy man offers a unique service to frustrated women of the 90's.1997-12SevereM/FFFFFGeneral
412,575ContrastA husband loves his outwardly prim and proper wife who's delightfully naughty in the bedroom.2007-11IntenseM/FGeneral
412,610PromotionA thirteen-year-old discovers the high cost of growing up.2004-01SevereM/fChildren
412,797InnocenceAn innocent girl is *severely* thrashed by a religious fanatic.2006-07EdgyM/fChildren
413,037A Movie Proposal A movie director explains his idea for a film.2003-12SevereM/FFFFfGeneral
413,205The RewardA girl learns she was the most paddled girl in school the previous year.2004-01SevereM/fChildren
413,341Getting the WilliesA naughty schoolgirl describes her school's punishment system.2006-07SevereMF/fChildren
413,389The ImpA lecherous principal and his superintendent conspire to paddle a girl. This is an exclusive story for this collection, never published before.2004-02IntenseM/fChildren
413,544TruthTwo girls learn the real meaning of Truth during a punishment session from their uncle.1996-03IntenseM/ffChildren
413,618One of Those DaysA naughty teenage girl gets her just desserts... again and again and again and again... 1995-10SevereMMFM MMMF/fChildren
413,623The End, and a Little Bit MoreA father knows just how to punish most effectively -- to the end, and a little bit more.1997-11SevereFM/fChildren
413,632The SpankingA student is kept after school for what he thinks is a routine punishment session.1996-07Severe?/?Children
413,662100A wife finds out what it means to be punished after she totals the car.2003-12SevereM/FGeneral
414,040AshaA liberal Indian girl is severely punished by her traditional-minded parents.2004-07EdgyMF/fChildren
414,090RLS 15: Warm-UpA young lady remembers her father's unusual punishment ritual.1995-12IntenseM/fRLS
414,112Chef Payne 01: Rump Roast A recipe for delight as we watch an episode of the 'Cooking with Chef Payne' show.2003-12SevereM/FGeneral
414,186Mr. MoffatTeenage girls suffer at the hands of their most hated teacher.1998-05SevereM/fffChildren
414,516Bedtime A "good" girl is caught in mid-scam and must face the music.2003-12SevereM/fChildren
414,611RLS 24: AssistantA young man babysits some teenage brats and gets asked a favor.1998-06SevereM/ffmRLS
414,793Water of LifeA sorority pledge gains healing during her difficult and painful initiation.1997-10SevereF/FGeneral
414,897The EscapeA girl thinks she's getting away light punishments.1995-10IntenseM/fChildren
414,939The High Cost of Internet Access A woman's secret is discovered.2004-01SevereM/FGeneral
4147,085The Pirate's WifeOver 27,000 words long, this novella is the exciting tale of a young woman kidnapped by pirates who falls in love with the cruel, mysterious pirate captain.1996-06EdgyM/FLong
415,080RLS #32: The Riding CropA girl recollects a severe whipping with a crop.2007-11SevereM/fRLS
415,132RLS 23: My Little BrotherA woman remembers the torture from her brat of a brother.1997-10Edgym/fRLS
415,134Sorority PlotsA guy tricks his girlfriend into getting sorority paddlings.2004-01IntenseF/FGeneral
415,149The FuneralA woman remembers the lessons taught by her late father.1995-10IntenseM/fGeneral
415,206Buxom BabeAn extremely severe judicial punishment session.2006-07EdgyM/FGeneral
415,236The Professor and the StudentA college girl, in love with her professor, submits to his evil desires.2004-01SevereM/FGeneral
415,575Sunday MeetingA man learns about mid-western punishment traditions.2004-01SevereF/fChildren
415,760RLS 07: GirlfriendA young man tells about the caning one of his girlfriend's received when he was in school.1995-10IntenseF/fRLS
415,957RLS 28: The PaddleTwo girls test out a paddle.1998-09Intensef/fRLS
415,981The Art of PersuasionA tender story of a loving wife agreeing to a switching from her husband.2006-01IntenseM/FGeneral
416,364The FloggingA daughter must submit to a severe whipping.2004-01SevereM/fChildren
416,407The News ShowThe perky co-host of a major network morning TV news show is 'volunteered' to host a segment on recreational spanking...1996-01IntenseM/FFGeneral
416,816Little Trouble Leads to Big TroubleA normally good girl discovers what life is like for the naughty.1999-02SevereF/fChildren
416,881The TeacherA widow and widower discover a new and profound friendship in a rather unusual manner.1996-01SevereF/MGeneral
417,523Fantasy 014: GloriaA husband takes his wife to a 'discipline house' for a refresher course in wifely obedience.1996-06IntenseMMM/FFantasy
417,554TouchA girl is fondled by a boy and severely punished for it.2004-01SevereM/fChildren
417,944Single's BluesA young man gives a brat her comeuppance.1998-03IntenseM/FGeneral
417,950The Poker Game Several couples gather for a friendly poker game that escalates into tension-filled erotic naughtiness.1996-02IntenseMF/FFFMGeneral
418,065RLS 13: The TractorAn impulsive young lady makes a big mistake trying to show off to her boyfriend--and ends up showing him how well she can take a strapping!1995-12IntenseM/fRLS
418,136KatieA sweet young thing is profoundly thrashed.2004-01SevereM/fChildren
418,782The CheerleadersThe secret behind a team's championship season.2006-09IntenseF/Fx12General
418,907Discipline A headmaster severely punishes a sexy student.2004-01EdgyM/fChildren
418,923Spank Me, PleaseA young lady faces a difficult sorority initiation and asks the narrator for his astute assistance.1995-10SevereM/FGeneral
419,196CrazyRemember the Arosmith music video Crazy? Well, this story takes up where the video left off!1997-11IntenseM/ffChildren
419,312Three's a CrowdTwo kids are caught having sex, and as punishment, the headmaster watches them engage in intercourse while he canes them.1997-10SevereM/mfChildren
419,538Pan AmLoosely based on the new Pan Am TV series, this is a discipline spanking story for a stewardess' failings.2011-10SevereM/FGeneral
419,708Bitter AppleA teacher returns to the school she attended as a student.2006-12SevereM/FfChildren
419,864The Final InitiationYoung ladies learn the true cost of joining a sorority.1999-11SevereF/F8General
419,909The StrapAn ancient leather strap reminisces about all the lovely bottoms it has roughly caressed over the generations.1995-10SeverefmFChildren
42,964PopularA script for a jeans TV commerical.1998-05IntenseMF/fChildren
420,616Miss Tight Brown PantsAn old man punishes a beautiful model.2006-07SevereM/FGeneral
420,744The SpyAn injured spy recuperates at a private girls' school.1998-03IntenseF/ffChildren
421,078RLS 17: LoveA man remembers the price of True Love--what his girlfriend paid--and the important lesson he learned.1996-01IntenseM/fRLS
421,548A Day of SpankingsA family accumulates a bunch of spankings and has to pay for them all in one day.2006-01SevereM/fffffChildren
422,446Strict TeacherA family challenges a teacher they wish they hadn't.1998-03IntenseF/ffmFMChildren
422,587Spank SchoolA mother takes her family with her to a seminar to learn how to spank.2004-01SevereFF/fffmChildren
422,969The Whipping BoyA naughty Princess learns to clean up her act the hard way.1996-01IntenseM/M, M/FChildren
423,007Amy and Isabelle 1Two young female slaves discover that an S&M weekend cane, I mean, can be seriously intense.1995-12SevereM/FFSlave
423,282The New SchoolA teenage girl experiences discipline for the first time at her new school.1995-11IntenseF/f13Children
423,511Growing UpA teenager has to grow up quick when her favorite babysitter teaches her adult things.1998-02IntenseM/fChildren
424,053The Loan Shark (Part 1)A spoiled model gets herself into debt and only a strict loan shark can rescue her.1996-04SevereM/FGeneral
424,168The DateA young man goes on the wildest date of his wildest dreams.1995-10SevereM/F, F/MGeneral
424,442Mr. BlissA girl suffers a severe caning with the tri-cane "soko."2006-07EdgyM/fChildren
424,851The SpectacleA woman tells of her agonizing experiences as a sex slave during an elegant banquet where she is--or isn't--the star attraction.1996-01SevereM/FSlave
424,952Night VisitA schoolgirl visits a professor for an evening of intense discipline.2004-01SevereM/ffChildren
425,474Lakemont IISet at the same school as Lakemont I, two girls are caught cheating and face a Saturday of serious lesson-learning.1997-10SevereFF/ffChildren
425,569RLS 06: ModelA teenage model tells about a memorable caning and her unusual experiences afterward.1995-10IntenseM/fRLS
426,300HopeA man paddles a soccer star.2010-10IntenseM/FGeneral
426,385Confessions of a Naughty MaidA maid learns her mistress' secret.1995-10SevereF/FGeneral
426,397The FavorAn American teenager visits a British friend prior to her entrance to a strict London school and receives an unusual favor.1996-02SevereM/fChildren
426,557Mating HabitsThis a sociologist's report on the mating habits of the members of the very private Posterior Society.1995-07IntenseMFfm/ffmmChildren
426,564The InternAn intern discovers the cost of her internship.2004-01SevereM/FGeneral
427,225The TourA juvenile takes a tour of a strict prison.2000-03IntenseF/F+General
428,304The Photo AlbumA young couple discover each other's most personal secrets.1995-12IntenseM/fmGeneral
428,339Mind GamesA unique invention allows a young man to take control of a young girl's body.1996-07SevereM/fChildren
428,762The Bachelorette PartyA bachorlette party plays naughty.2009-05IntenseM/Fx7General
429,732A Trip to the HeadA horrified lad discovers his first caning will come not from Headmaster, but the Assistant Headmistress.1997-12SevereF/mChildren
43,377OxygenA girl describes how her father paddles her.2010-02IntenseM/fSSC
43,380SSC: Proper Instruction 04A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
43,551TelephoneWives play a spanking game.2010-03IntenseFx9/Fx9SSC
43,559BoredomA disciplinarian spanks all day.2010-01IntenseM/FSSC
43,598The TattooA girl finds out tattoos are painful.2009-09IntenseF/fSSC
43,611SlacksA college student learns that special pants bring special pain.2009-10IntenseM/FSSC
43,620Frat PartyFrat boys punish a girl.2010-02SevereMMM/FSSC
43,638The Scavenger HuntSchoolgirls compete for spankings.2010-01IntenseF/fx5SSC
43,657School RulesA girl is caned.2010-03IntenseM/fSSC
43,660Report Card DayA script for a jeans TV commerical.1998-05IntenseM/fChildren
43,685SSC: Proper Instruction 03A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
43,685Bikini PartyFather canes girls having a secret party.2010-01IntenseM/fx8SSC
43,713Captain LesleyA husband canes his wife.2010-03IntenseM/FSSC
43,795SSC: SomedayA girl wishes she could work at her uncle's restaurant.1998-07IntenseM/fSSC
43,857SSC: AngelsA mother can't understand why her children are suddenly acting like angels.1999-07SeriousM/FSSC
43,878SSC: VeeA girl's bottom is described.2006-01SeriousM/FSSC
43,898SSC: Babysitter Blues A clever boy tricks his babysitter.2000-06Intensef/m, m/fSSC
43,906Fantasy 013: JohnA man spies on his wife and daughter while they spank each other.1996-06SevereF/f, f/FFantasy
43,920SSC: The WoodshedA couple make a delightful real estate discovery.1999-07SeriousM/FSSC
43,925SSC: Whip That Smile OffA girl smiles as she is beaten.2003-06SevereM/FSSC
43,935SSC: Oops 05A high school principal lusts after a new teacher.1998-06IntenseSurprise!SSC
43,970How Clare Shut UpA dom trains his slave to be quiet.2009-05IntenseM/FSSC
43,986SSC: Oops 12Two teens are caught making out.1998-07IntenseM/fmSSC
43,986SSC: Oops 18A woman realizes a fantasy she didn't know she had.1998-07SevereF/FSSC
43,987SSC: Games IIThe characters from the first story gather for their anual camping trip, mixed with delicious naughty games.1997-07IntenseM/FSSC
430,030Jessie and JamesA sweet tale about a childhood spanking relationship that blossoms into true love.2007-10Intensem/fChildren
430,519Coach Licklater Paddle swats from the big male coach -- ouch!2003-12IntenseM/fffffChildren
430,550PassionA young girl discovers romance for the first time and willingly pays the price for her indiscretion.1995-12IntenseF/fChildren
431,104AnticipationA girl gets excited at the concept of severe punishment.1998-04SevereM/fChildren
431,436Off to SiberiaA thinly disguised story based on a popular TV show.2004-01IntenseM/fChildren
432,156A Miserable LessonA series of *extremely* severe canings at a strict educational institution. Lots of blood, so don't read if you're the sensitive type.2004-03EdgyFF/ffffFChildren
432,386The First Week is FreeJosie and the Pussycats are given an offer they can’t refuse.2004-01SevereM/FFFGeneral
432,427First Time A girl is caned for the first time.2004-01SevereM/fChildren
433,324It's Natural IIIn this sequel to It's Natural, naughty Amanda's dangerous peeping habits earn her even worse punishment.1996-02IntenseM/fChildren
433,633Star Trek: The Next Generation, 'Vacation'The captain of the Enterprise has his holodeck vacation interrupted -- and the crew's perspective of Captain Picard is forever altered.1996-04SevereMM/fffFFFGeneral
433,736The AccidentA rich brat learns to accept responsibility.1999-01SevereM/FGeneral
434,701The Lecture Series: Punishment SpankingsA professor of spankology demonstrates proper technique.1998-07EdgyM/FFGeneral
435,013Stuck At HomeWhen a distant dad and his rebellious teenage daughter are trapped at home by a pandemic, he has to learn how to discipline.2020-05UnknownM/fChildren
435,506A VisitorA professor entertains a young lady.1998-12EdgyM/FChildren
436,147I Was a Teenage RebelAn woman recalls her wild days of youth when she learned the true price of rebellion.1996-02IntenseM/fChildren
437,124The DaredevilA female daredevil who has spent the last thirty years cheating death goes for the ultimate thrill--confronting her old schoolmaster.1996-02SevereM/FGeneral
438,242Six Is EnoughA group of teachers wager on who's the best caner.2006-12SevereMMMF/ffffMMFChildren
44,004SSC: Automaton IA woman plays with her husband's new invention without permission.1998-06Intensemachine/FSSC
44,014SSC: Proper Instruction 16A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
44,015SSC: Proper Instruction 09A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
44,018SSC: Oops 14Mommy's naughty but the daughter gets it.1998-07SevereM/fSSC
44,024SSC: Oops 13An evil boy plots to get his sister spanked.1998-07SevereF/fSSC
44,032SSC: Proper Instruction 08A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
44,038SSC: Preacher's KidA preacher's son is asked to spank a girl.2000-04Intensem/fSSC
44,042SSC: SpoiledA spoiled brat gets hers.2000-08IntenseM/FSSC
44,044SSC: Games IWhile camping, someone tells the ultimate scary story.1997-07IntenseF/fmSSC
44,044SSC: SSC: Oops 16A joker has the tables turned on her.1998-07SevereF/fSSC
44,046SSC: RoommatesFree rent comes at a cost.2000-08IntenseM/FFSSC
44,054SSC: Oops 09A naughty girl fools an innocent.1998-06SevereM/fSSC
44,057SSC: Proper Instruction 10A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
44,064SSC: Loop A woman is whipped over and over.2000-06IntenseM/FSSC
44,067SSC: Dance Season A girl seeks to attract a boy's attention.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
44,072SSC: Oops 11A girl plants incriminating evidence on her sister.1998-06IntenseM/fSSC
44,078SSC: Misinformation A sorority initiation goes awry.2000-06IntenseF/FSSC
44,079SSC: Oops 19aLittle sisters can be trouble.1998-07IntenseM/FSSC
44,086The SlapHappy 3000A guy gets a remote controlled spanking machine.2009-08SevereF/MSSC
44,087SSC: The BasketIt's the sultan's ultimate punishment.1998-07EdgyM/FSSC
44,088SSC: Oops 07An actress makes a silly mistake.1998-06IntenseM/FSSC
44,089SSC: Oops 08Two girls dressed as men pay for their crime.1998-06SevereM/ffSSC
44,095SSC: Proper Instruction 06A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
44,097SSC: The ExchangeA girl convinces another to take her caning.1998-06IntenseF/fSSC
44,104TranslationA guy hires a foreign girl as a spanking model.2009-08IntenseM/FSSC
44,106SSC: Oops 15Movies stars are made, not born.1998-07IntenseM/FSSC
44,106SSC: Party DressA husband prepares his wife for a party.2002-10IntenseM/FSSC
44,110SSC: ThoroughA girl is thoroughly punished.2000-08SevereM/FSSC
44,112SSC: No ReasonA father finally figures out how to handle his disrespectful daughter by giving her the treatment she gave him.1997-08SevereM/fSSC
44,112SSC: The AppointmentA woman chats with a schoolgirl about to be caned.2006-01IntenseM/FffSSC
44,116SSC: Preacher's Kid IIA preacher's son is asked to spank a girl again.2000-04Intensem/fSSC
44,117SSC: Proper Instruction 07A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
44,118SSC: The Naive OneA girl stars in a spanking movie.2000-08SevereM/FSSC
44,121SSC: Oops 10A principal's quest to find the girl who mooned him.1998-06IntenseM/fSSC
44,129SSC: Proper Instruction 01A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
44,138SSC: RudelphiaThe real story of the one who guides Santa's sleigh.2006-01SevereReindeer/ElfSSC
44,141SSC: Flirting With DisasterA naughty girl meets the new Headmaster.2003-07SevereM/fSSC
44,144SSC: The CruiseA man on a cruise can't sleep because of all the spankin' going on.1998-06IntenseM/FSSC
44,147SSC: Big GirlA guy seduces a girl to spank her.2006-01IntenseM/FSSC
44,148SSC: Proper Instruction 21A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
44,155SSC: Proper Instruction 24A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08Intensef/MSSC
44,162SSC: A Reading LessonAlways read a contract before you sign it.2000-08IntenseF/FFFSSC
44,168SSC: The Price for Fun Schoolgirls pay for their escapades.2000-06IntenseF/fffSSC
44,170SSC: HomecomingA woman returns home to visit her former governess.2006-06IntenseF/FSSC
44,184HesitationA girl anticipates her punishment.2009-05IntenseM/fSSC
44,186SSC: Punishment DressA punished schoolgirl must wear a revealing dress.2000-09IntenseM/fSSC
44,197SSC: The Painful Choice A girl makes the wrong choice.2000-06IntenseM/fSSC
44,198SSC: JealousyA girl plots to win a beauty contest.2006-12IntenseF/FSSC
44,210SSC: Oops, Kelly Goes to Jail, Part 1A girl ends up in jail.2006-08IntenseF/FSSC
44,224SSC: What the Daughter Didn't Know A mother learns her parents’ secret.2000-06IntenseM/fSSC
44,224SSC: Beach DayTwo girls skip school to go to the beach.2003-07IntenseM/ffSSC
44,225SSC: Oops 19bRevenge is a dish best served pink -- especially in this case.1998-07IntenseM/FSSC
44,235SSC: Caning Night A headmaster loves to cane schoolgirls.2000-06IntenseM/6fSSC
44,242SSC: Bachelor PartyA woman is abducted and made non-consenting guest of honor at a wild bachelor party.1997-07SevereM/FSSC
44,245SSC: A Minor FaultA school disciplinarian escalates a punishment to absurd levels.2007-07SevereM/fSSC
44,250SSC: Oops, Kelly Goes to Jail, Part 2A policewoman pays for her mistake.2006-08IntenseF/FSSC
44,251SSC: Daddy's Girl A father kills to birds with one stone.2000-06SevereM/fSSC
44,260SSC: Selection Committee Sorority sisters plot.2000-06IntenseF/FSSC
44,280SSC: DistractedA busy Headmaster canes a girl while preoccupied.2007-09IntenseM/fSSC
44,310SSC: The Hypnotist IIWhere the girls discover a diabolic side effect.2003-07IntenseFF/FSSC
44,310SSC: The Hypnotist IVWhere the girls don't realize they were outwitted.2003-07IntenseFF/FFFSSC
44,318SSC: The Concubine A couple beat their concubine.2000-06SevereM/FSSC
44,325SSC: The StatueA woman meets a sculptor with a unique talent.1996-06IntenseM/FSSC
44,343SSC: ESP Twins with ESP are chastised.2000-06IntenseM/ffSSC
44,376SSC: Cheerleader Init 1Cheerleaders face initiation. One version of several of the same story.2000-06Intensem/fSSC
44,385SSC: Oops! IIA strict principal makes a dreadful (but entertaining) mistake.1997-08SevereM/FSSC
44,391SSC: The Hypnotist IIIWhere the girls bargain with the devil.2003-07IntenseM/FFFFSSC
44,406SSC: The Hypnotist IWhere Claudia painfully learns that hypnotism is real.2003-07SeriousM/FSSC
44,585SSC: Oops 03A girl's sent to the Head with a note, but a mixup ensues.1998-06IntenseM/fSSC
44,639Snippet 03: ShortsMarie's pretty new shorts have diabolical secret -- one that's revealed when her bottom's properly warmed by a thorough spanking.1996-06IntenseM/fSnippets
442,216Cindy -- A Modern Fairy TaleA fanciful retelling of the Cinderella story.2003-12SevereM/FGeneral
443,862The Boarding SchoolA headmaster remembers disciplining his charges.1999-11SevereM/fffChildren
444,814Lazy McGuire's Sweat DayAn over-the-top severe punishment day for a teenage TV character.2006-08EdgyFM/fChildren
45,033Snippet 07: DenialThe real story behind the Clinton-Lewinsky sex scandal.1998-02IntenseClinton/ LewinskySnippets
45,397Spanking StoryA girl is spanked.2017-12IntenseM/fChildren
455,854The AndroidThe bored female pilot of a transport ship on a long lonely voyage makes use of a robot she discovers in the cargo hold.1996-03SevereM/FSlave
457,510The NCP ChampionshipsWhat if the Olympics were a spanking competition?2007-10SevereM/FGeneral
458,353The Advertisement, Parts 1-3A young lady wins a two-week discipline session in London. One of the Flogmaster's first stories!1995-08SevereF/FGeneral
46,046Snippet 05: The Video GameA brother and sister compete to best their new video game.1996-06Intense?/fmSnippets
46,155RLS 22: GraceA woman recalls the sacrifice her sister made years ago.1995-10IntenseM/fRLS
46,649A Talent for NothingA girl with no skills discovers she has an unusual one.2004-07SeriousM/FGeneral
46,805The Girl Who Cried WolfA frustrated husband discovers the cure for his shrewish wife.1999-04SeriousM/FGeneral
466,939Delta HouseA high school boy visits his older brother's frat house at college and gets his eyes opened as to the benefits of modern education.1996-05SevereM/FFGeneral
47,247Fantasy 007: AlanA father imagines spanking his daughter and all her girlfriends during a slumber party.1996-03IntenseM/f12Fantasy
47,424Trial and ErrorA Disciplinarian has trouble deciding which cane to use.2007-09SevereM/fChildren
47,704The DanceA slave is whipped to ribbons as she dances erotically for the pleasure of men.2005-05EdgyM/FGeneral
471,045The FratoritySeveral pledges vie to become members of a fratorority.1999-09SevereMF+/MMMFFFGeneral
473,830Caroline's Punishment DayA naughty young lady is given a series of punishments by the school headmistress during an all-day Saturday punishment session.1996-04SevereF/fChildren
475,285The ApprenticeA young lady visits her uncle for the summer in hopes of being his apprentice but discovers the meaning of discipline instead.1996-02SevereMf/fffChildren
478,847Survivor OTKWhat the Survivor TV show ought to be like.2004-01EdgyF/Fx8General
48,084RLS 08: Birthday SpankingsA college-age girl, away from home for the first time, recollects birthday spankings from her father.1995-10IntenseM/fRLS
48,117PerspectiveA student reflects on how punishments feel.2010-10SevereMF/?Children
48,197FornicationTwo children are caught...1999-03Seriousm/fChildren
48,199Snippet 06: The ChamberA girl discovers that school discipline is virtually unbearable.1996-06Intensef/fSnippets
48,265Fantasy020: DeniseA woman doesn't know if the spanker and lover is her husband or not.1998-08SevereM/FFantasy
48,384An Experience to RememberA prefect endures punishment.2006-09SevereF/fChildren
48,398The MissionA girl will do anything to join a popular club.2004-01IntenseM/fChildren
48,806Love at First SightAt his new school, a boy discovers students are spanked right in front of the class.2017-12IntenseF/f, M/mChildren
49,208Fantasy019: HaroldHave ever thought what you could do if you could stop time?1998-06SevereM/FFantasy
49,239A Caneable BottomThe Head canes a thin girl.2016-05SevereM/fChildren
49,284A Dar(l)ing BratA schoolgirl who thinks spankings don't hurt finds out otherwise.2003-12IntenseM/ffChildren
49,457Six Sizzling StrokesA store employee screws up.2020-05IntenseM/FGeneral
49,532Here for the CaneA woman is there to be caned.2020-05IntenseM/FGeneral
49,540Honey, I'm HomeAfter a hard day's work a husband must face the terrible duty of disciplining his beautiful wife.1995-10SevereM/FGeneral
49,568After SchoolA girl and her male teacher use discipline as an excuse to meet alone after school.1997-12IntenseM/fChildren
49,934The Slipper and the CaneA man must discipline the delightfully bratty Alicia.2020-05SevereM/FGeneral
5106,725A Scarlet VisitA boy endures the beautiful babysitter from hell.2003-12Severeff/mChildren
511,775The New HeadA teenage girl gets another severe caning from the new headmaster.1999-09SevereM/fChildren
511,982RLS 12: UncleTwo naughty younguns beg their naive uncle for their well-deserved spankings.1995-12SeriousM/fmRLS
512,261The OutingA sailboat trip promises lots of discipline and sex for a couple.2004-01SevereM/FGeneral
512,681The VirginTwo young men kidnap a girl and attempt to torture her into having sex.1997-12Edgymm/fChildren
513,409Cousin Elly A boy is thrashed by mistake, but his pretty female cousin is willing to make it up to him.2003-12SevereM/FmChildren
513,413Cat Burglar One thief meets another and delivers his own brand of justice.2003-12IntenseM/FGeneral
513,483Terra Nova: The Missing SceneLoosely based on the new Tera Nova TV series, this postulates that strict corporal discipline is practiced by the new regime.2011-10SevereM/fChildren
513,530The Old Boys ClubA man is given an offer he can't refuse.1999-10SevereMM/FGeneral
513,569RLS 191: GrampsA woman remembers the worst strapping she ever received--at age sixteen, from her loving Grandfather.1996-01SevereM/fRLS
5133,616Nymphet JulietteThe Flogmaster's homage to Rosewood, in honor of his amazing 'Emma' series.1998-06SevereM/fLong
514,278The SwimsuitA father turns the tables on his mischievous daughter.1998-03IntenseM/fChildren
514,396RLS 31: The TreehouseA father must discipline his lonely daughter.1999-09SeriousF/fRLS
514,499Discipline for Rebecca A girl learns about discipline.2004-01SevereM/fffChildren
514,725LaurenA girl waits in the basement for her beating.1999-04Edgy?/fChildren
515,171AcceptanceThe Flogmaster wonders if this isn't his best story ever.1998-05IntenseM/fChildren
516,123The Wedding DayA young man comes of age the night before his wedding -- by learning that family traditions are best honored.1996-08SevereM/FGeneral
516,195Fantasy018: CindyA wild tease, ready to settle down and get married, gets her comeupance instead.1998-04SevereMx18/FFantasy
516,502Peter Pan: The Missing SceneA supposed 'missing scene' from the Peter Pan movie, where Wendy gets caned for drawing pictures of the flying boy.2012-02SevereF/fChildren
516,908Ode to Rosaleen YoungFrank describes how he'd spank actress and author Rosaleen Young.2004-01SevereM/FGeneral
518,661RLS 18: Best FriendA woman tells about seeing her best friend receive the strapping of her life--and the strange way watching it affected her.1996-01SevereM/fRLS
519,868The SchoolroomA couple signs up for an unusual 'school' session.1999-09SevereM/FFMMGeneral
519,941Disciplinarian A teacher must thrash her students properly or suffer the cane herself.2003-12SevereF/FFfffChildren
5199,691Justice: A NovellaFM's Masterwork. A real novella of over 37,000 words. This tells the story of a female servant whose new mistress turns out not only to be extremely strict, but to have a mysterious secret in her past.1996-01SevereF/FLong
520,520Maid for SpankingA couple seeks a spanking robot.2004-01IntenseMF/FGeneral
520,782The AffairA man, discovering his wife is having an affair, devises his own solution to the problem.1995-10SevereM/FGeneral
521,316A Beautiful GirlAn ugly duckling learns about real beauty.2004-07SevereM/ffChildren
523,205The First DayA confused girl has an eventful first day at her new school.1998-04Severef/fChildren
523,541Terra Nova 2Based on the Dec. 12, 2011 episode _Within_ of the new Tera Nova TV series, in this story sweet Maddy Shannon is so desperate to get her tablet computer working that she steals a new core... and must be corporally punished.2012-01SevereM/fChildren
523,814The Secret Life of Amelia JourneyA female Walter Mitty finds comfort in fantasy.1998-07SevereM/FGeneral
524,119How I Got My PulitzerA photographer reminisces about his award-winning photo.1999-06IntenseF/fChildren
524,192The GovernessA clever boy manipulates his new governess.2004-01Intensem/FGeneral
524,415The Psychology StudentA legendary student recollects what really happened way back when.1999-11IntenseF/mChildren
524,439RLS 29: TwinsA brother and sister make a big mistake -- and pay the price.1998-10SevereFM/fmRLS
524,622A Daughter's LoveA daughter recollects on her father's abusive punishments.1999-09EdgyM/fChildren
525,176RLS 25: My EducationA boy remembers attending a strict school.1998-06SevereM/ffmmRLS
525,439RLS 11: The Paddle ClubA simple, beautiful tale of a woman craving more excitement than her marriage allows--and the club that makes her dreams come true.1995-11SevereF/FffRLS
525,510The Right AnswerA girl discovers the costs of an incorrect answer at her new school.1999-10SevereM/fChildren
526,013NannybotA professional woman discovers what it's like to be a little girl again.2004-01SevereF/FGeneral
526,422CZJ A glorious fantasy about a famous lady with a secret kink.2003-12IntenseFM/FMGeneral
526,721Anything But the Switch A teen gets switched by her grandparents.2003-12SevereF/fChildren
527,115EscortA slave is tormented by another slave but soon the tables are delightfully turned.1995-12EdgyF/M, MF/FMSlave
527,595The ClientA discipline session with a female client affects a young man more than he planned.1998-03EdgyM/FSlave
529,001Dusting Off A retired headmaster reflects on canings past and present.2004-01SevereM/FGeneral
529,100Time SaverThree sisters spank each other to save their busy mom time.2017-12SevereFfff/fffChildren
529,487RLS 30: Cousin RachelCousins share an unforgetable experience.1999-01SevereF/mfRLS
529,684The VisitorA major visits a school to see if their discipline standards are high enough.2004-01SevereF/fffChildren
53,249The TrainA couple figure out how to sneak a caning in during work.2009-08IntenseM/FSSC
53,482The Gambling ManA man foolishly bets with his wife.2003-03SevereF/MSSC
53,490The CalendarA couple schedule the next month's punishments.2009-09IntenseM/FSSC
53,587Asking For ItThe tender story of a wife learning to accept a spanking.2006-01IntenseM/FSSC
53,668SSC: Proper Instruction 14A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
53,668RSIA man develops RSI from spanking too much.2010-03IntenseM/FSSC
53,689The Worst PartA student essay describing the worst part of a spanking.2010-03IntenseX/xSSC
53,703TwelveA woman plea bargains a caning and gets more than she bargained for.2009-09IntenseM/FSSC
53,833The CorrectionA caned schoolgirl watches her Headmistress caned.2010-03SevereF/f, M/FSSC
53,901SSC: The Bad Dog 01A girl is spanked by her neighbor.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
53,907SSC: The Bad Dog 06bA girl is spanked by her neighbor.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
53,928SSC: The Bad Dog 04A girl is spanked by her neighbor.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
53,932The New CaneThe Head wants to test his new cane.2009-08IntenseM/fSSC
53,937SSC: The CaningA girl suffers a misunderstanding.2000-08SevereMM/fSSC
53,957SSC: The Bad Dog 05A girl is spanked by her neighbor.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
53,974SSC: The Bad Dog 07A girl is spanked by her neighbor.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
53,981ColormatchA girl damages her father's car and pays the price.2009-08IntenseM/fSSC
53,982SSC: The Bad Dog 03A girl is spanked by her neighbor.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
53,985SSC: The Spanking Automaton IIA woman's husband has a special surprise for her.1998-06Intensemachine/FSSC
53,989SSC: Proper Instruction 02A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
53,994SSC: The Bad Dog 10A girl is spanked by her neighbor.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
53,995WhoreThe muscle for a madam punishes a whore.2009-08IntenseM/FSSC
53,997SSC: The Licking A wife submits to her husband.2000-06IntenseM/FSSC
531,368The PerformanceA man catches up with his long lost love.1997-12SevereM/FGeneral
531,966A School Spanking Two randy teens discover love as they suffer the rod and strap at school.2003-12SevereMF/fmChildren
532,742The ExperienceA woman experiences the ultimate in corporal punishment.2004-01SevereM/FGeneral
533,247A Scavenger HuntSeveral couples compete in an unusual scavenger hunt... for spanking implements!1996-03SevereFM/FM, F/fGeneral
534,120The TenderfootA group of lonely cowhands are astonished by the new female worker their boss hires, but she takes her initiation well.1997-11SevereM12/FGeneral
534,501Miss JonesA beautiful teacher helps a shy boy become a man.2006-01SevereFm/mFChildren
534,560The Office IA young businesswoman learns that the price of high finance can be quite an emotional experience.1996-02SevereM/FSlave
534,703The Difference Between Student and TeacherA teacher learns about life on both sides of the rod.2006-08SevereF/ffFChildren
535,199The CoupleA young couple discovers the real meaning behind trust and commitment. An elegant explanation of what erotic spanking is all about.1996-02SevereM/FGeneral
536,130The Rich MaidA rich man hires a naughty maid.1999-12EdgyM/F,General
536,832The DiaryIf spankophiles lived in a perfect world, this is what it would be like.1998-11SevereMF/FfChildren
538,993The BarA man visits a unique club in San Francisco.2004-01SevereM/FGeneral
54,000SSC: The Bad Dog 06aA girl is spanked by her neighbor.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,003SSC: The Class Schedule A schoolgirl tries to figure out the ideal class schedule.2000-06Intense?/fSSC
54,009SSC: Ice Cream In PainA man recounts how his girlfriend takes him to an unusual San Francisco restaurant.1997-07SevereF/M,F/MSSC
54,013SSC: An AppointmentA girl forgets her appointment and pays dearly.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,014SSC: The Bad Dog 02A girl is spanked by her neighbor.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,016SSC: The Body Double A director deals with a tempermental actress.2000-06IntenseM/FSSC
54,016SSC: The SecretA man learns the secret to a successful marriage.2000-08Intense?/?SSC
54,035SSC: A Good ExcuseA film director is presented with an unusual problem.1999-07SevereM/FSSC
54,039SSC: The Bad Dog 09A girl is spanked by her neighbor.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,040SSC: Six BucketsA woman is punished by her husband.2000-08IntenseM/FSSC
54,052SSC: Proper Instruction 22A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,054SSC: Rain Day 3Youngsters play naughty games.2000-08IntenseM/ffSSC
54,055SSC: Proper Instruction 20A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,057SSC: Oops 06A girl is deceived.1998-06SevereM/fSSC
54,065Little SisterA boy punishes his girlfriend's little sister.2009-09Intensem/fSSC
54,075SSC: The PaddleA principal remembers a paddle.2000-08IntenseM/FSSC
54,077ArguingA girl gets an expected bonus for arguing.2009-08IntenseF/fSSC
54,078SSC: Fantasy or Reality Did he only imagine it?2000-06IntenseF/fSSC
54,081SSC: The ShapeshifterA young girl is saved from punishment by a mysterious alien creature.1997-08IntenseF/fSSC
54,085SSC: Rain Day 1Youngsters play naughty games.2000-08IntenseM/ffSSC
54,098SSC: Guilt A woman seeks whipping to assuage her guilt.2000-09IntenseF/FSSC
54,101SSC: Course 3: Dessert A multi-course punishment.2000-06IntenseF/fSSC
54,103SSC: Proper Instruction 05A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,105SSC: The Bad Dog 08A girl is spanked by her neighbor.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,109SSC: The ChaseA husband and wife play a naughty game.2000-08IntenseAdultSSC
54,109The Puppet MasterPunished at school, a girl also gets punished at home.2009-09IntenseMMMF/fSSC
54,110The TwinsA husband punishes the "twins."2009-05SevereM/FSSC
54,124SSC: Proper Instruction 25A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,125SSC: Proper Instruction 15A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,133SSC: The PainA man spanks his wife.2000-08IntenseM/FSSC
54,135SSC: BlackmailA boy gets the goods on his teacher.2009-05Intensem/FSSC
54,136SSC: LinesA new girl at a school discover that the punishment of 'lines' did not mean what she expected.1997-07IntenseM/fSSC
54,141SSC: The Punishment RoomSchoolgirls are punished in the punishment room.2000-08SevereF/fffSSC
54,144SSC: Posterity A school's yearbooks feature a unique and embarrassing tradition.2000-06IntenseM/fSSC
54,147SSC: Eternity A spy is tortured.2000-06SevereM/FSSC
54,154SSC: Mindy IA beautiful girl is caned.1998-07SevereM/fSSC
54,158SSC: Mindy 3: AddictionA beautiful girl is caned.1998-07SevereM/fSSC
54,158SSC: The SeductionA girl tries to seduce her disciplinarian but things don't work out the way she planned.2003-07SevereM/fSSC
54,159SSC: Mindy 4: DecisionA beautiful girl is birched.1998-07SevereM/fSSC
54,162SSC: Indecision You'd better decide quick, or you'll get it worse.2000-06IntenseM/fSSC
54,163SSC: The Job Interview A woman interviews for a new job.2000-06IntenseM/fmSSC
54,164SSC: Course 1: Appetizer A multi-course punishment.2000-06IntenseF/fSSC
54,164SSC: Proper Instruction 18A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,166SSC: Rain Day 2Youngsters play naughty games.2000-08IntenseM/ffSSC
54,168SSC: The ConA man buys a spanking dummy.2000-08IntenseM/FSSC
54,169SSC: Proper Instruction 19A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,170SSC: Proper Instruction 11A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,187The SurrogateRich girl pays poor girl to take her thrashing.2009-08IntenseF/fSSC
54,188WishA dying boy gets his final wish.2009-08Intensem/FSSC
54,196SSC: The Whipping ContestTwo students whip each other.2000-08Severef/m, m/fSSC
54,200SSC: Course 2: Entree A multi-course punishment.2000-06IntenseF/fSSC
54,200SSC: Proper Instruction 12A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,209SSC: Culture Shock A couple discover the practices of a foreign culture.2000-06IntenseM/FSSC
54,216SSC: The WeddingBridesmaids tempt a groom.2000-08IntenseM/FFFFSSC
54,237SSC: The Intervention A bitch gets hers.2000-06IntenseM/FSSC
54,249SSC: UtopiaA perfect society.2000-08IntenseM/FSSC
54,255SSC: Proper Instruction 23A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,267SSC: Proper Instruction 17A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her.2000-08IntenseM/fSSC
54,267SSC: Casual FridayA girl wears scandlously short-shorts to school.2005-07IntenseM/fSSC
54,285SSC: Temper, TemperA soccer star has a temper tantrum.2000-08IntenseSchoolgirlSSC
54,288SSC: Unexpected GuestA principal discovers a seductive student.2000-08IntenseM/FSSC
54,295SSC: American Dreamer An American girl learns about British caning.2000-06Intensef/fSSC
54,295SSC: The Sorority LessonTwo sorority sisters attend a sorority conference and learn some new stuff.2000-08IntenseSororitySSC
54,297SSC: Mindy 2: The KissA beautiful girl is caned.1998-07SevereM/fSSC
54,298SSC: The Governess Interviews Children help their father select a new governess.2000-06IntenseF/ffmSSC
54,300SSC: Catch-22A girl who keeps disobeying is severely punished.1998-07SevereM/FSSC
54,338SSC: Creature Aliens study a strange lifeform.2000-06Intense?/?SSC
54,497SSC: FateSet in the future, a young girl vainly attempts to manipulate her fate. A classic.1997-07SevereM/fSSC
541,409Mother and DaughterAn extremely severe evening of sex and s/m between several individuals. Not for the squeamish.1996-02EdgyMFfSlave
545,019The Courtship of a GoddessA lonely, middle-aged bachelor tells the bittersweet story of how he fell in love with the woman of his dreams.1996-02IntenseM/FGeneral
545,555My Philosophy on the Spanking of Minors and Kaitlyn's First SpankingAn essay and a story.2017-12MildM/fChildren
546,814The Healing PoolA lonely, depressed woman, haunted by a terrible secret, searches for the elusive 'Healing Pool' she hopes will cure her ills.1997-09SevereMF/FFGeneral
547,823The SacrificeAn introspective tale about the ritual sacrifice of a woman. Warning: contains death and philosophy; not for the squeamish or stupid.1996-02EdgyM/FGeneral
55,962Snippet 09: The Absent Minded HousemistressThe moral: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.1998-05IntenseF/FSnippets
553,648The Price of BeautyA schoolgirl learns it's painful to be beautiful.2000-03SevereM/fChildren
56,755RLS 26: The DenA woman has flashbacks to her father's unique use of the den.1998-07IntenseM/fRLS
56,921Fantasy 010: EllenA woman is blindfolded and led to a most romantic encounter with her future husband.1996-03IntenseF12/FFantasy
575,566Buffy, the Vampire SpankerTV's heroine learns a new skill.1998-10SevereFM/fffmChildren
58,388A Caning for Breakfast Ouch. A girl learns to obey her father as she earns a dose of discipline for breakfast.2003-12SevereM/fChildren